Transform Your Ashes Into Trees with ‘The Bios Incube’

The Bios Incube

We believe in a well-designed afterlife. Why not? So much effort is put into curating our everyday lives, that it seems silly to let our values and taste die along with our physical bodies, right? Thankfully, the brains behind Bios Urn, a project that converted cemeteries into forests, have returned with a more advanced project, the Bios Incube, that lets you plant your ashes in a personal, minimal vessel for private display.



The process from cremated remains to lush greenery includes a sensor that sits on the soil’s surface to track and water the tree, using the Incube’s internal 3 gallon water tank. A smartphone app then connects with the sensor, allowing you to monitor environmental conditions, as well as what’s happening inside the Incube, from fertilizer to temperature, moisture to light exposure.

“The intent of the Bios Incube is to offer people a sustainable alternative for remembering deceased persons or pets in a natural and contemporary way. Everyone has the right to affordable, sustainable death care,”  according to Kickstarter. “The Bios Incube has been designed for city dwellers with limited access to natural land, those seeking an alternative to traditional burials, and for people who want to meaningfully connect with their loved ones who have passed away.”

We’re on board.