Bigots Make Anti-Gay ‘Harlem Shake’ Video To Fight ‘Buggery’

First of all, no one says "buggery" anymore, Jamaica. And second of all, way to ruin Harlem Shake videos, bigots.

Huffington Post Gay Voices reports that a Christian anti-gay group called the Love March Movement is behind this somewhat sinister Harlem Shake video in which dancers hold signs warning that getting rid of Jamaica’s anti-buggery law will lead to pedophila and zoophila (that would be sex with animals). As per their Facebook page, "We are dedicated to representing Christ’s view on sexual sin, including homosexuality, and standing in love and prayer for our country."

Jamaica maintains its Offences Against Persons Act, dating back to 1864, which criminalizes sodomy (and conflates it with having sex with animals while doing so). Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller vowed during the last election to improve LGBTQ rights within the country, specifically by saying she would be fine appointing gay folks to her Cabinet.  Last October, two gay Jamaican men challenged the country’s anti-gay law on the grounds it is unconstitutional.

This hateful Harlem Shake video is a response to concerns that Jamaica is about to become one big tropical gay hell. Ugh. This is why we can’t have nice things. Not that Harlem Shake videos were a nice thing, but still. 

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‘The New Normal’ Too Gay For Utah TV

Oh, Utah. KSL-TV is refusing to air NBC’s upcoming comedy The New Normal about a gay couple trying to procreate with the help of a surrogate. It is "inappropriate on several dimensions, especially during family viewing time," you see. The CEO made this decision after only viewing The New Normal‘s pilot episode, the Hollywood Reporter says, pronouncing Normal‘s dialogue "crude," the content "explicit," and the characterizations "offensive." Translation: too gay.  

This is the same station which wouldn’t air The Playboy Club because OMG whores. I guess this means the station also won’t air Two And A Half Men, which employed wife beater Charlie Sheen and now employs wife cheater Ashton Kutcher? And every episode of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette will be gone, too, for all that premarital sex? 

Ellen Barkin, who stars on The New Normal with Justin Bartha and Andrew Rannels, blasted the station over Twitter, calling them "blatantly homophobic." Barkin continued, "So L&O SVU (rape & child murder) is ok? But loving gay couple having a baby is inappropriate?"

Really, we should feel sorry for the poor little country bumpkin Utah TV station. They actually take those toothless threats from bigoted busybodies One Million Moms seriously.

Pain-In-The-Ass Bigots Harassing NBC Over Gay Comedy

One Million Moms, the very noisy group of bigots that only wishes it numbered one million people strong, is threatening to boycott NBC’s advertisers over the upcoming fall comedy, The New Normal. The show will star Justin Bartha and Andrew Rannels as a gay couple who try to start a family via a surrogate; its creators and executive producers are Ryan Murphy and Allison Alder, who are both openly gay. Oh my God, OMM’s minds must be blown

OMM, which is a product of the anti-gay marriage group the American Family Association, has promised to target The New Normal‘s advertisers and prevent this pernicious show from infecting your TV and "desensitize American and our children" with offensiveness that is "opposite of how families are designed and created." Wah wah wah "decay of morals and values" wah wah wah "redefine marriage" wah wah wah "harmful to our society" wah wah wah.

The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation dismissed the bigots’ revulsion to show, which premieres on  September 11, and sniffed that the group was "doing its best to stir controversy where there is none."

In other news: Justin Bartha had better take his shirt off on The New Normal or I will be launching a boycott of my own.

Cher Tweets An Anti-Mormon “Magic Underwear” Crack

Regardless of our individual opinions on organized religion, I think we can all agree no amount of nuanced commentary can be captured in 140 characters. Alas, Cher did not get that memo. (Er, tweet.) The singer and actress is now fielding accusations of bigotry against Mormons after she tweeted a comment on Thursday critical of Mitt Romney and his "magic underwear." 

Cher was griping about President Obama on Twitter and implied that he could lose the election to Mitt Romney:

"I feel like if he doesn’t get all his ducks in a row we’ll b forced 2 listen 2 uncaring Richy Rich. The whitest man in MAGIC UNDERWEAR in the WH." 

That "magic underwear" comment is a reference, of course, to temple garments, a type of underwear worn by Mormons inside their temples to serve as a symbolic reminder of their faith. "Temple garments," "garments," "celestial underwear," or "Mormon underwear" are all phrases used to describe the underclothes, but the phrase "magic underwear" is considered a derogatory. 

In response, other Twitter users started slamming the performer — but the nuance of the fact she was making anti-Republican statements and the fact she made a crappy comment about someone else’s religion got lost in the muddle (as is wont to happen on Twitter). So when the singer retweeted some of the responses she got — "Sonny would roll over in his grave if he could see what you are tweeting" — with impassioned replies about how she’s just standing up for her beliefs, it seems as if she doesn’t actually understand what she did wrong. As of yet, Cher hasn’t apologized on Twitter or anywhere elsewhere for the "magic underwear" crack. 

I love you, Cher. But this is exactly the reason some celebs do their tweeting through a publicist.