OutKast Reunites On Frank Ocean’s ‘Pink Matter’ Remix

Well, sort of. Andre 3000 lent himself to Frank Ocean’s Pink Matter and Big Boi has released his own remix. The pair were originally invited to join the track together, but declined. Via PopDust, Andre 3000 had said he "didn’t want an OutKast record coming out on anybody else’s LP." They last released a double album, Speakerboxx/The Love Below in 2003 and the movie/album Idlewild in 2006.

Instead Andre 3000 rapped some verses on Pink Matter alone; Big Boi’s remix, which dropped today, includes verses before Andre’s.

It’s hard not to read the the move as weird, possibly passive aggressive. But the end product is melancholy and gorgeous, so I guess it doesn’t really matter if they’re having a "beef," as rappers call it. 

Enjoy the remix below:


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Big Boi Releases Studio Version of “Mama Told Me” With Kelly Rowland

Over the summer, Big Boi performed a rather sexy early live version of “Mama Told Me” at a live show alongside Swedish group Little Dragon. Rumors began to emerge that the group would be performing the track for Big Boi’s upcoming album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors (out November 13th), but a collab agreement wasn’t reached and Kelly Rowland stepped into the feature spot on “Mama Told Me.”

Rowland croons alongside a Nintendo-blip hook while Big Boi is up to his usual wordplay games, name-dropping nursery rhymes, Mozart and Michael Jordan. Have a listen below.

The Week in Collab Tracks From Former Members of OutKast

By purest of coincidences, both former members of the ATLien mothership known as OutKast appeared on new tracks released this week. Both have a lot going on right now—André 3000 with directing Rick Ross’ upcoming video for "Sixteen" (another track on which he features) and finished shooting the Janie Jimplin/Jackie Jormp-Jomp-reminiscent Jimi Hendrix biopic All Is By My Side, due out in 2013. Big Boi has released a number of tracks for his upcoming album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, including the goofy boner jam "She Said Okay" featuring Theophilus London and Tre Luce and the catchy "Gossip," featuring Big K.R.I.T. and UGK. Who wore their new single better?

“Play The Guitar”

Yesterday, B.o.B. released a new track with a little help from fellow Georgian André 3000. This feels like an attempt at a late-in-the-game entry for Song of the Summer 2012, to which Carly Rae Jepsen would probably respond with a resounding "uh-uh." B.o.B. offers the classic couplets about "I’m a star / so when I hit the bar / like cheers, everybody knows who we are / whoever thought I woulda took it this far?" amid some casual guitar play. André 3000’s verse is what you’d expect—fast-paced, interesting, peppered with some offbeat images (the verse starts with him having a vision of playing guitar outside of Church’s Chicken), but it’s mostly B.o.B. imploring himself to play the guitar. The video’s rather interesting, though, where everything is animated to look like those "Pinpressions" office toys that mold to your face. 

“Mama Told Me”

Unlike “Play the Guitar,” this isn’t an official, studio release. Much to the delight of some rather ecstatic fans, Big Boi joined oh-so-smooth Swedish electronic ensemble Little Dragon for a surprise onstage appearance at the vitaminwater/FADER “Uncapped” show Tuesday night in Austin. (Get it? It’s "Big" and "Little" together! Ha!)

Not only is Big Boi comfortable rapping through and around Little Dragon’s chirping synths, but  together on stage, he and the band seem to have pretty good chemistry and are enjoying the process. The jam is the sort of smooth, listenable project you’d expect from this combination, with Big Boi verses and Yukimi Nagano’s chorus and later call-and-response all flowing together nicely. Of the two, this is the better song, and Big Boi sounds like he’s wearing it better, but a live performance of "Play the Guitar" / a studio version of "Mama Told Me" would really be the only way to properly test this hypothesis.

Get Decked Out Like a Rock Star in Kicks From M83, Socks From Big Boi

If your commitment to your favorite bands is at the level of dropping some serious change to dress like them, well, thanks to some recent new accessory launches, you can make that happen from head to toe. Beginning last month with the announcement of Los Angeles designers Keep collaborating with Bon Iver to design an adorable, kitten-friendly sneaker, a number of musicians have announced similar sartorial designs. Last week, OutKast’s Big Boi, himself a style icon perhaps more recognized for his dapper suits and bow ties, has declared himself the “sock king” and plans to collaborate with Crooks and Castles to design a line of designer socks for the stylish but active emcee on the go. Perhaps there will be a deluxe edition of his upcoming album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors that will come with a pair of his socks included.

Also available on the footwear front is a new pair of Chuck Taylors designed by the dreamy pop group M83. The white, celestial-patterned sneaks, which feature the band’s name crudely scrawled along the side, will run you $65 and are available online. Which made us wonder: is wearing the band’s footwear to their show the same as wearing their shirt in terms of concert-etiquette bad form?

If you’d prefer to express your affinity for one of the biggest metal acts in the world through Guy Fieri-esque (thank you, Marah from the AV Club, because really, there’s not really a better way to describe them) headwear, most notably a pair of sunglasses designed by frontman James Hetfield that many middle-aged dudes will probably wear around the backs of their heads, or while headbanging. The “Hetfield”shades, designed by the rocker and Sutro Eyewear of San Francisco, will cost about $219.99. Sutro says the Hetfield fram is “designed to take whatever a 24-stop eastern European tour can throw at it,” while Hetfield describes the glasses as “built to look faster than a speeding riff and to handle the life of a road dog like me.” Road dogs, take note. 

New Music: Jams From WHY?, Big Boi and More

While you were freaking out about this new Lana Del Rey video with A$AP Rocky, pretty much everyone on the Internet (or at least on Twitter), a bunch of other new tracks hit the airwaves and interwebs. Here are just a few of them. 

Childish Gambino – One Up

"You ain’t likin’ what we doin’?" Donald Glover asks on Childish Gambino’s latest track. "Shut up." As a refrain, it’s a pretty simple and clear message to detractors of Childish Gambino’s music, but for the actor-rapper-comedian-prospective-Spider-Man’s fans, it’s a sign of greater things to come. Glover announced the release of the anticipated Childish Gambino mixtape, Royalty, which drops July 4th. 

Big Boi – Gossip (feat. UGK and Big K.R.I.T.) 

So far, the second released track from Big Boi’s upcoming Sir Lucious Left Foot followup, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, is mostly only available as a radio rip, which means it’s full of tags as well as two pretty fantastic featured performers. It’s not as ridiculous as the first release, "She Said OK," a porn-groove parody collab with Theophilus London, but what it is is catchy, with a minimal but effective beat and a brain-burrowing earworm of a hook.  Listen over at Rap Radar.

Little Dragon – Sunshine 

The soothing Swedes of Little Dragon frolic in a field in outfits that make some them sort of look like lost members of the Night’s Watch for the video for their lovely, atmospheric, pan-flute-tinged new track "Sunshine." The track was recorded as a singel to promote the new ABSOLUT Punch vodka drink and celebrate creative cocktailing, but we think they would have been a better spokesband for Bacardi Dragon Berry. I’ll just let myself out. 

WHY? – Sod in the Seed 

On the title track from WHY?’s upcoming new EP, Yoni Wolf reflects on pulling "up to Critical Mass / in a gas-guzzling Ford" and "throwing out his lumbar picking up checks." The clever rhymes are plentiful, as is the ribbing at the notion of "First World Problems," all set to a background of strumming and clinking percussion. In addition to the new EP, which drops August 14th, WHY? will be embarking on a pretty hefty tour of the United States and Europe, beginning August 24th with a stop in Columbia, Missouri. Supporters include Anticon labelmates Doseone, Jel and Serengeti.

Listen to “She Said OK,” A New Track From Big Boi and Theophilus London

Earlier this week, Atlanta rapper and former half of OutKast Big Boi announced the title of his upcoming album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, the follow-up to his acclaimed 2010 effort, Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty. Today, he dropped a new single, "She Said OK," with a little help from everyone’s favorite collaborator (and BlackBook performing favorite), Theophilus London, along with producer and artist Tre Luce.

From the over-the-top speakerbox(xx) with legs that forms the album’s art to Tre Luce’s chorus amid porn-groove guitars ("Let me see your titties / she said OK") to some spittake-inducing references ("My legs feel like Joe from Family Guy because she got insane head"), there’s a little bit of silliness amid the sexiness, but mostly it’s a slow jam to be enjoyed in the manner slow jams are. This song is decidedly NSFW, but perfectly safe to enjoy in the privacy of your home / car / while doing whatever it is you like to do. 

Whether or not this song will appear on the new album has yet to be confirmed, but in the meantime, "She Said OK": 

Morning Links: Big Boi Caught With Ecstasy & Viagra, Charlie Sheen Dies in ‘Meat Explosion’

Harry Potter beat out Twilight in the Choice Sci-Fi/Fantasy category at last night’s Teen Choice Awards. Everything else went to Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, or Justin Bieber, more or less. [E!] ● Antwan “Big Boi” Patton was arrested in Miami for possession of powdered MDMA, ecstasy, and viagra — you know, the makings of a real good night. [TMZ] ● Michael C. Hall seems to be adjusting quit nicely to the single life, bonding with his furry friends as single people are wont do. “Things are great. I’m loving life,” he said. “I spend a lot of time with my cats…. They’re my four-legged friends.” [ShowbizSpy]

● Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler are so over that they’re returning their wedding gifts. And with them, they’re attaching a sweet and sometimes personal little note! Aww. [Deadspin] ● TMZ has done the dirty work and discovered that Charlie Sheen is killed off Two and a Half Men during a brutal “meat explosion” after he getting hit by a subway. Anyways, Charlie seems into it. [TMZ] ● It seems that Weezer has taken to covering Foster the People’s song of the summer, “Pumped Up Kicks.” We all age faster than we’d like, but Rivers Cuomo is perhaps aging the fastest of us all. [NME]

Girl Talk, Empire of the Sun, & Big Boi Shine at Governors Ball

There were plenty of outdoor events this past weekend to keep you slick with sunscreen and sweat: the Coney Island Mermaid Parade, the Northside Festival, Pride Kickoff. But where all things shiny are concerned – from glitter to lasers to, yes, copious perspiration – nothing compared to the lineup at this year’s Governors Ball. Thousands flocked to Governors Island to dance their collective asses off to the sounds of Passion Pit, Big Boi, Das Racist, Miami Horror, Empire of the Sun, Girl Talk, and Pretty Lights.

The crowd was a mix of indifferent twenty-somethings and drunk high school girls clad in glitter and face paint. There was enough neon, Native American prints, and feathers to make you re-think what decade you were in.

Those of us who are of age partook in delicious Six Point Sweet Action and Magic Hat #9 brews to stay hydrated in the actually-quite-tolerable 78-degree heat. Big Boi played all of his Outkast hits and Empire of the Sun put on an interesting show with other-worldly shimmery silver and blue costumes (I still can’t get “Half Mast” out of my head). The crowd’s energy reached its climax around 9pm, when Girl Talk took to his computers. Filling the stage with audience members, shirtless and standing on top of a table, Girl Talk took the crowd from swaying to sweating throughout the entire set, finishing out with John Lennon’s “Imagine,” complete with audience sing-along.

Drenched and drained, I only managed to catch a few songs by Pretty Lights. The bass was vibrating from my chest to my toes and — of course — the light show had the whole crowd in a trance.


New York’s Own: Governors Ball Music Festival

Coachella and Bonnaroo have both claimed the year’s most popular and simultaneously unpopular band, Arcade Fire, to headline their annual music festivals. Now, New York will make a push to be noticed on the summer circuit with the first-ever Governors Ball Music Festival. The one-day, two-stage, twelve-hour concert extravaganza will take place on Governors Island, June 18, and has been billed as “a massive mid-summer dance party of epic proportions.”

Since the festival was only announced earlier today, it’s still too early to predict any surprise Kanye West performances, but the current schedule includes Girl Talk, Pretty Lights, Neon Indian, Big Boi, rapper Mac Miller, and a DJ set from Passion Pit, with more acts to be announced.

Sure, the lineup can’t compete with Arcade Fire and Eminem, or Kings of Leon and the Strokes, but if you struggle with time management, have difficulty making big decisions, or get simply get too zooted to keep track of your festival time slots, here’s the good news: No overlapping sets! Food, drinks, and games also come standard.