It’s National Chocolate-Chip Cookie Day! NYC’s Five Best Morsels

Of America’s culinary contributions – the apple pie, the juicy cheeseburger, the mac & cheese – perhaps its finest is The Chocolate-Chip Cookie. At its best, its gooey in the middle, warm with crisp edges, and a minefield of rich chocolate-chip chunks. And at its worst, it’s simply dough and chocolate – and my, is that wonderful. But today is National Chocolate-Chip Cookie Day, when these doughy, little saucer-shaped desserts are celebrated for the joy they bring to us and the world. Here’s where to find NYC’s Five Best Chocolate-Chip Cookies.

Paradis To-Go: the gooey, crispy, and chocolatey-chip morsels are such a hit at this dainty café off Union Square, that the spot offers Chocolate-Chip Cookie punchcards. Get yours.

Levain Bakery:  the guaranteed line round-the-corner says it all about this beloved Upper West Side bakery. And the shocker: they don’t even offer a chocolate-cookie chip. The closest is their chocolate-chip walnut (see photo) – but that doesn’t stop purists and cookie monsters from salivating outside their doors daily.

Jacques Torres: crispy, thin-as-a-pancake, and loaded with long, slender chunks of fudgy chocolate-chips, this high-end chocolate shop’s cookie is simply masterful. 

Birdbath Bakery: this East Village green bakery brings new meaning to "sustainability" with its frisbee-sized, stackable cookies that sustain you for 3+ hours.

Salt of the Earth Bakery: salty, sweet, and absolutely delicious is this online company’s "Choco-Rama" chocolate-chip cookie, flanked with a buttery, oatmeal base, artisan E. Guittard chips, and sea salt crystals. Scoop up the morsels at Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, Fairway, Balducci’s, and more

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EMM Group’s Sweetest Weapon: Pastry Chef Thiago Silva

Arriving ravenous to an interview with a renowned pastry chef was a bad idea. I knew it the moment Thiago Silva – the 28-year-old Brazilian executive pastry chef behind all OF EMM Group’s restaurants –  placed a massive, glazed green tea donut and mini honey jar before me, and uttered three little words: “It’s cream-filled.” With that, I was off to the races, cutting open the donut, scooping up the green tea mascarpone cream, drizzling the honey all over its lemon honeycomb-topped self, and leaving no crumb behind. Thiago wasn’t fazed. It’s most patrons’ natural response to the signature dessert at The General – EMM’s newest hotspot: an Asian-inspired bar, restaurant, and downstairs jazz lounge.

But at The General, the doughnut doesn’t stop there; the Bowery spot has become known for Thiago’s most nostalgic, breakfast creation: cereal-topped doughnuts. Yes, doughnuts topped with Fruity Pebbles, Cocoa Puffs, or Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and filled with their respective cereal creams. “A lot of people think I was high when I came up with the idea,” Thiago says. “But I wanted a breakfast item, so I combined my favorite breakfast cereals with my really great doughnut recipe.”

The doughnut recipe is another wildfire idea Thiago’s concocted that’s become EMM Group’s top-ordered dessert across all their restaurants. On the sweets menus of their spots CATCH NY, CATCH Miami, Lexington Brass, and Abe & Arthur’s, you’ll find one signature doughnut. For CATCH Miami, it’s their key lime doughnut. At The General, it’s green tea. For the rest it changes, with flavors like pumpkin and peaches and cream.

But Thiago – the man who grew up in Astoria and ironically bellowed “Feed me, feed me, Seymour” in his star-turn as the man-eating house plant in his high school’s production of Little Shop of Horrors  – brings more than doughnuts and plated desserts to NYC. He’s also a master of cakes, known for creating outrageous cakes for EMM’s clients, most notably a four-foot-by-four-foot 16th birthday cake with a confetti cannon, fog machine, and lights. Suddenly, the chef doubles as an electrician.

“I googled how to do the electrical and wood work for the cake,” says Thiago. “And that’s what I love about making cakes – you never make the same cake twice, you never know what kind of order you’ll get. It’s a collaboration with the client, and you’ve got to deliver and make it memorable.”

Thiago, who’s had no formal culinary training, has made lots of memorable cakes for folks you might recognize: Brooke Shields, three cakes for Sofia Vergara, and the entire New York Giants squad, the day after they won the Super Bowl.

“That was the best, they’re my team,” says Thiago. “And Sofia is funny; she told everyone at the party that she stayed up all night making the cake.”

But nowadays the chef is staying up all night for a whole new reason: he and his wife have just had a baby boy. Full name: James Brenden Silva (adorable video here).

“He’s my favorite kind of sweet,” Thiago says. “Him, and tiramisu.”

The General

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