Ramps In A Cocktail? Find It Here

Three years ago, the mere mention of “ramps” did not elicit salivating mouths, fanatical food-envy, and the urge to Instagram them in Earlybird, Valencia, and Amaro filters. Back then, the utterance of “ramps” conjured up an image of the handicap route you take to get to your grandma’s neighborhood pool in Florida. But after the debut of this little article in TIME in 2010, the word changed forever, in favor of the definition its known for today: the wild, crunchy, green leeks that resemble scallion stalks and make grown chefs cry. And since then, the ruffage has become one of the most desirable and trendy ingredients on a menu, and now it’s appearing in an alcoholic drink: shake hands with “Proserpina,” the new gin cocktail laced with pickled ramps, debuting at the canary yellow UWS spot Caffe Storico.

Named after the Greek Goddess of Spring, Proserpina is strictly limited-time-only and off-the-menu, meaning you need to whisper very soon and very dramatically to the waiter, like this, to have a chance to gaze into its pickled ramps, bubbly, simple-syruped, prosecco, lime juice depths.

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A Moment Of Silence: Cocktail Bodega Is Closed

Most New York bars, sex shops, laundromats, and restaurants close for two reasons: no one likes them and/or their rent is too high. But in the case of Cocktail Bodega – the LES purveyor of healthy and potent alcoholic smoothies and secret Jameson Ginger Beer Floats – none of this happened. Instead, like a scene out of Armageddon or something, the plumbing system is a congested mess and needs to be completely redone, thus requiring the gutting of the ground-level Underground club and the main, first-floor area for kimchee reuben-and-waffle-fries consumption.

I just want to take a moment of silence for this New York casualty that has, for seven months, made legions of New Yorkers (like myself) feel good for two reasons: 1. for downing a Birthday Cake Smoothie with antixiodant-rich banana, mango, and Malibu Red and 2. for getting us tipsy and stuffed with chicken satay. So here we go.

*moment of silence*

But in other news, Cocktail Bodega is not completely done for. Here’s what owner Matt Levine – who’s behind such hotspots as Sons of Essex and the coming-soon The Rowhouse Inn – told us about Bodega’s future:

“It’s unfortunate that it’s closed for building upgrades. But we’ll be hosting pop-ups until the re-opening.”

And thank heavens they’re waiting till the plumbing is fixed, because with cocktails stuffed with beet and celery juice and pineapple wedges, they need some spic-n-span, superhuman pipes.

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The 12 Things You Must Do In NYC On 12/12/12

Whether you think today is magically auspicious or a reminder that the clock’s quickly-a-tickin’ to Dec. 21st doomsday, the greatest takeaway is this: we must seize the day. So get out there and make today your best. Make it amazing. It just might be your last…

1. Breakfast at Clinton St. Baking Company: since it’s a weekday, the line is shorter than ever, bringing you that much closer to ordering their signature blueberry pancakes and sugar-cured bacon, and being lifted to the celestial heaven that is fluffy pancakes.

2. Put on a sweater and puffy jacket, rent a bike from the Waterfront Bike Shop, and ride across the Brooklyn Bridge and into DUMBO’s Brooklyn Bridge Park. There is no better view of this sparkling gem of a city than on that 129-year-old bridge and from that grassy park.

3. Sweeten the day with the city’s best cupcakes at Sweet Revenge. Today’s specialty offering is the eggnog cupcake with spiced cream cheese frosting, though the major must-get is their signature namesake treat: the Sweet Revenge with peanut butter cake, ganache center, and peanut butter fudge frosting.

4. Drink the day away at Chelsea Brewing Company and frolic drunkenly along the Hudson River. End your tipsy journey with mouthfuls of the giant peanut butter and blackberry jam doughnut and carrot cake doughnut at Chelsea’s Doughnut Plant.

5. Visit West Garden Spa for an “afternoon delight” if ya know what I mean, guys.

6. Rent that helicopter and soar across NYC like a bird. A 15-minute ride above the Statue of Liberty is just $169, which is what you’d pay anyway for dinner-and-drinks-for-two at West Village haven of deliciousness: Perilla.

7. Go ice skating in the heart of Central Park at Wollman Skating Rink, and wrap your hands around a steaming, frothy cup of hot chocolate from nearby  Jacques Torres at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

8. Have a tea party with all of your best friends at English cottage-inspired Tea & Sympathy, and go nuts over their scones with clotted cream and raspberry jam, kettles of vanilla mint tea, welsh rarebit, and chicken pot pie.

9. Watch the city melt into dark at sunset from the Top of the Rock observation deck.

10. When 5pm hits, head straight to cocktail favorite Mother’s Ruin for their spicy Brazilian coconut cocktail and devour their bready, cheesy, greasy, beautiful grilled cheese.

11. Finally talk to that adorable person you always see on the subway. Flirt, ask them out, make a move.

12. Because no one wants to go back to their apartment (and roommate), end the night in luxury at the Bowery Hotel

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