The Windows at Bergdorf’s Are Amazing–and It’s Not Even the Holiday Season

Photo: Ricky Zehavi

Donald Drawbertson (née Robertson) is an Instagram sensation thanks to his illustrations, paintings, and sculptures made with bright paint, gaffer tape and cardboard boxes and always filled with  wit, whimsy and, of course, talent. It’s what got him his 138,000 Instagram followers on the daily. And today, at Bergdorf Goodman, fans can snag a piece for themselves–ready-to-wear style.

Tonight from 6-8 pm a lucky few will snag the remaining objets d’art (x fashion) from Donald Drawbertson’s (née Robertson) “art bombing” of the famed department store.

From hand-painted Kenzo tees, to custom (and further customizable for a lucky few) Clare Vivier clutches, to the more affordable Estee Lauder makeup bags and lipsticks, Robertson’s takeover of the store is a delight to any follower of the artist’s on Instagram, or appreciator of fashion and art in general.

I ran into the man himself yesterday as he put the finishing touches on the windows yesterday and headed back to Bergdorf’s today to join the frenzy.

When you work in fashion, shopping is always an artistic experience but at Bergdorf’s, post-Donald’s artbomb, it’s museum-worthy. Add in his beloved twins who made an appearance this morning, and there’s clearly nowhere to be but Bergdorf’s.

Linda Fargo + Donald

The twins make a chic debut! 

A perfect union of fashion + art

If you’re lucky (or do some major shopping) Donald will add some personal tweaks to your bag!