Hear James Murphy Cover David Bowie’s Golden Years

After having its New York premiere at NYFF back in the fall, Noah Baumbach’s latest film While We’re Young will head into theaters on March 27. Starring Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts, and Adam Driver, and Amanda Seyfried (with a score by James Murphy), the film centers around a middle-aged husband and wife whose lives spiral into an existential crisis after befriending a free-spirited younger couple. Comparing their own world to that of the spontaneous and youthful pair, their seemingly content lives are brought into question.

Possessing Baumbach’s signature wit and flair for bringing comedy into even the most dramatic of circumstances, the film’s tone is only enhanced by the work of musician James Murphy, who composed the original score for the film. Below you can listen to one of James Murphy’s tracks off the soundtrack, titled “We Used to Dance.” It’s a beautifully composed instrumental number that, with its swirling soundscapes, sends a shiver down your spine and a spark in your heart. And today, you can also hear Murphy cover of David Bowie’s “Golden Years,” for the film. Get excited for the film and enjoy the music below.

Listen to “We Used to Dance” HERE

Guess ‘Zoo’ Made an Appearance on the Valentino Runway?

Photo: @Maisonvalentino on Instagram

Two really, really ridiculously good-looking models (like move over Kylie, Cara, Karlie…) made an appearance on the runway over at Valentino today. Excellent on the runway. Even better when Zoolander 2 finally hits a movie theater near us. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson–bravo, you win #PFW!


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Suddenly the #PFW #FOMO is real.

A must-have pic for anyone in fashion.

Zoolander just appeared on the Maison Valentino runway show! Ben stiller and Owen Wilson! #Giachetti

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Derek takes the runway.

Drop the mic….. @Maisonvalentino @carlossouza1311

Hansel’s coat drop.

The men who stole fashion week.

Ben Stiller’s ‘The Secret Life of Walter Mitty’ Gets a New Trailer + See the NYFF Q&A

Although exuberant in its visual style and Ben Stiller’s biggest directorial undertaking yet, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty ends up leaving you sugar high but not wholly satisfied. Like a two-hour commercial for life (not LIFE, ironically) it’s a fun ride if you’re up for a heavy serving of sentiment and characters that lack the excitement the script tries to convince you they demand. Peppered with a inspiring music, Mitty remains engaging, does entertain and bring laughs, and in the way that’s sure enough to be a commercial hit. Premiering at NYFF this past weekend, Stiller’s film is definitely one for the masses and say, not one for the same audience that’s drooling in anticipation to see Stray Dogs

However, with the first trailer for the feature, we saw a near-silent visual trip through the film that surely looked promising. And today we’re given another glimpse that tells us more about the story of Walter Mitty (played by Stiller), an ambivalent man stuck floating through life, deterred by his daydreams. Co-starring  Kristen Wiig, Kathryn Hahn, Adam Scott, Patton Oswalt and Sean Penn, the film won’t have its theatrical release until Christmas but in the meantime, you can check out the new trailer, as well as the press conference given after the film this past Saturday.


Trolling the Oscars: Why None of These Movies Deserve to Win Best Picture

Welcome to the internet, where all of my opinions are right. You know what’s so great about being able to log into a CMS account and self-publish my thoughts and ideas? No matter how I actually feel, everything I write online comes across as completely sincere and competent, even when the things I write are neither of those things! It’s a brave new world we’re living in, when tweets can be art and art can be criticized by any person with an idea for a clever hashtag. Naturally, it’s time to harness this power by showing you exactly why none of the nine nominees for Best Picture deserve to win a goddamn thing. Let’s go!


Oh, come on. You didn’t see Amour. You know how I know this? Because I didn’t see Amour. I didn’t see this movie because I could just call my grandparents and ask them to speak to me in French for two hours. At least the phone call would be free! And hey, maybe I’d get twenty bucks out of it or somewhere, whereas Amour would cost me at least thirteen dollars and bring with it a lot of emotional anxiety. Anyway, this movie should not win, but I kind of wish it would if only so I can quickly take screenshots of midwestern teenagers tweeting about how they don’t know what Amour is. That’s how blogging works!


Ugh, Argo. Argofuckyourself, indeed, Argo! The major point about Argo was that Ben Affleck can direct a movie, which comes as a surprise to literally no one because he has already directed two movies that people liked a lot. The other reason Argo was made was so Ben Affleck could take off his shirt in another movie. Oh, and you know another thing that sucked about Argo? The fact that none of the women in Argo were allowed to speak to each other on camera. Sorry, Clea Duvall; you get to be in a Big Motion Picture, but you may only open your mouth when in the presence of Victor Garber. And don’t you dare make eye contact with Ben Affleck! 

Beasts of the Southern Wild

I do love a movie with a precocious child as much as the next guy, but how awkward do you feel about the fact that some white people from New York City went down to New Orleans to make a movie about magical negroes? I’m surprised there weren’t any animated bears and foxes floating along the river, or that those giant titular beasts didn’t burst into "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah." 

Django Unchained

This one is simple: Django Unchained should not win Best Picture because it is not Jackie Brown and Jackie Brown is the only Quentin Tarantino movie that deserves to win Best Picture. 

Les Misérables

A friend of mine described this movie with the following: "It was like in acting classes when one person started crying and then everyone else in class cried harder and louder and uglier." This is one of the few movies in which everyone was dead at the end and I thought, "You know what? I’m OK with this." That is until the ghost of Anne Hathaway showed up again with that chopped-off hair and sad dress, which made me depressed. I really hate that it’s a known fact that your apperance when you die is what you’ll look like in Heaven. Really sucks for people who get run over by trucks, huh? 

Life of Pi

Spoiler alert: Pi is the tiger, and the tiger is Pi, and the eggman is Paul, I think, and maybe we ought to remake Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band but with 3D CGI, but I’m getting distracted. Life of Pi is a cartoon movie for adults who are still making their way through Oprah’s Book Club.


Oh, I’m sorry, is this category called Best Way to Nap? Lincoln was terrible. Remember how fun TV miniseries used to be? They were long, yes, but they were campy as hell, had a lot of awkward sex not normally seen during primetime, and were stuffed with lots of recognizable people who were not really famous but still possessed a certain level celebrity that you’d still be excited if you saw them on the street. Lincoln was just a really expensive TV-miniseries, but without the sex. Or the fun. And with overwritten dialogue by Tony Kushner. I got a screener of Lincoln, and it’s best uses so far have been as a coaster and as a substitute for Ambien.

Silver Linings Playbook

I can’t for the life of me figure out why people love this movie so much. Is it because we’re so desperate to see Ben Stiller act in a dramatic performance that we could substitute in Bradley Cooper and just go with it? Is it because it’s nice to see Julia Stiles back in action? Is it because of Jacki Weaver saying "crabby snacks and homemades?" Is it because of Dancing With the Stars? Is it because As Good as It Gets was too subtle and we needed a subpar version of that to really hone in the idea of what mental illness is? Or is it because everyone is crazy? If everyone is crazy, no one is crazy. 

Zero Dark Thirty

JUST KIDDING! While you were all being emotionally waterboarded by the rest of what Hollywood had to offer, you guys completely missed the fact that this was the best movie of the year. Jessica Chastain! She could act circles around everyone else on this planet, and she wouldn’t be exhausted because she’s, like, a healthy vegan. And you know she’s on track for world domination. GET IT TOGETHER, PEOPLE. it doesn’t even matter if this loses to, say, Argo, because Kathryn Bigelow will have her revenge on all of you. Especially you, Ben Affleck. 

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Your Daily Guide To Trending Topics

Every day there are some topics that are trending. Since many of them don’t make sense, we provide easy contextualization. Also, this way, you won’t actually have to know anything about anything.

Miss USA 2012

Of all the important things that happened this weekend, none is more trendy on Google this morning that Miss USA 2012, the off-brand beauty pageant that took place Sunday night. Miss Rhode Island, Olivia Culpo, won. And while she seems nice, we would have liked to see the crown go to Miss Ohio, who went on a tangent about Pretty Woman being an empowering movie about "a wonderful, beautiful woman… having a rough time. But you know what? She came out on top and she didn’t let anyone stay in her path.”

MTV Movie Awards

Though it lacks the weight of any of the big awards show, the MTV Movie Awards remains a surprisingly interesting monster. This isn’t so much because of the winners—though congrats are due to the folks at Twilight, Harry Potter and The Hunger Games—but because of what else you can see. Indeed, last night’s show featured never-before-seen preview footage from The Dark Knight Rises as well as a sneak peek at the forthcoming The Perks of Being A Wallflower (which you can see here), making it worth watching for those of us who aren’t really crazed about waiting around all night to watch a teenager get an award for Best Kiss.

Richard Dawson

Yahoo! searchers are nuts about the former Family Feud host, who died yesterday from complications of esophageal cancer —as you undoubtedly read about right here. There’s not a whole lot else to say about the matter, but here’s a nice video tribute to the guy.

Johnny Depp

The second most popular thing to read about this morning on Yahoo! is actor Johnny Depp, who took his bohemian schtick one step farther last night at the previously mentioned movie awards, getting on stage with rockers The Black Keys to perform two songs, “Gold on the Ceiling” and “Lonely Boy” of the band’s El Camino album. Depp was there to pick up his Generation Award, which MTV calls “the Movie Awards’ highest honor, acknowledging an actor who can be counted on to engage the MTV audience with everything he or she does.” Previous winners include Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock, Ben Stiller, Adam Sandler, Mike Myers, Tom Cruise, and Jim Carrey. Meh.

On Twitter

This morning, the biggest trending topics on Twitter—worldwide–are #10BandsILike and #10PeopleIveSeenLive. We won’t insult you by posting photos of the wittiest of the entries; there are none.

Clips From Greta Gerwig Movies In Descending Order Of Mainstreamness

Oh, Greta Gerwig. The Helen of Troy of Mumblecore; the face that launched a thousand Kickstarter campaigns.

The actress has definitely paid her dues, appearing in more tiny, indie, topless-role-having flicks than most other young actresses. Now, with the upcoming release of Lola Versus, she’s getting the chance to hold a film all on her own.

It’s not without precedent. Gerwig had high billing on the recent Whit Stillman snooze Damsels in Distress and did time in Greenberg, the Ben Stiller vehicle directed by Gerwig’s now-boyfriend Noah Baumbach, and the Ashton Kutcher sex romp No Strings Attached.

On the eve of Lola Versus’ release (and a clip from the movie, watchable but not embeddable here), we look back at Gerwig’s career in film, from the biggest budget to, well, what made her a name in the first place.

Lola Versus.

To Rome With Love.

Damsels In Distress


No Strings Attached.


Nights & Weekends.


Hannah Takes The Stairs.

‘Neighborhood Watch’ Gathers Stiller, Vaughn & Hill to Fight Aliens

In case you’re trying to get this all out of the way ahead of time, Neighborhood Watch will be your brocentric comedy to watch for in 2012. Supporting evidence: It stars Jonah Hill, Vince Vaughn and Ben Stiller; it’s written by Superbad‘s Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg; it’s directed by The Lonely Island‘s Akiva Schaffer. What more do you need? This first trailer, which comes to us via the A.V. Club, is kind of sparse, but it does the trick. Because what explains a movie’s ethos more than a bunch of suburbanites riding around to "Still D.R.E."?

If it wasn’t clear enough, it seems to be about some kind of neighborhood watch, but here’s a wrinkle: They’re apparently teaming up to fight aliens, not just snot-nosed teenagers. (What a world.) British comedian Richard Ayoade is the fourth man of the SUV-based posse, so get ready for his U.S. star push soon after the film drops on July 27. 

Morning Links: Tracy Morgan Returns Home, Paula Deen’s Publicist Has Had Enough

● Tracy Morgan left the hospital and Utah yesterday, oxygen tank in tow. "Superman ran into a little Kryptonite today," he told TMZ, explaining that exhaustion and the altitude at Sundance had made him sick. [TMZ]

● Six long years of butter-dipped and bacon-wrapped antics later, Paula Deen’s publicist, Nancy Assuncao, has had enough. “Although we had a great deal of fun along the way, I could not agree with the new business strategy going forward." she said, hinting that Deen’s "dramatic turnabout" was just too much. [Page Six]

● Cynthia Nixon says that, for her, being gay "is a choice." "I understand that for many people it’s not, but for me it’s a choice, and you don’t get to define my gayness for me," she explained. "Why can’t it be a choice? Why is that any less legitimate?" [Huff Post]

● Ben Stiller and Jonathan Safran Foer are teaming up for a “politically, religiously, culturally, intellectually and sexually irreverent” Jewish family comedy at HBO. [THR]

● Diddy is working with a former MTV exec to launch an "urban skewed" music and music news television channel called Revolt. [Rap-Up]

● Epic Records big guy L.A. Reid confirmed yesterday on Twitter that, at long last, there is new Fiona Apple music on the way "in the next few weeks." [Pitchfork]

● A handful of Starbucks in Atlanta and Southern California will expand to sell beer and wine by year end. We also wouldn’t say no to bloody marys on the menu, if anyone was wondering. [Reuters]

Ben Stiller Brings Back Zoolander for SNL’s Stefon Sketch

Needless to say, last night’s Stefon sketch on SNL had everything: stickball, a Pakistani family that cuts in line at Universal Studios, upper lowerside hotspots, scrunchies and a shaved lion that looks like Mario Batali. The most unexpected: Ben Stiller reprising his Derek Zoolander character. Take a look.

Zoolander 2, or Twolander, is in the works. Ben Stiller has said it will take place 10 years later in Europe with both Derek and Hansel having fallen on hard times. Owen Wilson recently told MTV that Hansel suffers “a disfiguring injury.” “Think ‘Vanilla Sky.”

Fingers crossed they’ll make room for a special cameo by Stefon.