The Postal Service Air Out Some Laundry In New Video

There’s still something a little jarring about hearing new music from The Postal Service, like seeing a friend from high school at a bar in the new city you live in and catching up, and in the end, you realize you’ve changed but not much at all. Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello’s latest single, “A Tattered Line of String,” feels more assertively groovy than anything that was on Give Up, with punchier beats and funky ‘80s guitars filling the bridge.

The video for “A Tattered Line of String,” released this week, is also groovy, and features a music video premise that seems familiar somehow, but is still enough to peak your interest. A man goes into a Laundromat and goes through his clothes, much like many of us do when we need to, and discovers that—get this—the world is his Laundromat, man, and the Laundromat-world is shaking him up and tumble-drying him, just like he’s doing to his socks. Whoa. Watch below and feel your world turn (sorry) upside down.

Watch Funny or Die’s New ‘The Postal Service Auditions’

It’s been a long ten years since the premiere of The Postal Service’s Give Up and after a decade of wondering just how Ben Gibbard made the cut, we get a sneak behind the scenes. In a freshly released video that takes us back to 2002, we watch as Sub Pop holds auditions to round out the band. Everyone from Tom DeLonge and Al Yankovic to Aimee Mann and Duff McKagan audition and get rejected for the spot—even a shirtless screaming manic Moby. Finally, Gibbard shows up at the end and is reluctantly accepted into the band.

Written and directed by Tom Scharpling, check out the video below.

The Postal Service Auditions from Ben Gibbard      




Listen to The Postal Service’s New Song ‘A Tattered Line of String’

It’s Monday and everything is awful. The air is frigid, the streets are a sea of grey slush, and we’re all fifteen and heartbroken again so there’s really no better time to enjoy a new song from your favorite back-from-the-dead indie pop duo The Postal Service. With the 10-year anniversary re-issue of 2003’s Give Up, Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello will be unveiling two previously unreleased tracks—and lucky for us, one of them has arrived today.

Premiering on Steve Lamacqu’s BBC 6 Music, their new song, "A Tattered Line of String" features the band’s signature bobbping beats and Jenny Lewis vocals. You can listen to the song now via a simple Justin Lapiore-directed video. And don’t forget, they’ve also announced a Spring tour, which is set to begin this April. 

The Postal Service Announce Spring Tour

As a misanthropic thirteen year old, I remember walking in on my best friend’s brother listening to "Brand New Colony" and thinking that I might die from love-related combustion. But it’s been ten years since and although I no longer spend my days rolling around on the floor listening to The Postal Service’s Give Up, duo Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello have reunited to reawaken the teenager in all of us. The indie pop icons, whose name became synonymous with lonely wandering around vacant suburbs and college campuses, have now—in support of their 10th-anniverasary Give Up reissue—announced a spring tour beginning in April. Taking their act everywhere from the Madonna Inn to Coachella, and back east to the Barclay Center, TPS will play with a band that includes Laura Burhenn and Jenny Lewis (who appeared with them on their only tour back in 2003). Rilo Kiley fans rejoice.

Get your hands on new edition of Give Up April 9th and April 8th in the UK.

04-09 Reno, NV – Grand Sierra Theatre
04-10 Davis, CA – Mondavi Center
04-12 San Luis Obispo, CA – Madonna Expo Center
04-13 Indio, CA – Coachella
04-18 Phoenix, AZ – Comerica Theatre
04-19 Las Vegas, NV – Chelsea Ballroom at the Cosmopolitan
04-20 Indio, CA – Coachella
05-18 Manchester, England – Academy 2
05-20 London, England – Brixton Academy
05-21 Paris, France – Trianon
05-23 Barcelona, Spain – Primavera Sound Festival
06-14 Brooklyn, NY – Barclays Center

The Postal Service Are Getting Back Together

It’s been ten years since I roamed around my college campus on snowy and/or rainy nights listening to somber synthpop, but it looks as if I’ll soon be regressing back to my 2003 ways. All of a sudden there is a website for The Postal Service, Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard’s side project collaboration with Jimmy Tamborello. It looks like this year we will see a great Postal Service reunion.

The news comes from Stereogum, and they casually point out that this vague sign comes very close to the expected Coachella lineup announcement. We’ll all be waiting from such great heights for more details, or something. 

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For a “Good Time,” Call Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen is probably headed toward one-hit-wonderdom, but that didn’t stop the 2011 version of The Postal Service from recruiting the gal behind "Call Me Maybe" for a new summery feel-good single. Yes, Owl City (which I can’t imagine is too densely populated) is back with a pop song that sounds as if I took a time machine back to 2003, kidnapped Ben Gibbard and Jenny Lewis, and then forced them to single simple couplets into autotune while I showed them my Instagram feed and threw flannel shirts from Aeropostale at them. Add a dose of Mandy Moore’s video for "Candy" and you’ve got "Good Time." 

Morning Links: Kanye West Announces Plans For DONDA, Zoey D. & Ben Gibbard File For Divorce

Something happened last night on Kanye West’s twitter: over three hours and in 70 or so tweets, he unveiled plans for a magical and mysterious enterprise he calls DONDA, after his late mother. “We need to pick up where steve jobs left off,” he said, and so he is looking to bring in all sorts of people to do all sorts of things like, uh, teach math, design a new MTV awards, and help him with his new seven-screen experience. Or something. It’s, if you think you can help! [HuffPost/KanyeWest Twitter]

● Two months after announcing their separation, Ben Gibbard and Zoey Deschanel have finally and officially filed for divorce. "We’re friendly," Deschanel says. "It’s all fine." [Spinner]

● Paris Hilton says that her products — "I have 35 stores and 17 product lines. And then there’s my racing team, my 14 fragrances and my new project, the Paris Hilton Beach Club chain” — have made her a cool $1.3 billion. [Gossip Cop]

● Jonathan Safran Foer says that once-vegan Natalie Portman "is going to make a movie" of his go veg book, Eating Animals. [Just Jared]

● Lana Del Rey has signed on to Next Model Management, where she’ll look pretty with other It Girls like Jessie J and Alexa Chung. Now about that album… [NME]

● An Ohio man stabbed his friend who didn’t even know that Beyoncé and Jay-Z were married. And while we were all on Babyoncé watch? The audacity… [Fox8]

● Do you play the guitar or the bass, and do you look cool doing it? Abel Tesfaye of The Weeknd is apparently going on tour, and he wants you to be a part of his backing band. [The Fader]

Zooey Deschanel Separates from Husband Ben Gibbard

What a tough week for marriages! First there was the shocking Kardashian-Humphries break-up that blindsided all Americans who had put their faith in a pair of famous people who had seemingly started dating out of nowhere as if it were arranged entirely by publicists and reality TV producers. Now a coupling that was certainly made in indie-rock Loveland is now calling it quits: The New Girl star and She & Him chanteuse Zooey Deschanel and Death Cab for Cutie-frontman Ben Gibbard have broken up.

The couple got hitched in September 2009, and it seemed like perfect, adorable, twee bliss. Alas! What could have gone wrong between the doe-eyed Deschanel and the adorably round-faced Gibbard? The couple have not released any statements giving any indication as to the root of their maritable troubles. Perhaps Zooey was more of a Wes Anderson fan while Ben was a Spike Jones kinda guy. Maybe Zooey preferred the brooding tunes of Conor Oberst and Ben was more into the brooding tunes of Bon Iver. Irreconcilable differences!

There’s one thing for certain: we can certainly expect some terribly obnoxious break-up songs from these two. At least Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are creatively bankrupt, right?

Ben Gibbard on Death Cab’s New Album & His Favorite Spots to Eat in Seattle

In the three years since Death Cab for Cutie released their last album, Narrow Stairs, all four of the indie-pop rockers have settled into adulthood. Lead singer Ben Gibbard (third from left) married actor Zooey Deschanel, bassist Nick Harmer (left) also tied the knot, drummer Jason McGerr (right) celebrated the birth of his second child, and guitarist Chris Walla made a permanent move to Seattle, the band’s unofficial base camp.

Death Cab’s new release, Codes and Keys, due out later this month, is a reflection of this newfound stability. “Everything I make is like a series of postcards from my life and the lives of those around me,” Gibbard says. “The tone of the album, which is very emotionally even, is a reflection of where we are in our lives. That’s something that infiltrates our entire process. For example, I enjoy playing live shows, but I’m less eager to be away from home than I’ve been in the past.” As for dining on the road, he says, “On tour I always end up eating some variation of the same thing every day. Playing shows kind of fucks up when you can eat dinner. If we’re playing at 9:30 we can’t have a proper dinner at 7, because it’ll still be in our stomachs, bouncing around two hours later. But by the time the show’s over, it’s already too late for dinner, so I usually end up eating on the bus. Maybe we’ll become so successful that restaurants will stay open late for us, but I don’t think so.”

Once a dedicated vegan, Gibbard is still a healthy eater, but he indulges in the odd french fry. “I just ran the Los Angeles Marathon and the best thing about the experience was being able to eat as much as I wanted, whenever I wanted. I love Maneki. I think it’s the oldest Japanese restaurant in Seattle. It’s a James Beard Foundation-honored place, but it’s also a little hole-in-the-wall—a locals-only kind of thing. When we’re in the city we usually end up going to Crepe Café, a bistro that serves a lot of small French plates. We live in LA, but we have a place in Seattle and we always look forward to going back to that little spot. We try to eat healthy because, well, gross foods make you feel gross.”