Model Tiiu Kuik Brings “The Nagel Woman” to Seductive, Streamlined Life

If Tiiu Kuik wasn’t one of the world’s top models, she’d be a veterinarian. Or a fashion designer. Or a writer. “But then I would have missed out on all my amazing travels,” says the 24-year-old, 6-foot-1 Estonian bombshell. With a sophisticated beauty punctuated by a Cindy Crawford mole, Kuik was noticed at 13 years old, when she was scouted at a local supermarket. Runways in Japan and Italy followed, and she admits that for a while, it wasn’t easy. “For me, 13 was too young,” Kuik says. “I have no regrets, but it seriously took me until I was about 18 to become comfortable with the job and to become somewhat decent at it.”

Since then, this former face of CoverGirl has walked for over fifty designers, including Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Prada, and has been featured in campaigns for Dior, Valentino, and Moschino. A darling in fashion circles, Kuik acknowledges that the nature of stardom in the industry has changed. “The most noticeable difference is the emergence of movie stars and celebrities as fashion and beauty ambassadors. They grace magazine covers more than models do nowadays. The supermodels are pretty much extinct now—to become one you’d need to date a celebrity or film a movie. It’s not enough to just model anymore.”

Photography by Sara Silver
Styling by Justin Min

Video Exclusive: Jaime King’s Luscious Looks in Leger

Jaime King showed off her luscious lips for our Beauty Junkie column, in which our Contibuting Beauty Director Walter Obal detailed how to get those gorgeous looks with a combination of lipsticks and liners. While the lovely King is used to sitting still for the camera, we couldn’t let the actress lay totally stationary. In a short film by photographer Sarah Silver, Ms. King jumps off the pages and shows that her versatility isn’t limited to her lips. Check out the video after the jump! 

Actress and Model Jaime King Uses Her Lips to Make a Strong Impression

Jaime King is used to radical change. When she was a scant 14 years old, King was whisked from the cornfields of Nebraska to the apex of modelhood, driven by the pressure and temptation of the industry into an adolescent drug addiction—hers was the face of heroin chic—and then flamed out. Now in her early thirties, King has re-emerged as a leading actor. Her series Hart of Dixie is on the CW, and her directorial debut, a thriller called Polar Seasons, is due out soon. “I definitely feel like I’ve lived two lives,” says King. But in all her iterations, her lips—pursed, parted, perfect—have followed her. The key is to deploy your resources wisely. “By filling in the entire lip with lip liner, one adds depth and complexity of color.” Pairing two shades—one under, one over—gives options. Looks can be matte or glossy, monotone or diaphonous. But on King, they’re always just right.

Check out the gallery below for details on how to get Jaime’s looks, and stay tuned for our exclusive video of the shoot!

Beauty Junkie: Make a Splash With Dramatic Eyes and Lips

Take an emotional splash with model Katharina Rembi as she features a bold classic look. A graphic eyeliner paired with a dramatic lip will turn heads anywhere. Check out our exclusive video of Rembi, and recreate the looks using the step-by-step instructions below. 






BlackBook Video: Watery Bliss


Use Sephora Retractable Brow Pencil- waterproof to create a full and defined brow.

Create a graphic line on the upper lash line with Sephora Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner.

Finish the eye with two coats of Sephora Le Waterproof Mascara.


Define and fill in lips with Sephora retractable waterproof lip liner in 07 Plum- Reddish Violet.

Finish with Sephora Classic Bright Red-04


Sephora 43 It Girl- Deep Red




Directed by Sarah Silver

Featuring Katharina Rembi

Creative Director Walter Obal

Director of Photography Angel Marin

Edited by Dary Chaparro

Gaffers Ryan Benyi, Wayne McElroy

Makeup Walter Obal

Hair Cecelia Romero

Styling Lauri Eisenberg

Manicurist Gina Edwards

Set Designer Jared Lawton

Music Chromatics "I Want Your Love"

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Beauty Junkie: Make a Splash Poolside

Stay flawless with this summer’s hottest water-resistant products. 

Model Sanja Miletic creates the perfect palette as she takes to the water with ease.

SKIN: Keep your flaws hidden with Dermablend Cover Cream, Quick Fix Concealer and Leg and Body Cover.

EYES: Line the entire lash line with Chanels Stylo Yeux Waterproof liner in 70 Black Shimmer. Complete the intensity of the eye by filling in the water line with black as well.

LIPS:  Hydrate lips with Clinique Super Balm Lip Treatment.

Products can be purchased at: Chanel Clinique Dermablend






Poolside Beauty

Music: "The Captain" by The Knife




EYES/ CHEEKS: Use Hourglass Superficial Waterproof Bronzer in Mirage on the entire lid, blending the color up into the brow and temples. Use the same product to contour the cheeks. This will give you a beautifully bronzed complexion.

LIPS: Line and fill in the entire lip with Make Up For Ever Aqua Liner in #8C (red). For a more bold and long lasting lip Use Aqua Rouge Waterproof Liquid Lip Color in #8 (red). Complete this look by using Make Up For Ever glitter #7 (red) by patting the glitter into the lip color for a brilliant sheen.  

Products can be purchased at: Hourglass Make Up For Ever



EYES: Line the entire lash line with Clinique Quickliner For Eyes Intense.

LIPS: Use Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetic Lip Tar in Hoochie- extreme magenta for a bold strong lip.

NAILS: Dior Vernis Nail Laquer in Massai Red  

All products can be purchased at: Clinique Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Dior



Photographer Claudio Doenitz

Makeup Walter Obal  

Beauty Junkie: Turn Off The Lights and Glow

It’s Friday, the end of a long week. You are likely sitting at your desk trying to figure out what plans you are going to follow through with tonight. The evening looks like it’s going to be a clear one with no sign of rain for at least a few days. Those cold winter days are behind us and you’ve probably hung up your puffy coat for the season. The layers are shedding and if you are looking for a way to captivate the masses tonight (which you should be), take a look at this week’s Beauty Junkie for all the right tips to glow and flow around this city tonight. After you have jotted down everything you need to pick up at Sephora, sink in deep with the mesmerizing video shot in conjunction with this story, featuring the track "The Hours" by London-based artist Lapalux. Lapalux just released his first full length LP Nostalchic, so while you’re prepping to hit the town you might want to throw this on as well. 

Beauty Junkie: A Glowing Sensation

Bio-luminescence occurs widely among some groups of animals, especially in the open sea. With these amazing new products from Make Up For Ever the sea goddess is brought to land to show off her beauty. Her luminescence is used as a lure to attract her prey. Watch out though, she’s electrifying!

All photography by Sarah Silver

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Alarming Eyes

SKIN: Use Make Up For Ever Face and Body Foundation to create a flawless complexion.

EYES: Create a graphic shape around the eyes by using Make Up For Ever Flash color with Sephora liner brush PRO Bent Liner Eye Liner Precision 23.

Set the flash color with Make Up For Ever Fluo Night Pigment in 32-Blue using Sephora brush PRO Brow Sourcils Precision 20. To create stronger definition, use Make Up For Ever brush 5SB with a little blotting powder to define the skin tone on the outer edges along the liner.

LIPS: Moisturize lips with Make Up For Ever Moisturizing Lip Balm creating a healthy hydrated pout.

All cosmetic products can be purchased at Sephora

Alluring Beauty

SKIN: Use Make Up For Ever Face and Body Foundation to create a flawless complexion.

EYES: Create a graphic shape around the eyes by using Make Up For Ever Flash color with Sephora liner brush PRO Bent Liner Eye Liner Precision 23. Set the flash color with Make Up For Ever Fluo Night Pigment in 32-Blue using Sephora brush PRO Brow Sourcils Precision 20. To create stronger definition use Make Up For Ever brush 5SB with a little blotting powder to define the skin tone on the outer edges along the liner.

LIPS: Line lips with Make Up For Ever Auqua Lip Waterproof Lipliner Pencil in Bright Orange 17C-Vibrant Tangerine Orange. Set the pencil with Fluo Night Pigments in 30-Yellow, 31-Coral using Make Up For Ever brush.

HAIR: Wet hair and spray on Bumble & Bumble Prep Spray to help de-tangle and add sheen to the hair. Style with a fine tooth-comb.

All cosmetic products can be purchased at Sephora.

Patent leather motorcycle jacket by Phillip Lim.

Captivating Pout

EYES: Use Make Up For Ever eye shadow in 127-Metallic Taupe on the orbital bone. Following the crease from the nose out towards the temple for subtle drama.

CHEEKS: Use the same shadow 127-Metallic Taupe to contour the cheeks.

LIPS: Line and fill in the entire lip with MAC Landscape Green Chromagraphic Pencil to create a base. Apply Fluo Night pigment in 33-Green with Make Up For Ever Brush 12S by patting the color into the pencil to create an opaque matte lip.

HAIR: Prep and de-tangle hair with Bumble & Bumble Tonic lotion. Style with Sumo Tech and a fine-tooth comb.

All cosmetic products can be purchased at Sephora

White leather shirt by Phillip Lim. Sterling silver spider earrings by Tom Binns.

Photgraphy by Sarah Silver
Model: Aysche Tiefenbrunner
Styling by Dianna Lunt
Makeup by Walter Obal
Hair by Patrick Melville
Manicure by Kelly Baber
Makeup Assistant: Tess Sawan


Glowing Tutorial

Check out this tutorial from the shoot. Let it be your guide as you achieve these perfect electric looks!

Beauty Junkie: A Film Homage

Earlier this week we brought you back—back to a time where grunge was the craze, flannel roamed the streets in hoards, and there was such a thing as plain fresh-faced beauty. In an homage to the ’90s, model Mila Miletic transported us to the historic decade in this week’s Beauty Junkie.

Now, to accompany the beautiful images shot by photographer Maria Karas, we bring you a short film directed by BlackBook‘s very own Walter Obal. The clip falls nothing short of portraying the romanticized youth of the ’90s and leaving you longing for those simpler days. So while you are sitting at your desk today spacing out and dreaming of warmer days ahead, let yourself be enveloped in that nostalgic feeling we all love so much. Feels like just yesterday, right?

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Beauty Junkie: Bringing Back The ’90s

Newcomer Mila Miletic spent the day portraying a few iconic looks from the ’90s. "It was a challenge," says Miletic. "As a new face, I had to be convincing at portraying such an icon." You won’t have too close to know which ’90s fashion icon the young Miletic is referring to. Check out our Beauty Junkie slideshow for these nostalgic looks and learn how to replicate them yourself. 

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’90s Grunge

FACE: Use Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream to provide 24 hours of age-defying significant moisture. Use Amore Pacific CC Cream to even out any redness in the skin.

CHEEKS: Add highlights to the cheeks with Hour Glass Luminous Ambient Lighting Powders.

LIPS: Fresh Sugar Petal Tinted Lip Treatment for added subtle color.

Fresh and Hour Glass products can be purchased at Sephora.

’90s Latina Chic

EYES: Softly dust MAC eye shadow in Yogurt on the entire lid up into the brow bone. Lightly contour crease with MAC eye shadow in Handwritten. Line the upper lash line with MAC Pencil in Black Swan.

CHEEKS: Apply MAC Bronzing Powder in Matte Bronze to the cheeks and temples.

LIPS: Line the entire lip with MAC pencil in Bittersweet. Fill in entire lip with MAC pencil in Naked Liner blending the two softly for bold precision.

Purchase all MAC cosmetics here.

’90s Grunge Chic

EYES: Softly dust NYX Eye Shadow in ES 149 My Favorite Color on the entire lid up into the brow bone. Add some depth to the lid with NYX Eye Shadow in NMS14 Bare My Soul. Line the entire eye with Illamasqua Precision Ink in Abyss.

CHEEKS: Add subtle definition to the cheeks and temples with Vapour Organic Beauty Solar Translucent Bronzer in Mirage 221.

LIPS: Line and fill in entire lip with Make Up For Ever Aqua Lips 6C (brown) for depth.  Apply OCC Lip Tar in Black Dahlia in the center of lips and blend into line.

NAILS: Chanel nail polish in 569 Emprise.

llamasqua, Chanel, Make Up For Ever and Occ can be purchased at Sephora; NYX can be purchased here; Vapour Organic Beauty can be purchased through their website.

’90s Sensual Sophistication

EYES: Create a smokey eye with NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Pandora (white shimmer/matte black). Use white to highlight under the brow and the matte black to create a smokey lid blending into the crease and lower lash line.

CHEEKS: Use NARS Bronzing Powder on cheeks and temples to contour the face.

LIPS: Use NARS Pure Sheer SPF Lip Treatment in Aurore.

All NARS products can be purchased at Sephora.


Fragrance: Chanel 1932, See By Chloe, Daisy By Marc Jacobs, Just By Just Cavali. All fragrances can be purchased at Sephora.

Model: Mila Miletic

Photography by Maria Karas

Retouching by Louis Servedio-Morales 

Styling by Caroline Grosso

Hair by Shlomi Mor using Capelli Collection

Manicure by Kelly B @ Defacto using Kiss