Two Cuties Check Out Gay Night at Beauty and Essex

Last night, models and frequent BlackBook contributors Carlos Santolalla and John Tuite (aka @jarlos420) popped by Beauty & Essex in NYC to check out the scene for the restaurant’s new gay night.

The meal was great, as was the scene. Check out what they ate, below.

photo 3Favorite cocktail of the night? Definitely the Emerald Gimlet made with Grey Goose vodka, basil, lemon nectar, and fresh lime.

photo 5 Favorite appetizer? The Duck Pizzeta with tamarind, queso fresco, and salsa verde.

photo 7 But the Chile Relleno Empanadas, with poblano, manchego, and jalapeño-lime creme, were a close second.

photo 8 Yummm Pan Roasted Scallops with smoked tomato and sweet pea risotto.

photo 9Major. The Beauty & Essex Burger with roasted garlic aioli, beefsteak tomato, goat feta, and bbq fries. The vinegar fries are actually better though.

photo 11
Very sexy grilled salmon with sherry vinegar glaze, pearl couscous, red chard, and sunchoke puree.

photo 12
All the desserts looked good, but being gay night, the Passion Cream seems like the winner!

Upstairs at Beauty & Essex on Mondays. Beauty & Essex is located at 146 Essex Street, NYC.

Out of the Cellar and Onto Your Plate: A Hot Sauce With Hard Rock Cred

Chris Santos might not have hair, but his hair metal cred is authentic enough that hot sauce maker and heavy metal cookbook author Steve Seabury thought it was time Santos create a rocking hot sauce. It just so happened Stephen Pearcy from the ‘80s band Ratt also wanted to craft a hot sauce, so Seabury introduced the pair via email in which he wrote to Pearcy that, “Chris is a brother of the metal.” Subsequently, also a chef.

One year later the trio released their first of three hot sauces called Top Fuel, named after Pearcy’s car racing team. I met up with Santos at his restaurant Beauty and Essex where the tattooed chef slathered a healthy dose of the sauce on to a thick, juicy steak. The savory umamai of the meat harmonized beautifully with the tangy, bright heat of the fresh tasting salsa verda, making it a pairing almost as fun as the drum-playing Santos and hot sauce-loving Pearcy.

This collaboration isn’t something Santos ever imagined. He, of course, knew about Pearcy and, given that Ratt was the first concert he ever saw when he was 14 years old and living in Rhode Island, he held the band dear to his heart. When Seabury approached him about doing a bottle for his company High River Sauces, the timing was perfect. Not only did he have a burning love for the condiment, but he also had been thinking about making his own brand.

“There is nothing in my fridge at home but hot sauce,” says Santos. “I remember always putting it on things since the time I could pick up a fork.”

Top Fuel will soon be available in the pawnshop at the front of Beauty and Essex. In the meantime, Santos is working on the next type of hot sauce: a spicy red this time called Detonator.