Watch Nash Edgerton’s Queasy ‘Bear’

Thanks to Vice, you can now watch Bear, a short film by Nash Edgerton that has been popping up at festivals around the globe. Edgerton writes, directs and stars once more as Jack, the short-sighted boyfriend character who first turned up in Spider, another jarring short. Both are about pranks that unfold not altogether according to plan.

Take a look at Spider first, if you like. It’s got more twists and sharp corners than Bear, but each follows a fairly similar plotline—Jack’s sense of humor takes him too far, and disaster follows. At a certain point you’ll be watching through your fingers. No surprise that Jack has a different girlfriend (Teresa Palmer) in the sequel.

Man, what is it about Australia (Edgerton’s home turf) that’s so skin-crawly? Between these short films and the stomach-knotting Snowtown Murders and the seamless sang-froid of Julia Leigh’s Sleeping Beauty, I’m starting to see this continent as one to avoid at all costs. Even the accent is creeping me out these days.

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