Perfect Your Retro Beach Style By Shopping These Iconic Films From Our New ebay Collection

Shop our new ebay collection to score looks inspired by our favorite classic summer films with style worth emulating, and track down the very best bathing suits, sunglasses, posters, and soundtracks to truly immerse yourself in the world of these movies. Take a look, shop around, and get ready for summer.


SUN-DAPPLED FRENCH RIVIERA CHIC: Otto Premminger’s Bonjour Tristesse

Kick back on the beach in French Riviera Chic with tortoise shell cat eye shades, denim chambray  inspired Otto Preminger’s 1968 Cinemascope beauty.


 ebay2 ebayy1ebayy


EFFORTLESS 1980s BEACH BABE: Eric Rohmer’s Pauline at the Beach

Slap on some Chanel shades and slip into a retro polka-dotted swimsuit to convey an effortless ’80s beach babe. 




TOUSLED, BEACHSIDE BARDOT: Jean-Luc Godard’s Contempt

Serve your best Bardot in a vibrant, mod bikini with a matching beach towel to boot.


ebay5 ebayy3 ebay_meprismove


KITSCHY SURF SIDE GLAMOUR: Robert Lee King’s Psycho Beach Party

Get kitschy with retro cat-eye shades and a vintage airbrushed surfboard.

psycho beach



ROMANCE ON THE RUN CHIC: Jean-Luc Godard’s Pierrot Le Fou

A light, striped red dress and vintage spaghetti string tumblers will make you feel tres chic in the blistering summer heat. 


 ebaynew1 ebayy2ebayyy1



Bucket hats and simple swimwear are the perfect sun-kissed style to emulate this classic.


ebay11 ebay12  ebay19


RETRO PREPPY POISE: Anthony Minghella’s The Talented Mr. Ripley  

Get preppy at exclusive pool clubs this summer with vintage horn-rimmed glasses and white Ralph Lauren shorts.


 ebay13 eyeglasses1ebayy5


VINTAGE BEACHSIDE ELEGANCE: Fred Zinnemann’s From Here to Eternity

Convey elegance on stretches of white-sand beaches in a classic black halter swimsuit laying on a Pucci beach towel like Bert Lancaster, Deborah Kerr, and Sinatra…


ebay15 ebayy6ebay_eternity2


1960s NAUTICAL NOSTALGIA: René Clément’s Purple Noon

Stripes, texture and color pop for a nautical nostalgic look ​ from the devastatingly handsome Alain ​Delon. 


 ebay16ebay_purple2 Ebay_purple1



Dustin Hoffman made Mrs. Robinson swoon in vintage shades and a ’60s swimsuit.


ebayy7 ebay_graduate1ebay_graduate2


670 Dreams of an Endless Summer: Will Adler at Danziger Gallery

Trevor, 2012

Porto Escondido, Waikiki, Malibu, and Montauk, those are the dreamy beach locales featured in Will Adler’s solo exhibition of surf photography opening today at Danziger Gallery in Chelsea. For those who loathe the New York heat this time of year, Adler’s photographs offer a bit of respite, capturing the whimsical spell of a summer spent at the shore.

Art director and publisher Tom Adler curates the exhibition, pairing serene ocean shots with images of surfers on the verge of being swallowed by the curl. Tom has a rapport with subject himself, having published his first photography book about pre-war surfing along the California coast in 1997.

The Will Adler photography exhibition opens July 1st 6-8pm at Danziger Gallery and will remain on view through July 31st.

WA 1
Tahiti, 2009

WA 2
Ship Wrecks, 2009

WA 4
Morning Fog, 2010

WA 5
Summerland, 2012
WA 3
Walk, 2009

WA 6
Santa Barbara, 2014

WA 8
Porto Escondido, 2012

WA 9
Waikiki, 2010

WA 10
Sunset Cliffs, 2011

Visual Xanax: The Best of Both

Having trouble getting back from vacation? Whether the difficulty is airline related or more of a mental state, consider Marilyn Monroe’s best bet for bridging the gap.

Photo: Marilyn Monroe photographed by George Barris on Santa Monica Beach in 1962.

Want more, need more Visual Xanax? Click here.

Surf’s Up at Aspen Social Club, Luc Carl DJs at Hotel Chantelle Thursday

The summer heat melts many traditional joint and promotional programs as rooftops, pools, and outside spaces flourish. Street-level boites depend on refreshing air-conditioning systems to satisfy their patrons, but in the end a room with a view… or a garden with some potted plants wins out. Aspen Social Club in the heart of the asphalt jungle of Times Square is adjusting to the 90-degree forecasts with a redux of the space. It is rebranding as “Aspen Surf Club” and will sport a surfboard and bikini motif. The requisite frozen margaritas will keep all cool. The surf punk band The Mystery Lights will perform. I’m going to DJ early before my Hotel Chantelle regular gig. Later DJs include Justin Strauss, Billy Caldwell, and Tommy James. Marky Ramones’ Cruisin’ Kitchen Food Truck will be out front. There will be a door donation which goes to the Rockaway Waterfront Alliance.

Owner Greg Brier was asked why the party? He replied, “I just wanted to throw a great party for my friends…enjoy the summer…pull out all the stops. Aspen Social Club is based on the ski scene. The same people who enjoy that are surfers during the warm weather. Whether it’s California or Montauk beaches, it’s basically the same guys chasing waves and girls. I’ve invited my friends and we’re going to have a blast. My set is going to be The Beach Boys, Ramones, Dick Dale, and tracks along that vein…and I’ll have fun, fun ,fun till Greg takes the Pioneers away.

The reason I find myself available to DJ this shin-dig is Luc Carl is DJing the early slot at Hotel Chantelle this Thursday from 11pm till 1am. It will be a welcome addition to have Luc and his fabulous rock followers join in on the fun. Fear not, my fans/mom… I will maintain my late set: 2am till 4am with Sam Valentine banging it in between. Luc had set up shop across the street at Ludlow Manor until it was time to move on. I used to watch his crowd of hipsters and hotties with envious eyes. Now he’s bringing them where I spin. I’m excited.

Los Angeles Opening: Osteria Drago

The Sunset Strip is the last place you’d expect to find a beachy Italian spot with bleached white walls and an intimate front porch, but maybe that was chef and owner Celestino Drago’s intention for opening Osteria Drago, August 1st. If you weren’t paying attention this past winter, Drago Santa Monica closed just after celebrating its 20th anniversary, leaving the area with just one or two fine-dining spots left on the coast. We’re looking at you, Michael’s.

With Osteria Drago, the chef has gone casual with small plates, offering a limited menu of regional and traditional Italian cuisine with a contemporary twist. We’re talking sea urchin panna cotta, squid ink spaghetti, and spinach lasagna with prosciutto and reggiano. The place is perfect for private parties, or for fooling yourself you’re on the Italian coastline.

Hamptons Opening: Everything But Water

No, it’s not an ominous headline for the latest threat of drought. Rather, prodigious providers of chic swimwear and accessories Everything But Water have finally made a home in the chicest beach town of all, joining the summer celeb-chasing parade that is East Hampton.

And aesthetically, they’ve gone charmingly local, with design elements including reclaimed boardwalk wood and sand-colored flax linen curtains adoring the cabana-style fitting rooms. Labels abound, from Marc by Marc Jacobs to Nanette Lepore to Betsey Johnson to Trina Turk to the retailer’s own eye-poppingly colorful new label EBW Pareos. Splish splash!