My Mind On the Eve of a New Opening

The 1st of October finds me too busy to chat with you. I need to be onsite, breathing saw dust and paint fumes, readying dream palaces for imminent openings. I will have an egg with my sweetness, and my loyal and capable assistant, and then jump head first into the whirlpool of my work. Today it’s the finishing touches on Capri, the Bayridge joint opening tomorrow. I need to purchase levers, and drop latches for bathrooms, get a bronzing medium for the old bronze lights I found at Old Good Things (my secret source for everything), and some fabulous ancient handles for the front door. Then it’s an hour trip to a place still in NYC, to bang around with the contractor and all the subs. It’s a happy job site, with the product looking even better than I hoped. The workers are fun, and cool—like Bayridge workers almost always are.

Tomorrow night I will attend the opening of Capri. I will watch how the people flow through the space. I’ll look to see if what I planned actually works. Over 25 years of experience has taught me that nothing can be taken for granted. The space in the club where I didn’t think needed light may need it, the furniture might need more room to be comfortable. A thousand things will be looked at and analyzed by these old eyes. I will come up with solutions if I see a flaw or if the operator catches one.

Clubs should always open on Saturdays, for many reasons. Firstly, it gives you a few days to adjust if something needs a tweak. Secondly, staff can be evaluated and changed. Thirdly, Saturdays need to be your moneymaker: it’s good to give it a boost. If you open on, let’s say a Friday, then the Saturday is invariably anti-climatic, and you can’t have that out of the gate. I’ve been up since 7, nothing unusual about that, but my night was restless. My mind wouldn’t sleep as it dreamt of the club, and imagined it as it was open. Sometimes I see the people moving about, sometimes I hear the music. I guess that’s crazy, but I buy into that crazy/creative curve theory. October 1st is a strange date. I never liked it. I guess you can pretend that September is still part of the summer, but come October, you know the big chill is coming, Historically, it was the date when Karl Marx published Das Kapital (1867), in 1918 T.E. Lawrence of Arabia captured Damascus with a band of brothers, who he would eventually betray for the home team, and oil money. It was the start of the World Series in 1919. That year the Chicago “Black Sox” threw the fall classic, and became pariahs for very little cash. In 1931, the Waldorf Astoria opened as a palace for those who had everything else in the world they could ever want. I know there’s a story I could weave from these fun facts, but I’m going to need to rush away right now to have coffee, and small talk with plumbers, and contractors after an egg with my girlfriend, and assistant.