Five Best Boston Sports Bars to Watch the Super Bowl

Every Boston-dwelling Patriots fan needs their bar to watch the game, chow down on some loaded potato skins, and eventually cry into their coagulated nachos and eighth Heineken. Lucky for them, we’ve found the five best Boston sports bar to do just that. No matter who they’re with and what atmosphere they’re craving, these spots will leave them happy on Sunday – or, at least, as happy as they can possibly be. 

Top-Rated Tradition: Coined the #1 Sports Bar in America by Sports Illustrated, The Four’s boasts 42 plasma TVs, cozy burled wood walls, and years of venerated history. 

Biggest TV: Champions Sports Bar‘s 12-by-24 foot projection screen turns the game into an IMAX movie.

Close Enough to See Them Sweat: Tucked under the Fenway bleachers, Bleacher Bar is the place to devour fried pickles and pastrami sliders. Bring your foodie girlfriend. 

Most TVs: Outfitted with 30 sixty inch TVs hi-def and two 6 1/2-by-11 foot screen monsters, we wouldn’t be surprised if Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar & Grill stocked TVs by the toilets.

When You Can’t Make a Decision: Battery Park Bar & Lounge is an elegant lounge, a sports bar with 16 high-def flat-screen TVs, and a restaurant with a wooden patio. When you want to get our of the house, lick your barbecue sauce-covered fingers, and still maintain your dignity – go here.