Eagles of Death Metal Gives First Interview Since Paris Attacks

Photo via VICE

Eagles of Death Metal gave their first official interview today since ISIS attackers opened fire on their Paris concert two weeks ago, shooting 89 attendees—one a crew member—in the Bataclan theatre. In a newly released half-hour interview with VICEthe California rock band sat down with Shane Smith to detail all the horror that ensued Nov. 13.

“At first I thought it was the PA cracking up,” guitarist Eden Galindo said. “I realized real quick that it wasn’t, then I recognized what it was. At that time, [vocalist] Jesse [Hughes] ran towards me and we went in the corner of the stage. We weren’t sure if they were targeting us or what was going on.”

Though most of band was able to quickly escape through a side door, bassist Matt McJunkins fled to a room at the side of the stage, despite knowing there would be no exit available to him once inside. Alongside a group of fans, some wounded by gunshots, McJunkins barricaded the door using chairs and armed himself with a bottle of champagne left in the room’s mini-fridge.

“The gunfire got closer. It went on for maybe 10, 15 minutes. It just didn’t stop,” McJunkins said. “And then it would stop and there was a sense of relief and then it would start up again.”

Shawn London, the band’s sound engineer, described the concert’s energy before the terrorist attacks: “These kids were having a blast, they were having a great time, the smiles, the dancing, the singing along with each song.” London, who was standing at the back of the venue, then watched the bloody scene unfold, as one gunman aimed directly at him, shot and missed.

“He stayed there and continued to shoot and shoot and slaughter and just scream at the top of his lungs ‘Allahu akbar,’” London said. “And that’s when I instantly knew what was going on.”

Watch the full VICE interview, below: