Bastille Day Celebrations with 3 of Our Fave Frenchies

We’ll celebrate anything that gives us a good reason to pop a bottle of champagne, and come Monday, that day’ll be here. July 14 is Bastille Day, the French National day, and if we can’t be in Paris, at least we can spend some QT with some French faves in NYC.

Really the only meal that could suit a day like Bastille Day is a healthy serving of macarons, and Ladurée has the most adorable pique-nique basket of tea sandwiches and French treats to share. Bon appétit, mon chéri.

Shopping basically is celebrating, so why not hit up a French store? Cremieux’s New York store is the brand’s only U.S. outpost, stocking exclusive items like hand-knit ties, ultra fine wool suits, and bespoke shirting, tailoring brought to you by a specialty tailor flown in from Europe several times a year. We say oui. (65 Mercer Street, New York.)

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Great for celebrating the occasion and your new French wardrobe? A chilled bottle of Veuve. Points if you’re poolside.

BlackBook Tracks #5: Vive La Fête

Now that you’ve recovered from your Fourth of July celebrations, let’s talk about how tomorrow is Bastille Day. France totally puts America to shame when it comes to partying for the sake of national pride, so it’s time to do it all over again. Here are some coups de Coeur for la fête nationale.

Pravda – “Je Suis French”

The name of the song explains everything in this electro-punk take on national identity.


Phoenix – “Napoleon Says”

An old but good one from what the rest of the world sees as the reigning kings of French rock. They’re due for a follow-up to the hugely acclaimed 2009 album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, but the back catalogue is always worth revisiting.


Housse de Racket – “TGV”

This Parisian electro-rock duo alternates between French and English lyrics, and this highlight from sophomore album Alésia sees them embracing their mother tongue. They’re also known for incorporating “La Marseillaise” into their live show.


The Aikiu – “Pieces of Gold”

This song has gone viral recently, thanks to a music video featuring porn made SFW. The bright and breezy track also deserves it on its own merit.


Yuksek – “The Edge”

France’s best-kept secret is Yuksek, electro-pop artist extraordinaire. His latest single “The Edge,” released this week, exemplifies his brand of dance music for both head and hips.


We Are Knights – “Tears”

Under chilled-out production and hazy vocals, the beat keeps this song as assertive or laid-back as you want to hear it.


Yelle – “Mon Pays”

Despite singing strictly in French, Yelle have always had a healthy audience in America. Even if you can’t understand what Julie Budet is singing about, her tone effortlessly communicates everything against a background of glittering synths.


Anoraak – “Long Hot Summer Night”

This song sounds exactly like its title, all lingering warmth and hints of romance.


Justice – “New Lands”

The latest single from the irreverent Parisians was just graced with one of the best music videos of the year so far, if you’re into futuristic sports.


Make The Girl Dance – “Tchiki Tchiki Tchiki”

The trouble-making dance production duo takes on surf-rock and it totally works.


Joe Dassin – “Les Champs Elysées”

Pourquoi pas?