Shia LaBeouf Heads Off to WWII With Brad Pitt

Despite his oft strange behavior behind the camera, Shia LaBeouf is having a great. year. And as far as talented child comedic actors turned adult stars, he’s doing pretty well for himself. So far this year, we’ve seen him in Lawless, which despite the overall lackluster film, provided a vehicle for the one of his best performances yet, as Jack Bondurant. He stripped down for Sigur Ros in their "Fjogur piano" video and will do it again—and more!—for Lars von Trier’s highly-anticipated erotic odyssey Nymphomanic out sometime later this year. At Sundance, he graced the screen in The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman, which he stars alongside talented babe Evan Rachel Wood, and this week, he’ll go head to head the iconic Robert Redford in The Company You Keep.

And it’s no wonder directors are clammoring to work with him, there’s always been something about Labeouf that was a little off—in just the right way. There’s a sort of maniacal and impassioned gleam in his eye that propells him into interesting roles with a striking ability to fall into characters with ability to shake himself off and dive into the skin of another.

Yesterday, we learned that LeBeouf looks to be teaming up with cinematic legend Robert DeNiro to play his son in Spy’s Kid (not to be confused with Spy Kids, obviously). And today, he looks to be hopping from star to star, now joining Brad Pitt for the World War II drama Fury from director David Ayer. With Sony already signed on to distribute the film, Pitt will be leading as "Wardaddy," heading a "five-man thank crew as they lock in battle against a desperate German army in the waning days of the war." And as we’ve learned from Inglorious Basterds, Pitt works quite well within that era and I am more than sure Shia LeBeouf will as well.