Links: Mel Gibson’s Ex Has No Idea About Those Racist Tapes (Yes She Does), Jesse Jackson On LeBron

● “I have no idea. It’s terrible, terrible,” says Oksana Gregorieva, the mother of Mel Gibson’s child, about the recordings in which he threatens her and uses racial slurs. All he has to lose is everything. [E! Online] ● The “Barefoot Bandit,” who spent two years stealing boats, flying planes, and running from police without shoes, has been caught in the Bahamas. Expect him to tunnel out of jail at any moment. [AP] ● Emily Blunt married John Krasinski of The Office, and changed her named to Real Life Pam. [People]

● Jesse Jackson said Cavs owner Dan Gilbert’s attitude toward LeBron James was that of a “slave owner,” making LeBron, headed to play in Miami, a “runaway slave.” [TMZ] ● If the age difference between you and the mother of your child is greater than your age, you’re something special. Congrats, Aaron Johnson. [Celebuzz] ● How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking. [BuzzFeed]