Top of the World: The Highest Places to Get a Drink

Opened in March 2011, Ozone at the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong is 118 floors up, overlooking all of Victoria Harbor. They serve pan-Asian tapas and signature cocktails in an exciting, weirdly futuristic setting that takes up most of the floor.

Shanghai is home to two notably elevated hotel bars that compete on a nightly basis for the city’s elite. The Grand Hyatt’s Cloud 9 is on the 87th floor with a 360 degree view of the city; it’s a surprisingly intimate atmosphere for such a dramatic space. The Music Room on the Park Hyatt’s 92nd floor is more of a clublike atmosphere, with live music, DJs, and an extensive cocktail list.

Unsurprisingly, the highest bar in the world is in Dubai, where they do everything just a little bit bigger. At.mosphere is on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, where it’s a destination for visitors seeking an incredible view of the city, as well as locals hosting some very memorable business lunches or a drink in the upscale lounge.

It may not set any records, but The Penthouse at the top of the Hotel ME Madrid is one of the prettiest views of any city, anywhere. Created by Rande and Scott Gerber with their signature laid-back, high-end atmosphere, a private elevator brings you to an elegant rooftop, with plenty of beds for laying back and enjoying the view of the Plaza Santa Ana, as well as the crowd of beautiful people that populate the terrace.

The 61st floor of the Banyan Tree Bangkok Hotel is given over to two elegant, though slightly different, outdoor spaces: the Vertigo restaurant, specializing in seafood and steaks, and the aptly-named Moon Bar, a glittering open-air lounge with a panoramic view of the city.

Jesse Dorsey on Bangkok Dangerous

An update to our post about Boyy designer Jesse Dorsey. We spoke to Dorsey on Wednesday following the culmination of nine weeks of anti-government protests in Bangkok, during which Central World Department Store was set ablaze. Boyy’s boutique, located in Central Chidlom Plaza two blocks away, remains closed for the time being, like all commercial properties in the area. “Really at this point, we’re more concerned for the well-being of the city, and the friends we have whom have been hit much harder by this turn of events,” Dorsey says. While the Thai military claims to have now recaptured control of Bangkok, the country remains on edge amidst the recent violence.

There Be Blood (in Bangkok)

Thailand’s “Red Shirt” political protesters made good on their promise to splatter blood in the capital today — starting with the prime minister’s house. Enjoy the clip above of various folks sloshing jugs of precious, precious blood onto a hastily erected bodily fluids barricade. Even so, “bags of blood” were flung over the walls at the PM’s house proper. What are the protests all about? Who cares! BAGS OF BLOOD. Tea party what now?

Get Your Bhat to Thailand

imageAir Asia is making a play for some press — and hopefully some dollars — with a three-day “Get Your Bhat to Thailand” campaign. The campaign ambitiously offers 100,000 free flights to Thailand in hopes of luring tourism back to the country. The free flights are being offered between Bangkok and Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and China, as well as for flights within Thailand. The free-for all can be booked from today through the December 18, for travel between January 6 and March 31. Free flights to Phuket sounds like the start of a great trend.