The Travel Bag to See You Through Thanksgiving and Beyond

Going somewhere soon? Chances are there’s a Thanksgiving trip in your future, or some other holiday weekender that’s tragically overdue. There’s enough stress to contend with leading up to a trip and en route… and the fact that you took a late night Jacuzzi dip while away shouldn’t add to the stress when packing for home.

We don’t always think about these things ahead of time, but The Sabah Dealer did.

Inside this gorgeously tanned, minimally processed steer hide leather Traveler bag, you’ll find an interior pocket in red to help keep you organized — and also a gray, completely waterproof bag to help keep late night swimming decisions (or workout clothes, or whatever) separate from the clean stuff.

To order your own, email The Sabah Dealer directly at



Vince’s Got a Brand New, Chic, Minimalist Collection of Bags

Images via Ilan Rubin

I’ve relied on Vince for everything from cashmere to cotton boxy, minimal sweaters, to job-interview blouses with a cool edge–not to mention my very, very trusty (read: worn out) perforated black leather slip on-sneaks, for years now. So it’s a delightful surprise that we can all head over to Vince and place pre-orders on the company’s very first bag range TODAY.

The line breaks down into three mini-collections.

1. Vince Signature: composed of smooth, structured leather in clean silhouettes and featuring a signature notched “V.” Select styles also come in a super-sophisticated stamped croc

2. The Modern V: think slouchy pebbled leathers for medium and mini crossbodies

3. The Cut-Out Collection: Statement making silhouettes in graphic black + off-whites with sleek cut-outs and larger, carryall shapes

The bags come in chic, modern, understated colors that complement Vince’s clothing–classic nude and black, off-white, two blues: ‘coastal’ and ‘bright ocean blue,’ rhubarb red, and three (not 50) shades of grey: anthracite, stone, and steel.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got eyes for one of those croc-stamped bags. the colors are to-die-for and practically seasonless. Either way, there’s something for everyone.





Cute but Twisted: Gary Baseman’s Naughty Beasties for Coach

Courtesy of Coach

Coach has a rather elaborately crafted story-line for its spring collection, featuring characters drawn by California based artist Gary Baseman. Coach creative director Stuart Vevers had been a fan, finding himself using Baseman’s images as inspiration, when he figured, why not call Gary up direct?

These new characters, “live inside the Coach girl’s handbag, sometimes they are nice and sometimes they are naughty–they travel with her and hear all of her stories,” said Vevers.

These darkly playful creature even have their own grandiose names, i.e. Buster Le Fauce or Emmanuel Hare Ray. Grim and endearing, we can think of a few of Baseman’s creatures for Coach we’d like to take home come spring time.

Get More Than You Bargained for with Miranda July’s New Bag

To be honest, I spend a lot of time thinking about the “curation” of the perfect bag. Given the responsibilities my job includes, I often find myself away from any kind of desk for hours on end, and, try as I might, somehow never quite have the bandaid/granola bar/Tylenol I need when I need it.

With The Miranda bag, a limited edition collaboration between Miranda July and  WELCOMECOMPANIONS, which debuted last night at Opening Ceremony in Los Angeles, some of the stress is eliminated thanks to a host of items Miranda has curated for you herself. The selection is a combination of the obviously practical and dramatically whimsical (a description many of us might apply to July and her work). These items range from a secret pocket for a $20 bill, because “robbers will never take the time to find it,” and an almond pocket–because of course–“always keep almonds on you, even just one could save you from a total low blood sugar spiral/crash/freakout” to Miranda’s multipurpose cards, available separately for $22. Example: “Let’s be honest, the conversation we are having right now is not that interesting for either of us. I suggest we shake hands and go find other people to talk to.” Sure, the bag is a casual $1725, but carrying Miranda July’s signature wit and of course preparedness (the bag also contains homeopathic stress remedies)—is obviously priceless.

Mary Katrantzou Debuts Bags At LFW

Image via

Everyone’s favorite British transplant by way of Greece has moved beyond her signature architectural, futuristic prints, and launched her first bags this season.

The collection’s signature is called the MVK, a tribute to Katrantzou’s parents. It’s a boxy bag reminiscent of the currently chic vintage camera cases thrift store junkies like to hoard. Of course, even though the camera bag is somewhat foundational (perfect for everyday urban adventures), many of the bags fully, and more dramatically retain Katrantzou’s signature wit and whimsy.

“I wanted to turn my interest in photographic prints on its head and look at the apparatus used to take those photographs instead,” Katrantzou says. “I hope that the MVK bag will become a staple Mary Katrantzou accessory.” It goes from over-the-shoulder to clutch, as Katrantzou wanted to keep it functional. Every element of the bag’s design thoughtfully echoes the signs and symbols (graphic circles, squares, and triangles) used in the larger collection, as well as the shoes, made by Gianvito Rossi.

One MVK coming my way, pretty please!?

mk-cam- mk-pochette mk-tote

Step Into A Jeff Koons

The works of Sean O’Meallie, Jeff Koons, and some humping balloon animals — it all went into Ostwald Helgason’s spring collection (you remember this sweatshirt, non?)


Just in time for a really beautiful spring day in NYC, Ostwald Helgason’s spring shoe and handbag collaboration with ALDO Rise hits stores. The themes of the collection carry right over to the accessories with textures reminiscent of blown up balloons.

Shop it online and in stores at ALDO Rise. Watch a video featuring OH’s designers, Ingvar and Susanne, below, then scroll through the entire collaboration collection.



Product images courtesy of Oswald Helgason X ALDO Rise

Messenger Baggage

All urban white-collar men of a certain age and facial hair length have this bag, right? The over-the-shoulder, brown-or-olive, many-pocketed shoulder bag? Kind of a backpack that’s easy to lose stuff in, not spacious enough to work as an overnight bag, and extra-bad for your posture? I used wheelie luggage one year in middle school and had to beat up a kid who kicked it over and spilled my homework into a hallway where it was eagerly stomped on by kids changing classes, and therefore no longer make concessions to posture. So I have this kind of bag. Obviously.

Anyway, the buckle thing just broke clean off. It’s an old bag. I think I bought it after the college-era (American Eagle?*) model bit the dust—the strap on that bag broke suddenly when I tried to carry an ancient laptop plus about twenty loose beers. Don’t worry, the beers were fine.

These messenger bags last a long time—through the delivery of countless messages—and it becomes second nature to have such a bag swinging against your hip as you walk. You’re not going to use a briefcase; your hands have very important Words With Friends games to play as you’re crossing at busy intersections. But when you have to ride a crowded train with your messenger bag strapped on, which is 400% more awkward than it sounds, try to lift it up as you squeeze past someone, or at least hold it to your crotch so that it doesn’t fly loose as you lunge for an open seat, thereby knocking some poor nerd’s brand-new book out of his hands and onto the dirty floor.

At least apologize to him—he had a tough time in middle school.



*Jesus Christ.