True Panther Sounds Announces Charity Compilation for San Fran Homeless

So, this is kind of fucked: “Proposition L, also known as the Sit/Lie Ordinance, makes it a crime to sit or lie down on any sidewalk or on top of any object (blanket, lawn chair, milk crate, etc.) from 7am-11pm, punishable by a $100 fine for first offense and up to 30 days in jail for a second.” We’re quoting the good folks at True Panther Sounds – the home label of bands like Girls, Magic Kids, and Hunx and His Punx – talking about the recently-passed San Franciscan law. They’re not taking the news sitting/lying down, either. In fact, they’ve released a charity compilation to benefit the homeless of San Francisco, the people the law most directly effects.

True Panther, which is based out of New York but was started in the City by the Bay, was extra irritated by the passing of Prop L, since it harshed the buzz of a Giants World Series victory. In retaliation, the label rounded up some of the Bay Area’s best young bands and quickly slapped together the tracklist below, which includes Ty Segall, Girls, and The Fresh & Onlys. You can stream the songs on the True Panther website now, but you can also quit being such a goddamn cheapskate and spend a dollar—every red cent of which will go to benefit The Coalition of Homelessness, San Francisco—and download all 21 tracks, many of which are previously unreleased.


1. SF Giants- Bye Bye Baby (Airhorn Deluxe Edition)
 2. Dominant Legs- Finally Champions *
 3. The Fresh & Onlys- Waterfall (from the album Play It Strange on In The Red)
 4. Ty Segall- Who Are You * 
5. Ezee Tiger & The Soundguys- Book It *
 6. Young L- Pound
 7. Terry Malts- In The Waiting Room *
 8. Melted Toys- Preforms *
 9. Wet Illustrated (from the Born Stoked 7″ on Corvette City)
 10. NODZZZ- Genocide Bow *
 11. Sonny & The Sunsets- Do I Remember Me *
 12. Water Borders- Runaway 2010 *
 13. Bronze- Parallels (Cosmic Mindslayer Version) *
 14. The Sandwitches- San Francisco *
 15. Magic Bullets- Everything Flows (Teenage Fanclub cover) *
 16. OoOOo- seaww
 17. Young Prisms- Sugar (from the album Friends For Now on Kanine)
 18. Blackbird Blackbird- Fly (Feat. Steffaloo)
 19. Weekend- All-American
 20. Girls- Life In San Francisco (from the Lust For Life 7″)
 21. Vinnie Rat- Giants Defiance *

Amy Winehouse Is Sort of a Musician Again!

I don’t know how you’re gonna get there, but Amy Winehouse, whose comeback is starting to sound as real as ever, will play a handful of shows in South America’s largest country (the one they call Brazil) in the new year. She’ll be joined by new-soul compatriots Janelle Monáe and Mayer Hawthorne. The gigs represent Winehouse’s first proper shows in two years.

Winehouse, who recently re-emerged with a cover of “It’s My Party”—her first recording since 2006—for a Quincy Jones tribute album, seems to be in better spirits (as opposed to be photographed drinking spirits), making headlines for her music instead of her misdeeds. Three of the Brazilian dates listed below are a part of Brazil’s Summer Soul Festival, and include Hawthorne. All four feature Monáe. A Russian show is reportedly also in the works. Now, can we get a new album and some U.S. shows, please?

Tickets go on sale Nov. 22 here.

8th January 2011 – Summer Soul Festival, Il Divino, Florianopolis
 11th January 2011 – Arena HSBC, Rio de Janeiro
 13th January 2011 – Summer Soul Festival, Covention Center, Recife
 15th January 2011 – Summer Soul Festival, Chácara do Joquei, Sao Paulo

Watch Four & a Half Minutes of Drunk People on Film

It’s always five o’clock somewhere, right? In the clip below, the folks at Screen Junkies offer a montage of what it looks like to be pretend-drunk in a movie. Much like real life, it’s often embarrassing and unbelievable—just the kind of thing that will amusingly kill a few minutes of your afternoon, thus getting you that much closer to quitting time and happy hour. You get Steve Buscemi’s crustache, Billy Bob Thornton as a punching Santa Claus, an asshole in a homemade hat, Nic Cage getting headbutted, and a solid 20 seconds of puking. Now, who needs a drink?

EMBED-Wasted In Movies Supercut – Watch more free videos

The Strokes Finish New Album

According to a tweet last night from Strokes lead singer Julian Casablancas, the new album is finished, though it won’t see the light of day this year. “Still not going to be out for a few months-mixing, etc,” he wrote in a message to another user. “But JUST finally finished it yesterday actually!?” The note was then retweeted a bunch of times, and we rejoiced, because there was a time when The Strokes were the most important band in the country, and we remember that time.

But what to expect from this forthcoming album? “It sounds more like the last record, but I may try to funk it up a little bit,” Casablancas told Spin earlier this year. The band has been working with John Chicarelli (Beck, White Stripes) in the studio for quite some time now, and the album has been talked about for more than a year. “There is disagreement as to whether the songs are ready,” Casablancas said in October 2009. “Some of the band think they are and others don’t. I’m somewhere in the middle.” Here’s to the end of disagreements!

Best Coast, Wavves & More, Get in the Christmas Spirit for Target

Just when you thought you’d relegated yourself to buying that favorite stoner on your holiday list an extra-large bag of Flamin’ Hot Funyuns and another replacement copy of Dude, Where’s My Car? on DVD this year, it’s Target to the rescue! The peppermint-colored retail giant has announced a free and exclusive compilation of holiday music, which you can stream here. Maybe don’t smoke before clicking on that though, lest the ornamental animations distract you from enjoying the tunes.

Available for download on Nov. 28, the comp features festive music from the likes of Blackalicious, Crystal Antlers and Bishop Allen, not to mention a Best Coast/Wavves collaboration called “Got Something for You.” Oddly enough, Guster is also included. But hey, you can’t win them all, right? Plus, it’s free! Slap it on a CD the Sunday after Thanksgiving and pat yourself on the back for getting ahead of the holiday rush this year.

Today’s Twitter WTF: John McCain & Snooki

We’re used to weird things happening on Twitter. No big deal. But breaking new ground on our WTF threshold yesterday was the senior United States Senator from Arizona, Mr. John Sidney McCain III.

At the end of a long day that found him tweeting about foreign policy initiatives, earmarks, fiscal conservatives, and trips to the Middle East, Senator Maverick dropped a bomb on the Twittersphere. We’re just gonna leave this here and let you deal with it.


Download Girl Talk’s New Album for Free

Greg Gillis, sole proprietor of Girl Talk, wants you to put in your ear buds this morning and tune out the world. His new album, All Day, is available for free download right here. Talk about a good way to make sure no one asks if you’ve got a case of the Mondays.

You don’t need to put in an e-mail address or anything else personal or hacker-prone. Just help yourself to all 71 minutes and 373 samples. If you need Gillis, by the way, he’ll be on tour for the better part of forever. When he comes to your town, we suggest you take the advice of track number four.

Ghostface Announces New Album, Releases First Single

Let’s face it, Ghostface Killah’s last proper solo album, 2009’s R&B-focused and ridiculously titled Ghostdini: Wizard of Poetry in Emerald City was a disappointment. Luckily, we live in a world of possibilities, where an artist always has a second chance as long as he’s willing to give it another shot. Ghostface is always willing to give it another shot.

Fresh off some tour dates, the Wu-Tang MC recently tweeted that The Apollo Kids, his brand-new record, will be released on Dec. 14. Not much else is known about the album at the moment, but the album’s title is taken from a song from Ghostface’s iconic 2000 record, Supreme Clientele. Color us anticipatory! Plus, first single “Together Baby” sounds pretty great, with its quintessential-Ghostface soul sample and, thankfully, not a cheeseball R&B hook in sight!

Fiery Furnaces Readying Ten Albums, Two Heart Attacks

Get ready to self-consciously question your productivity! Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, the male half of the Fiery Furnaces, Matthew Friedberger, joked that being in a critically acclaimed indie-rock band just wasn’t enough work. “Playing rock—except for driving around and carrying equipment in and out of a van and getting bedbugs from the motel and that kind of thing—you don’t have to work very hard,” Friedberger told EW. “So I thought it would be fun to have way too many things to do.”

All told, he’ll release “no less than eight solo albums” in 2011, starting with an epic six-part vinyl-only project called Solos, each part of which will find him pairing his voice with a single instrument: piano, guitar, organ, double bass, drums, or harp. The piano-based album, Napoleonette, was recorded in Michigan last month, and you can listen to the track “Shirley” on Thrill Jockey’s website. Additionally, Friedberger will score artist Rob Pruitt’s art awards at Webster Hall. The second annual event, which he also scored last year, is a unique opportunity for him. “It’s fun because I get to write two hours of music,” he tells EW. “From my perspective, it’s supposed to refer, if only obliquely, to the old history of Webster Hall, up to and including when it was the Ritz in the ’80s.”

Meanwhile, Matthew’s sister, Eleanor Friedberger, is working on a solo album of her own for 2011. Not many details are known about that project currently.

As if this weren’t enough, the Friedberger siblings will convene to record a new Fiery Furnaces record shortly after Thanksgiving. It might be called I Met the Queen of the Night in the Daytime, which would be a pretty fantastic – and frankly fitting – title for a Fiery Furnaces album. “It’s going to be a loud, aggressive rock record,” Matthew says of the album. “The songs are rock songs. They’re pretty wordy, I guess. They definitely have melodies, though. They’re songs with words and tunes.” Of course, this only adds up to nine albums, which begs the question: What are the Friedbergers hiding?