Elvis’s Former Gravesite And Other Totally Creepy Pop Music Auction Items

Sometimes, people want to get really, really close to the high-profile icons that inspire them. In the days of old, hair, teeth and other body parts of the saints were encased in beautiful reliquaries that can still be seen in museums and houses of worship all over the world. But this is 2012, so people just pay exorbitant amounts of money to get closer to the deceased instead.

Beverly Hills-based auction house Julien’s will be hosting an auction this June featuring the usual run of sport and entertainment memorabilia: a robe worn by Amy Winehouse in the “Rehab” video; some of Michael Jordan’s sneakers. But the object that has garnered the most attention (and for obvious reasons) is a crypt that once housed the body of the King of Rock ‘N’ Roll, Elvis Presley. Prior to his permanent resting place at Graceland, Elvis’ body was held in a mausoleum at Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis, which can now, apparently, be yours.

Hair: In addition to hair from the King himself (man, Elvis fans will take whatever they can, eh?), clumps of famous rock follicles tend to be popular auction items. In 2009, Ralph Cohen, who produced the now-infamous Pepsi television spot in which Michael Jackson’s hair caught on fire during the shoot, offered up a clump of the King of Pop’s singed hair at a London auction, with the bidding beginning at $1,600. Last year, a much younger pop icon found his locks on the auction block: Justin Bieber gave a little bit of his distinctive ‘do to Ellen DeGeneres in a signed box. The TV host took the Bieb’s blond clips and auctioned them off on eBay to benefit the Gentle Barn, an animal rescue organization.

Teeth: We’re not sure which is strangest: the fact that John Lennon’s cavity-addled tooth was put up for auction at $16,000, the fact that people out there were willing to buy it or that the tooth first came into the possession of Lennon’s housekeeper, Dorothy Jarlett, at a time when rock stars were giving their teeth to the help and their fans as souvenirs. How would that conversation even work? “You’ve been great and I know how much you loved A Hard Day’s Night… how about helping yourself to one of me incisors? It’s a gift!”

Toast: From one generation of boy band to another, fans sure love placing bids on toast. In 2006, a half-eaten piece of French toast consumed by one Justin Timberlake fetched more than three grand courtesy of a teenage N’Sync fan. Last month, history repeated itself: when X-Factor heartthrobs One Direction went on tour in Australia. When the band appeared on Aussie morning talk show Sunrise, Niall Horan (the blond one) took a bite out of a piece of toast covered in Vegemite and did not enjoy said bite. The not-quite-complete piece of toast was put up on eBay, going for more than $100,000 AUD. For toast. In both cases, the proceeds went to charity. As long as nobody tried to eat them, we guess. 

Buy Your Very Own Oscar

What do you get the person who has everything?  How about their very own Oscar?  Fifteen statuettes are going up for auction this Tuesday, including those awarded for Citizen Kane and Wuthering Heights. Get ready to pony up the dough, these things don’t come cheap.

Auctioneer Nate D. Sanders tells the LA Times the statuettes are expected to get $4 million in bids for those who want something fun to display on their mantle. 

The Academy, known for being stodgy (see: Sacha Baron Cohen’s The Dictator debacle), is not happy because Oscars can’t be bought with anything but talent. Fortunately for those with little theatrical skill and deep pockets, there is nothing they can do about it.  

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences banned the sale of the awards by winners in 1950 to anyone but the Academy for the price of $1, but those won before that time still pop up at auction.  Michael Jackson bought the statue given to Gone with the Wind in 1999 for $1.54 million.

If Meryl Streep ends up losing tonight’s Best Actress category, we suggests someone gifts her one to add to her collection, but it is sure to have any receiver saying "You like me, you really like me."

John Lennon’s Tooth is for Sale

It’s understandable to collect memorabilia. People like to have a part of what they love and that’s great. But what about when that is a former body part? Is there a point when collecting and selling goes too far, beyond appreciation and fandom and even money, into the disgusting? That point, depending on how squeamish you are and how much you love the Beatles, may or may not be now. John Lennon’s decaying tooth is up for auction.

Omega Auctions will place Lennon’s discolored, cavity-destroyed tooth up for auction for a whopping $16,000 so that someone can display this on their mantle.


Lennon gave the tooth to his housekeeper, whose son is the one looking to get rid of this thing and cash in. “She was very close with John, and one day whilst chatting in the kitchen, John gave my mother the tooth (he had been to the dentist to have it removed that day) and suggested giving it to my sister as a souvenir, as she was a huge Beatles fan,” he told CNN.

If a leprechaun appeared and offered you a pot of gold with exactly $16,000 in it with the only condition being you buy something ridiculous and unnecessary, would you purchase this? Is this kind of cool and a piece of a legend or is this just gross?