Morning Links: Lindsay Lohan Back on for Gotti, Chuck Klosterman Teaches Writers a Lesson

It was, and then it wasn’t, and now maybe it is again: Lindsay Lohan is back on for Gotti. “She was definitely out as of earlier today, but she really wanted the part,” Gotti producer Marc Fiore told People. [People] ● VH1 has green-lit a new reality show contest wherein “stars” (we use this term loosely: Heidi Montag, Ashley Dupré, Danielle Staub, Three 6 Mafia members — you get the idea) work together to launch a restaurant. The one who contributes the most gets a stake in it at the end. All you have to do is be helpful? [Vulture] ● TV on the Radio’s Gerard Smith passed away yesterday following a courageous battle against lung cancer. [TVoTR]

● Apparently Emma Watson dropped out of Brown because the other Ivy League students couldn’t stop making Harry Potter jokes, yelling “Three points for Gryffindor!” whenever she answered things correctly in class. We don’t blame her. [Gatecrasher/NYDN] ● Why such a wet blanket, Lady Gaga? Apparently she rejected Weird Al Yancovic’s “Born This Way” parody even though he was going to donate the proceeds to charity. Or so he blogged. When word of the cold-hearted denial spread, Lady Gaga was quick to make amends, having her tour manager explain that she just hadn’t had time to listen to the track yet, and that she is actually a big Weird Al fan. “Perform This Way” is now up on his site. [SOTC/Village Voice] ● FYI musicians: Chuck Klosterman will write a press release for your band so long as he doesn’t have to actually listen to your band. Seems like a fair enough deal. And, hey, it worked for this guy! [NPR]

Inside Eliot Spitzer’s Amazingly Great Sex Life

Wow, Eliot Spitzer just keeps becoming more and more ‘da man’ as the days trickle by. Not only is the world about to see exactly the kind of ass he was tapping, but a new book is revealing just how deep his “transgressions” (Thanks, Tiger!) went. According to this excerpt from Peter Elkind’s upcoming bestseller-to-be Rough Justice: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer (Thanks, Fortune!), the former governor spent at least 100K on ten different high-priced prosties. But that’s not all. We sifted through all the boring secret financial transaction stuff to bring you all the good stuff, aka, the stuff about having sex with hookers. After the jump, some of the best bits of only an excerpt of what is going to be the best book since Journal of the Plague Year: An Insider’s Chronicle of Eliot Spitzer’s Short and Tragic Reign .

● “His awkwardness on the phone had disappeared as he learned the ropes of patronizing prostitutes.” ● He remained unusually guarded, and he refused to engage in small talk. “He practically attacked me when he walked in the door,” one escort told her phone booker afterward. “He was just ready.” ● “It was very businesslike,” Angelina recalls. “He was not one of those people who I would have said went out of their way to make me feel lovely and nice, like many did. It was very impersonal.” ● He’d brought along some Scotch, so they sat down to talk over a few drinks while listening to classical music. ● He paid for more hours than he’d use, just in case he was running late. Angelina would arrive first and wait for him in the room. Afterward he’d rush off. Angelina never noticed anyone around him — no friends, no subordinates, no security. He came and went alone. ● Despite his mixed reputation among the escorts, Dupré also said she liked him. Unlike some of her colleagues, she wasn’t put off by a client who didn’t bother much with small talk.

So there you have everyone. Eliot Spitzer is a dawg.

Links: Lady Gaga’s Sister Is Next, Rielle Hunter Gets Sexy with Stuffed Animals

● Lady Gaga’s 17-year-old sister, Natalie Germanotta, has a cameo in the “Telephone” video playing a prison composite of Gaga, a chola and Mariah Carey. [Buzzfeed] ● Miley Cyrus’ wisdom on the internet and why she quit Twitter: it’s “like not cool, not safe, not fun and most likely not real.” [Movieline] ● There is only one proper spin on the impending divorce of Kate Winslet and director Sam Mendes, and it’s in this perfect headline: “Kate Winslet Gets One Step Closer to DiCaprio Destiny.” Never let go, k? [Best Week Ever]

● John Edwards’ mistress and baby mama, Rielle Hunter, sat down with GQ, said a lot of vaguely crazy shit and was the subject of a sexy photo shoot with a pile of stuffed animals, including Barney, Kermit the Frog and Dora the Explorer. [GQ] ● In other political sex scandal news, Eliot Spitzer’s old pal Ashley Dupre posed in Playboy for an eight-page spread, during which her hair caught on fire. [Page Six] ● It’s an oddly happy day for the world’s second shortest man, because he is now a champion. The world’s shortest, He Pingping, died yesterday. He was 29 inches tall. [Gawker]

From Fashion Week to Valentine’s Day with Ashley Dupre

imageFormer Governor Spitzer’s famed call girl seems to be taking a page from Kanye West’s book — that of aspiring towards Fashion Week ubiquity. First Ashley Dupre turned up at Yigal Azrouel on Friday; her unexpected appearance not only caught the eye of countless publications, it came as a shock to Azrouel (whose publicist Kelly Cutrone of Peoples Revolution had invited the former prostitute to a different Fashion Week presentation). In fact, the designer was so taken aback he subsequently fired Cutrone for “mismanagement.” But it seems the show wasn’t the only Fashion Week event on Dupre’s social calendar this week.

Hint Magazine spotted Dupre at its Valentine’s Day soiree at Le Poisson Rouge, which was co-hosted by boutique Seven New York. According to the online fashion tome, “the former call girl who brought down New York’s governor was escorted in by Kelly Cutrone, who, in a pearlette of wisdom, told us ‘I don’t believe in morality, we’re all hookers’.” According to the site “Ashley … is ready to move on from the scandal, working on a CD and shopping a book around.” So get ready for total Dupre overload.