Morning Links: James Blunt’s Auschwitz Photo, Destiny’s Child Reunion Rumors

● Not-yet-officially-divorced Ashlee Simpson was caught kissing a new boy in New York yesterday, Boardwalk Empire star Vincent Piazza. [People] ● James Blunt earned himself the attention of some 5,000 angry Polish Facebook users yesterday after posting a picture of himself in front of a building at Auschwitz with the caption, “Err this is my hotel in Poland.” They swarmed his page, calling him culturally insensitive. And then, things got personal: “You look even worse than the ‘hotel’ behind you. Your voice has always been one of the ugliest sounds in the world,” someone wrote. [HR] ● Roger Ebert apologized on his Chicago Sun Times blog for tweeting about Ryan Dunn’s death too soon, but he maintains that his message was well intended: “Friends don’t let jackasses drink and drive.” [Chicago Sun Times]

● Inking an eight-figure, three-year contract, Jon Hamm has confirmed at least three more seasons of Mad Men. Don’s got us. [Deadline] ● Paris Hilton was dissed in the Hamptons by a “hipster-looking hottie” (hanging, of course, by the deejay booth), who declined her invitation to talk. Is there an emoticon for “waning It-Girl”? [GateCrasher] ● Our heart skips a beat every time we read rumors of a Destiny’s Child reunion. [Page Six]

Morning Links: Bob Dylan to Perform at the Grammys, A New Strokes Song Is Released

● Bob Dylan will perform alongside Mumford & Sons and the Avett Brothers at this year’s Grammy Awards, reminding us that what’s old is new but there’s nothing new under the sun. Or something. [LAT] ● Pete Wentz was totally blindsided by Ashlee’s call to end things: while she was drawing up divorce papers last weekend, Wentz was busy in Dallas posing for pictures with fans atop livestock. [TMZ] ● Three-months after its release, Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday has climbed its way to the number one spot on the Billboard charts, the first female rap record to hit the top since Eve’s 1999 Let There Be Eve and the first non-debut album to do so since Ray Charles’ 2005 Genius Loves Company. [VV]

● After five years away, The Strokes have released the first single from the forthcoming Angles, “Under Cover of Darkness.” And it’s nice! So nice, eager down-loaders crashed the site where they are giving it away for free. Today, let’s all take a cigarette break and enjoy the way it used to be. [The Strokes] ● Drake’s just being honest when he says, “I am one of the best jews to ever do it!” Apologies go out to Adam Sandler, Albert Einstein and Jesus. [TMZ] ● Wait, Alanis Morissette look’s so happy in this picture with her husband, Souleye, and newborn son, Ever Imre. Life has a funny way… [People]

Afternoon Links: Miley Cyrus Repents, Julia Roberts Gets Evil

● Great news for fans of Ashlee Simpson divorces: After three years of marriage, Ashlee Simpson is parting ways with Pete Wentz. Expect custody battles and two very sub-par breakup albums. [LAT] ● Miley Cyrus opens up to Marie Claire about her infamous bong video. “It was a bad decision,” she said, not referring to her father’s haircut. [Marie Claire] ● This is fun. Victoria Beckham’s iPhone background is a topless picture of husband David Beckham, but what concerns us more is her disturbing lack of apps. It’s called Shazam, try it some time. [Gawker]

● Check out the first unofficial image of Leonardo Dicaprio in full G-men garb as the title character in Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar Hoover biopic. If you stare closely enough, we swear you can see a panty line. [Just Jared] ● Julia Roberts has officially been cast as the evil queen in Relativity’s Snow White remake, a surprise to everyone but Lyle Lovett. [EW] ● Alex Rodriguez got a call from his kids after seeing their father on national TV getting fed popcorn from, in their words, “da whore from Gangs of New York.” [PageSix]

Justin Bieber & the Top 5 Celebrity Boos

New York Knicks fans showed Justin Bieber their true colors last night, booing the 16-year-old pop star when his image graced Madison Square Garden’s JumboTron. For Bieber fans, it must have been a shocking, WTF moment. But for everyone else, it was solid, clean fun. Who doesn’t enjoy watching someone who’s used to the adulation of millions try and smile through the humiliation of a mass public rejection? We sure do, whether they deserve it or not. In fact, we love it so much that we’d like you to join us as we relive the five best instances of famous people facing the wrath of an anonymous crowd.

Sarah Palin gets booed at a Philadelphia Flyers game: Introduced as “The best-known hockey mom in the United States,” Palin was instantly showered with boos as she walked to center ice for the ceremonial puck drop. Palin getting booed by an East Coast crowd is no surprise, but Palin getting booed by a bunch of misogynist tow heads? Now that’s shocking.

Kanye West gets booed at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade: What makes this video so neat is its amateur-style authenticity. You really get a sense of the hatred being spewed at West, and when the crowd stars chanting “Taylor,” well, that’s the kind of creativity that even Kanye can appreciate.

Ashlee Simpson gets booed at the Orange Bowl: This performance all but ended the younger Simpson’s singing career, and you get the feeling that she knew it.

Hillary Clinton gets booed during a Primary debate: After Clinton scolds Obama for not taking responsibility for his votes, it’s hard to imagine the two of them working together in perfect harmony today. Then the boos kick in, and it becomes clear the crowd — and the country — would choose the irresponsible teenager over his overbearing mother any day.

Kathy Griffin gets booed by U.S. troops: Griffin loves to be hated, and boos are music to her ears, especially when it’s coming from the people who are defending her freedom. After making a joke about Bristol Palin’s weight, the comedian welcomes the crowd’s wrath, and like the devoted service men and women they are, they happily oblige.

Links: Kanye West Pro Homo, Tara Reid Engaged

● Kanye West can be blamed for a lot of things, but spreading homophobia in hip hop is not one of them. According to Fergie, West is “completely gay-friendly … he did a great thing for hip-hop and made it very mixed and open.” [MTV] ● Robert Pattinson is embarrassed about those Megan Fox dating rumors because the fake details of their date were so “cheesy.” [OK] ● Ashlee Simpson-Wentz is taking a page out of her sister’s handbook and starting a clothing line that will show off her “preppy and punk rock” style because she thinks she can “really succeed in fashion.” [DigitalSpy]

● We all know Eva Mendes is hot, and she certainly knows it, which is why she “turn[s] up the heat” when she needs to and uses her “sexuality” in her roles. [Foxnews] ● Tara Reid is engaged to a German billionaire? Going by that gigantic pink diamond on her ring finger, it looks like she and new boyfriend Michael Axtmann are getting hitched. [DailyTelegraph] ● Dane Cook wants to sink his comedic-acting claws into the Riddler for the third installment of the latter-day Batman movies; Cook adds he’d love to play the character “Heath Ledge”’ style — i.e. dark but funny. [MTV]

‘Melrose Place’ to ‘Chicago’: A Promising Move for Ashlee Simpson

As a rule of thumb, the words “promising” and “Ashlee Simpson” should never be situated within close proximity to one another. Unless it’s to form a sentence like “Ashlee Simpson is promising to leave showbiz and entering a convent.” That said, getting ejected off-screen could possibly be the lift that Simpson’s career requires. Especially if it means she’ll be tap dancing back to Murderess Row to reprise her role as Roxie Hart on Broadway’s Chicago. In fact, for a popstrel who has branded herself with tepid tunes and an unimpressive bit parts on-screen, the relative ease with which Simpson shines as the firecracker is surprising. Somewhere within her is a performer who could always easily transcend poor showmanship. But she was weighed down with substandard material. Sounds like another former pop star-turned-primo performer we all know and hold dear to our hearts.

This is all to say that Simpson probably needs to be choosier with roles that come her way. And considering the promotional material Melrose Place had to offer, the red flags couldn’t have been any clearer for her. Still, Simpson is uniquely charmed. Getting pink-slipped from that particular dungeon was the universe’s snarly way of saying, “Yo! Big Nose, shape up and know your worth.” And the universe couldn’t be more eloquent. Especially if it means Simpson may approach a proper performer at some point. But one day at a time.

Links: Gerard Butler Not Into Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian’s Hot Jasmine

● That report of Lindsay Lohan and Gerard Butler getting it on in Morocco was shot down by Lohan, and Butler is threatening legal action against the British papers who printed the story. [GossipCop] ● Where do you go after getting publicly fired from your show? Disneyland! Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and husband Pete Wentz took little Bronx to the happiest place on earth to lift her spirits. [PopSugar] ● Rihanna says of all the media attention she received after the Chris Brown incident: “I went to sleep as Rihanna and woke up as Britney Spears.” [USA]

● Now that pregnancy has sidelined Gisele Bündchen’s modeling career, she has plenty of time to get her pilot’s license; having completed the written test, she simply needs to complete her practical (in the air) test. [People] ● Halloween postmortem Fergie, dressed as Cleopatra, spent Halloween with Kylie Minogue, who dressed as a gothic circus performer; Kim Kardashian dressed up in a very adult Princess Jasmine costume. [JustJared, ICYDK] ● David Hasselhoff has reached out to Amy Winehouse’s papa Mitch to say he knows what it’s like to have your substance abuse problems broadcast all over the media, and it’s a “universal problem” and has “nothing to do with the music business.” [AccessHollywood]

Links: Heather Locklear vs. Ashlee Simpson, Rumer Willis as Lesbian

● Heather Locklear proves she’s still Queen B by getting Ashlee Simpson fired from the new Melrose Place. Evidently Locklear saw through her “wanna-be diva” ways, oh and “her lack of talent didn’t help” either. [PopCrunch] ● Jessica Simpson is looking for one of those intellectual boys because she can “bore out pretty easily.” [Us] ● You can’t say Nadya Suleman doesn’t have a sense of humor; the octo-mom dressed up as a pregnant nun accompanied by her octuplets dressed as little devils. [TheSun]

● Is Rumer Willis a lesbian? No, but she’ll play one on TV. The eldest Willis offspring is joining 90210 as a long-term love interest for Jessica Lowndes‘ character Adrianna. [JustJared] ● Tony Scott is attached to direct a film about Chippendales creator Steve Banerjee. [LatinoReview] ● Never one to miss a press-op, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt dressed up as Jon and Kate Gosselin for Halloween, clutching eight dolls as mock children. [Us]

Links: Ashlee Simpson Off ‘Melrose,’ Evangeline Lilly’s Literary Aspirations

● Ashlee Simpson and Colin Egglesfield’s Melrose Place storylines will be wrapped up by January, leaving them to pursue other soap operas. [EW] ● Lourdes Leon shows her vampire love by wearing a pair of fangs on a walk around London. [JustJared] ● Jodie Sweetin realized she was an alcoholic at 14 when she passed out drunk in a restroom at Full House costar Candace Cameron’s wedding back in 1994. [FoxNews]

● Trent Reznor has remixed his song “Zero-Sum” for a Fringe promo; Reznor was asked by producer J.J. Abrams himself and refused to take a fee for his work. Jeff Pinkner, Fringe’s sho runner, says the musician has an open invitation for a cameo on the show — although if he goes for it, “his head would probably end up exploding.” [EW] ● Evidently the Hollywood police are only looking to arrest entitled reality starlets for DUIs, as the cops gave Dennis Quaid a free pass — telling him to take a cab rather than drive home intoxicated from the restaurant Philippe. [CelebSlam] ● Evangeline Lilly plans to pursue writing when her hit show Lost goes off the air next year, but don’t expect her to write something like Lost. She says that “show is so beyond” her, and she couldn’t “fathom” writing a show like that. [DigitalSpy]