Morning Links: Lee Aronsohn Apologizes, ‘Idler Wheel’ Gets Release Date

Two and a Half Men creator Lee Aronsohn attempted to apologize via Twitter yesterday for his misogynistic comments about the over-saturation of women (and their menstrual cycles) on television. “Women, please look up ‘irony,’ ” he wrote at first, before deleting it for a more straightforward admittance that, "Yes, yes, it was a stupid joke." It might be a while longer before we get an apology for the show’s portrayal of women and general. [EW]

● Adele says that she’ll have a new single ready before the year is out, but that it will be at least another two years and "a little bit" of living before her next album is done. [Us]

● The remaining few details–track list, cover art, and release date–for Fiona Apple’s much-anticipated The Idler Wheel is wiser than the Driver of the Screw, and Whipping Cords will serve you more than Ropes will ever do have surfaced. [CoS]

● ASAP Rocky calls Lana Del Rey his "bitch" on their shockingly au courant collaboration, "Ridin’", off of Brooklyn production duo the KickDrums mixtape, which drops today. You could listen to this preview, or enjoy a blissfully ignorant last few moments with out it. [Stereogum]

● Tagg Romney, son of Mitt, is nonplussed by Mad Men‘s ribbing of his grandfather, George Romney, the governor of Michigan in 1966 when the episode was set. "Seriously, lib media mocking my dead grandpa?” he tweeted. "Dad is fair game, grandpa isn’t." [THR]

● A lucky British art collector picked up an original Andy Warhol–a pop-art portrait of crooner Rudy Vallee done by a 10-year-old Warhol–at a Las Vegas yard sale for just five dollars. Worth $2 million on the market, the man insists he doesn’t want to sell the "incredibly important work." “It redefines the work of one of the most famous artists of the last 100 years," he says. [NYP]

ASAP Rocky Brawls at SXSW

SXSW came to a close with a brawl at the ASAP Rocky show at the Vice Kills Texas party last night.  According to Spinner, someone in the crowd threw a beer can on stage, hitting one of his crew.  When the Harlem-based rapper tried to calm everyone down, a beer can was thrown at him, followed by another and another until the group jumped into the crowd and the whole thing got out of control.

The police arrived and the party was shut down with just one person injured with a bloodied head. Fuse reports: "Things devolved quickly, as nearly every member of Rocky’s crew rushed the crowd, starting a brawl that would end up in the back of the warehouse in seconds." 

Last year, the band got into a scuffle at the Fader Fort, fighting with the sound guy and flipping over drums.  This from a group who recently said, "We’re like the f—in’ twisted metal hop. Honestly, we’re rebels, but the attitude isn’t hardcore to the point of where we’re untamed boys, you just can’t deal with us." 



Afternoon Links: Kristen Stewart Is Balenciaga’s Newest Face, Katy Perry Goes Blue

● Kristen Stewart has been named the new face of Balenciaga’s newest perfume because, as the house’s head designer Nicolas Ghesquière says, "she shares the radical spirit of Balenciaga." By which he surely means to say, perma-pout or not, at least she’s vampire-blooded and sparkle-skinned now. [E!]

● Katy Perry’s much watched ‘do has gone from a happier-hearted pink to a mid-divorce blue. [Celebuzz]

● Olivia Munn takes off her fur, and everything else, in PETA’s newest "I’d rather go naked than wear fun" ad. [JustJared]

● The Beach Boys announced last month that they are reuniting for a 50th reunion tour, and today the news breaks that John Stamos will be right there on stage with them. Full house, indeed! [TMZ]

● Apparently there is a rare species of Australian horse fly with "unique dense golden hairs" on its abdomen that is named after Beyoncé. [RapFix]

Saturday Night Live‘s Stefon (or someone pretending to be him) is now reviewing New York’s hottest clubs and bars on Yelp. Oh, how fanfiction has changed! [NYO]

● Iggy Azalea has finally come clean about her relationship with mister Pretty Flacko, ASAP Rocky. But don’t expect much more from the pretty couple. "I think it would be kinda corny right now. Like, ‘Rocky and Iggy do a love duet!’" she says. [MTV]

Morning Links: ScarJo ‘Hackerazzi’ Arrested, Pitchfork’s New New York Festival

● The Florida man behind the Scarlett Johansson nude leaks has been arrested and charged with hacking into the emails of a slew of starlets. He faces up to 121 years in prison in convicted. Until someone else takes up his little “hackarazzi” project, Hollywood can rest easy. [NYP] ● Nicki Minaj faced her young-blooded competition on Ellen yesterday, where she preformed “Superbass” with eight-year-old YouTube star Sophia Grace. [Us] ● What’s up with New York rappers these days not sounding like New York rappers? “New York formalism…is a dying language,” says the New York Times‘ Jon Caramanica. Whereas New York was “once the universal donor [of style], it’s now the universal recipient.” Exhibit A: Harlem’s promethazine-sipping, Drake-approved ASAP Rocky. [NYT]

● Pitchfork is throwing a multi-day, multi-media festival that will showcase “the creativity, independence, innovation, and interactivity happening in the growing platforms of music, art, and gaming.” [P4K] ● Rashida Jones has “a million memories” of Michael Jackson — who she thinks is “definitely a little bit of an alien, for sure” — but her favorite was the time they drove around with water guns and attacked unsuspecting pedestrians. “They had no idea they’d just been supersoaked by the King of Pop,” she recalled. [Playboy] ● The Internet is mostly not known for good taste, but it’s shocking nonetheless that Kick-Ass is the seventh most pirated movie of all time. [Gawker] ● Oops! Betheny Frankel made give or take 90 million dollars less on her Skinny Girl Margaritas than she said she did last year. [Page Six]