Insta-Critic: Sea-Inspired Dressing at Armani

Giorgio Armani is committed to easy, classic tailoring. Closing out MFW today, he showed a daytime uniform of sorts, consisting of fluid trousers and gently-cropped jackets. What broke the tedium of tradition was the season’s ocean inspiration. A jacket in seaglass green and inky black borrowed its texture of fish scales, a shawl with fringe in marine blue fanned like sea spray behind a model as she walked. Even the brushstroke details that cropped up on handbags mimicked the fluidity of the fabrics. For evening, Armani things casual: pink dress + flat boots = ready for the ball.

Backstage at Giorgio Armani FW’15

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A jacket worth jumping for

Blue is the warmest color at @Armani. #GiorgioArmani #blue #mfw #fw15 #YutopiaFashionWeekDiary #lastday #floral #armani

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Marine details at Armani

The new pantsuit backstage

Llega la colección #FW15 de Giorgio @Armani, presentada hoy durante #MFW. #GiorgioArmani

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Black collar evening

Armani finale in pink! @armani #graziamfw #seenbygrazia #mfw

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Ballgowns and boots

Lessons from Milan: Dress for the Job You Want (No Job at All)

Dress for the job you want not the job you have. For those who want to skip work all together to hang on yachts, private jets, other *glam* forms of transportation, we have Milans fashion week. It’s v rich, v sexy, v fun. The Milan girl is a diva, but she is also high drama (like red bottoms and a bandage dress simply don’t have enough of a narrative for her). In my opinion the Milan girl is really smart in an unexpected way and I always go owff for her look. Let me elaborate on who the she is.

Emilio Pucci
The Pucci woman tried pot a couple times and it wasn’t her thing, but she’s not mad about it. Her husband, however, had a big stoner phase in college and is still known to have an occasional puff. With the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, the couple relocated to Aspen where he is now making their millions in the marijuana industry. As for his wife, she’s the vice president of the company and she’s spending her cut of the profits on Pucci.

Giorgio Armani
Okay so she LOVES The Great Gatsby. The movie, not the book. That’s about it.

Roberto Cavalli 
Her boyfriend’s in a band, he plays guitar while she sings Lou Reed. His band has a lot of radio popularity, but isn’t very good. He probably sings that “Why you gotta be so rude?” song. Nonetheless she insists he is a rockstar and strives to be the Bianca to his Mick.

She is kind of like the Cavalli girl except it is all about EDM instead of rock ‘n’ roll. She doesn’t want any of your molly, but she’s backstage at the rave puffing on an e-cig and taking selfies. She looks great.

The Milan girl, she’s so cool.

Rihanna to Design Lingerie and Denim for Armani

Like every good pop star looking to expand her business empire, Rihanna has tapped an established designer label with an accessible price point to produce her first fashion line. As the face of both Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans, the 23-year-old singer will team up with both Giorgio Armani sub-labels on a capsule collection that features t-shirts, biker jackets, denim, and lace lingerie–you know, the essentials.

See more sketch and product images of the range, which is set to drop this month, here. Save for a colorful bandana belt, we were surprised to see that RiRi’s first line doesn’t include a lick of neon. The lingerie, although cute, is certainly not S&M-worthy, and the biker jacket is nothing we haven’t seen before. We’ll just assume that this is a very watered down version of the singer’s more out-of-the-box vision for the line.

Today In Unusual Fragrance News: Smell Like Pizza, Will Oldham

With the holiday shopping season still in a frenzied state (Chanukah starts this weekend!), many companies are trying to launch those last-minute new products for the individual of particular or discriminating taste. Fragrances are usually a rather popular gift—that is, when they’re a normal floral or musky or refreshing and ocean-esque scent. But some people want a more, er, distinctive aroma about them. And for when no mere Acqua di Gio or Marc will cut it, there’s Pizza Hut perfume.

You heard me. Pizza Hut perfume. What started as ad agency Grip Limited making a joke on Pizza Hut Canada’s Facebook page became an actual thing that someone made. Turns out, some people legitimately wanted a real fragrance you can spray on your body or dab behind your ears that makes you smell like a pizza box just opening, with all those sweet, doughy aromas mingling before the first slice is devoured. The company made 100 limited-edition bottles of the stuff, which went quickly, so you won’t be able to pick one up for your pizza-obsessed someone this time around. But hey, maybe they’ll make more next year.

IF smelling like a greasy mélange of dough and cheese doesn’t sound like your jam, Will Oldham of Bonnie “Prince” Billy has a more, er, refined new scent on the market. The unisex Bonnie Billy will set you back $220 and apparently does not smell like whiskey and sadness and dive bar, but according to blogger Diane Pernet, who knows more about fragrances than most people, Bonnie Billy contains some of the oldest known scents in the art of perfume-making, including “the scent of the Agarwood tree” as well as “Egyptian jasmine, French mimosa and the rare, exotic oils of Mukhallat and kewda.” So, you know, no pizza. 

Armani’s New Couture Line Perfect for 2011 Space Travel

In a marked departure from Giorgio Armani’s career-length homage to neutral colors, clean lines, and elegant symmetry, the latest couture collection from Armani Privé is more suited for a high-fashion Jane Jetson. Leaving no space-age fabric behind, Armani crafted unconventional silhouettes with metallic silks, reflective organza, and metal mesh–materials you’d be hard pressed to find in any previous Armani collection, ever.

The looks were largely monochromatic, with knee length dresses over leggings, topped by metal hats resembling various shapes of flying saucers or mesh fencing veils. Many of the floor-length gowns feature a waist-level cut-out, exposing a jolt of complementing or contrasting color–a similar look to the surrealist Viktor & Rolf gowns from last winter.

Expected to appear at the show’s close in a space suit and helmet, Armani attributed the line’s inspiration to an unusual piece of jewelry he found in Milan, as evidenced by the show’s backdrop: giant faceted gemstones in the same jewel tones seen throughout the line. While Armani’s latest might not be terribly wearable, we appreciate his devotion to a cohesive theme, and if we ever complete a mission to Mars, we know exactly where we’ll be shopping for the trip.

Fashion Gallery: Milan’s Tattooed Love Boys

Lock up your daughters: Inked, but sharly attired, a band of sartorial punks inject the mean streets of Milan with edge. Photography by Pieter Henket. Styling by Chris Benns. See full gallery.

Victoria Beckham Disrobes for Armani, Katie Holmes Poses for Miuccia

It’s a big day in fashion advertising as images from both Armani’s campaign starring Victoria Beckham and Miu Miu’s campaign starring Katie Holmes have surfaced. While the images themselves aren’t especially shockworthy, the striking similarities between the two are decidedly bizarre.

Pictured sitting upright on a suggestively unmade bed, clothed solely in a black bra and panties, as well as outstretched on the floor, Beckham exudes pure sexuality (ironically in the same vein as her husband’s underwear ads for the same brand). Shot by fashion photog royalty Mert & Marcus, the images of Beckham likewise call to mind a Hitchcock heroine (specifically, Janet Leigh in the opening scene of Psycho). And, while Katie Holmes’ spread for Miu Miu, likewise shot by Mert & Marcus, is significantly more demure — i.e. she’s fully clothed in a pleated, gold silk dress — one could easily mistake her for Beckham, and vice versa.


In fact, the makeup and hairstyling is nearly identical in each of the images. Both Beckham and Holmes seem to channel a young Elizabeth Taylor — their short, dark coifs slicked back, accentuated by thick, cat-like kohl-lined eyes (though in the case of the latter, Mert & Marcus explained they were inspired by Fellini). Regardless, this combined with the ever-present rumors of the BFFs doing everything together (from dieting to designing denim lines) is simply strange. If only Holmes would follow Beckham’s lead by signing on for a reality TV show, Suri in tow … that is definitely a doppelganger move I could get behind.