Is It a Richard Prince or Not? Who Knows?

Richard Prince

When others’ Instagram images get sold for $90,000 a pop, people get really angry.

You’ve already heard about the recent controversies surrounding the Instagram images others have shot that have now been appropriated by renowned artist Richard Prince. “But those were MY photos!” screamed the Suicide Girls. So, where does this leave us Instagrammers? As what Richard Prince’s work typically does, it divided people’s opinions and raised a few eyebrows regarding the ethics of appropriating or stealing, whichever you prefer, for the sake of art and the copyright laws regarding our social sharing. I’m not going to go into my own opinion as I had written about it back when “New Portraits” premiered at the Gagosian Gallery but, while I’m at it, I present to you some images that may or may not be indeed one of Richard Prince’s works because by this point you’ve probably familiarized yourself with some of them. Or maybe you haven’t? What is mine? What is yours? What is his? Like, what is this? What is life?

Isn’t it so much fun to appropriate?

Richard Prince

Richard PrinceRichard PrinceRichard Prince