The Best Summer Party Not on a Beach

Last night, De Mikele by Luzzo’s felt more like a swank club than an Italian restaurant as DJ Dove spun vintage Italian beats mixed with bright, summery pop songs. While he provided the music the cooks at Luzzo’s churned out plates of hot, crisp pizzas and piles of fresh salads, meats, and cheese. To drink, the Italian aperitif Aperol took the reigns and passed out refreshing cocktails made with the orange spirit and prosecco, as well as jazzy orange sunglasses, shirts, and glow sticks. The space filled with the European set, leggy models, and tan guys in crisp white T-shirts. It was 7pm on a Tuesday, and the party had just started.

The best part is that this party, dubbed Sapore di Sale, continues for the next month. This summer aperitivo party at  Da Mikele officially starts on July 31 and continues every Tuesday from 6 to 10pm until August 28. And, it’s absolutely free. Each week the team at Luzzo’s prepares the traditional—and frankly fantastic—aperitivos to pair with a liquor sponsor, which include Moretti, Averna, and Campari, among others. They will have various DJs too, and, while I can’t promise a bevy of chic Europeans and models will be lounging about and mugging for the photo booth, I wouldn’t be surprised if they become a staple. Really, you have no reason not to be there.