A Pivotal Scene From ‘Annie Hall,’ Rendered In Eggs

You know, it’s a Tuesday that feels like a Monday. We’re all coming back from a three-day weekend, burned out on Netflix or hungover or too full of nitrates from all the Memorial Day weekend BBQ meats. We’re not quite ready for the week yet. So let’s ease into it all with Woody Allen rendered into the unlikeliest of media: hard-boiled eggs.

In a new video from Australian YouTube user occi2907, Melbourne-based illustrator Anita Apostolidis recreates the iconic balcony scene from Annie Hall with Allen and Diane Keaton rendered in ink on brown eggs, an interpretation both cartoonish and faithful, and the video includes the subtitles, of course. Perhaps the eggs are an homage to the joke Allen tells at the end of the film, needing to get rid of a chicken but also needing the eggs, but that’s probably reading a little too much into it. Watch the whole thing below. 


[via Heeb]