Johnny Depp is the Newest Addition to The Wes Anderson Players

Upon seeing the news this morning about a new Wes Anderson film titled The Grand Budapest Hotel and starring Johnny Depp, I immediately assumed someone was making a joke about Anderson and Depp’s recent work seeming tired or repetitive, wrapped in an allusion to the early-bird-special comedy, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. But it seems I was wrong! After Moonrise Kingdom brought in $40 million at the box office with its whimsical meditation on love and youth, the sartorially minded auteur is already gearing up for his next project—and everyone seems to be abuzz with anticipation.

There has yet to be much revealed about the film, save the fact that it will be set in Europe and stray from the “family-friendly,” nature of his recent work. Scott Rudin, who has worked with Anderson since the Tenenbaum days, will come onboard as a producer as the list of possible actors grows from his usual favorites like Bill Murray and Owen Wilson to Willem Dafoe and Angela Lansbury.

And as for Johnny Depp, it will be a relief to see him take on something new, even if it means hopping in the arms of a new auteur. Not to say his work hasn’t been good over the past few years, but it will be nice to see him take on something challenging (not like, say, The Tourist). Wes Anderson’s films speak their own cinematic language, and it’ll be interesting is to see how Depp, someone so honed in his own personal style, adapts to that world.