In Their Own Words: Four Entrepreneurs’ Favorite Apps

What do a dominatrix, two celebrity chefs, and a fitness founder have in common? Not much. So we brought them all together under one umbrella question: “What is your favorite app?”And like most things that can fit inside your phone and purse, these apps give great insight into who these stop-at-nothing entrepreneurs are. It’s like hacking into someone’s cellphone, but with descriptive consent. Here are these four visionaries’ favorite apps, in their own words.

Aarón Sanchez
Aarón Sanchez is the co-star of two Food Network series (Chopped and Heat Seekers), and the culinary visionary behind NYC’s taqueria Tacombi, Kansas City’s Mestizo, and Crossroads restaurant at House of Blues nationwide. Sanchez was recently a guest chef at the White House and received the “National Award” at the Flavors of Passion Awards, honoring the nation’s best Latin chefs.

"Since my wife, a pro musician, and I are constantly on the road, we like to use SongKick to find which of our favorite bands are playing in the cities we travel to. It’s also a great way to track lesser-known artists who may not have the reach of bigger acts. It’s brilliant.”

Brynn Jinnett
Brynn Jinnett is a former dancer with the New York City Ballet and the founder of Refine Method, a chain of boutique circuit training studios in NYC, whose clients have included Ivanka Trump and Kelly Ripa. Rooted in the latest research in exercise science, Refine exercises your body by using its own weight – pairing squats, kicks, and pushes with its own unique pulley system and high-intensity cardio. Since opening in 2010, Jinnett’s Method has exploded, expanding to three locations across NYC.

“My favorite app is MindBody Biz Mode [FREE], which allows me to schedule clients on my iPhone. With our third location opening this month on the Upper West Side, it’s great to be able to manage multiple locations while on the go!”

Hung Huynh
As the executive chef of NYC’s Catch seafood restaurant in Meatpacking and third season-winner of Top Chef, Hung Huynh is joining with EMM Group again to open the second outpost of Catch in South Beach, inside the James Royal Palm on Collins Avenue.

“My favorite app, Seafood Watch [FREE], keeps me up-to-date with current and fresh fish from the area’s nearby restaurants and stores, inspires new ideas, and educates me on the importance of sustainable seafood.”

Nina Payne
Nina Payne is the founder and president of Domi Dollz, a company of professional dominatrixes who bring kink out of the dungeon and into the mainstream with their New York-based workshops and educational performances. This month, the Dollz are launching their first eBook titled Kinky Amour; with personal stories and kinky tips from Payne and company, as well as video tutorials and photographs, the Dollz’ teachings will be downloadable and available worldwide.

“The Domi Dollz love the Dirty Game – Truth or Dare app [FREE]: it’s a huge collection of very naughty and wild truth or dares. It’s such fun to revisit the game we played as teenagers, bring the app to parties, and spice things up.” 

NY Navigation Made Easy With New NYC Around Town App

In the tech world, specificity is everything; tweets can now be emailed, Instagram galleries are finally online, and according to your sidebar advertisements, Facebook knows you’re freaking out that you might be pregnant. So why stop there? Say hello to the NYC Around Town app, launched by ACE, a 20-year-old non-profit that helps the homeless find employment and support networks.

Unlike most navigation apps that cover multiple cities and take two-and-a-half minutes to fully load on your phone, NYC Around Town hones in on strictly New York, navigating you in a jiffy. Its focus: helping you discover the best shops, restaurants, and hotels in heavily-trodden neighborhoods like Soho, NoHo, the West Village, Midtown, Tribeca, and areas of the Bronx, all thanks to that handy guy named GPS. Plus, it gives you specific reviews and information on the place, making it easy to call, book a reservation, and share via Facebook and Twitter – instantly. And we love instant. We also love free. Which it is. Hot damn, that’s even better.

Download the NYC Around Town app on your iPhone or Android here

Droid Rage: The Best Android Apps to Download this Month

EpicMix [Free]
It’s mighty hard to become a real king of the mountain without a social media app to sing your praises. So you can understand our relief when we discovered this modern marvel from the folks at Vail Resorts. Yes, it supplies you with maps, weather updates, road conditions, even live webcam shots from all five of Vail’s resorts, but the big plus is that it lets you locate your pals on the slopes and show them just how many vertical feet you’ve shredded. Better yet, check in at the top of the hill and earn badges as you descend. Second place is first loser.

Stardunk [Free]
How do you top a hyperaddictive multiplayer online basketball game? You create a hyper-addictive multiplayer online basketball game beyond the Earth-bound reach of LeBron James, of course. Like Space Jam without the cartoon bunny, Stardunk trades the hard court for zero gravity. The concept is simple: Shoot the ball into the basket before time runs out. Thanks to the crisp, intergalactic graphics and international leaderboard (4 million downloads and counting), this just became the surest way to kill an hour or three.
Retro Camera [Free]
Nothing screams now like a smartphone picture funneled through a vintage filter. With the latest entry in the virtual photography arsenal, you can choose from five different "cameras" the pinhole among them.and doctor your pics using film scratch, sepia tones, black and white processing, and other retro techniques. Just imagine how much cooler your best friend.s baby shower will look set in the 1940s.
Intrepid internet explorers are no doubt familiar with the craggly visage and insidious smile of the teary-eyed Forever Alone face. A product of the Rage comic meme launched on the notorious message board 4chan, it spread far and wide in 2010. With this new widget, the Forever Alone face will make itself at home on your phone’s dashboard, smiling brightly whenever you get a text. And while you’re waiting for said text? Well, the little guy will be more than happy to remind you that it’s Friday night and you’re at home watching Franklin & Bash in your underpants.
Goodfellas Pro [Free]
To all those bull-headed gavones who insist The Godfather is the greatest of all mob movies, we offer this mobile soundboard with 36 quotes from Martin Scorsese’s genre classic Goodfellas. Remember Joe Pesci’s timeless "How am I funny?" monologue? Of course you do. The film, based on the real-life story of mobster-turned-FBI informant Henry Hill, is famous for its firecracker dialogue. So go ahead. Push a button—say, "Bang this broad" or "Fuck him in the ear"—and wait for the line to come back to you in that distinct wiseguy cadence. It’s like having Pesci in your pocket.
Post Secret$1.99
It’s been almost a decade since the PostSecret community established itself as the preeminent place to display those skeletons dragged out from your closet. Now Android has wisely welcomed the irreverent, sometimes shocking website onto its platform, giving blabbermouths 140 characters in which to share their hush-hush revelations. Pair them with a photo and—voilà!—you’ve got yourself a nifty postcard from the land of oversharing. What a load off your chest. To encourage even more scaring er, sharing, feel free to “heart” the ones you like best.

Droid Rage: Our Favorite Android Apps for April

This American Life [$2.99] Want to know what babysitters actually do while mom and dad are out enjoying date night? Interested in hearing about the drunken misbehavior at America’s biggest party schools? We are, and so is Ira Glass, the host of This American Life, an hour-long weekly radio show produced by Chicago Public Radio. Enjoy hours and hours of Glass’ unmistakable voice with 400-plus archived shows and myriad video extras. Read blog updates and view staff favorites while creating your own personal playlists. Search everyone from David Sedaris to Joss Whedon to find the show’s most irreverent programs. (Recommended: “Enemies,” which centers on two childhood friends who became sworn nemeses after a rumor surfaced that they’d been knocking boots.)

Galaxy Tarot Pro [$5.15] Thank your lucky stars: Galaxy Tarot Pro now makes awkward trips to Madame Durga’s house obsolete. The app provides precognition enthusiasts with a full deck of mid-15th– century cards to navigate their mental and spiritual geography. Opt for a full reading or choose a single card from the deck. Need to brush up on your tarot-reading skills? The tarot dictionary can help you figure out if you’re on the verge of meeting your true love or seconds away from an untimely demise. Either way, the whole thing’s a real (crystal) ball!

Turner Classic Movies [$2.99] Whether you’re a seasoned cineaste or a budding film buff, Turner Classic Movies will satisfy all of your vintage celluloid dreams. The app is an optimized version of the TCM database, with synopses, trivia, and credit info on hundreds of big-screen talkies. Enjoy film clips and behind-the-scenes commentary from actors and filmmakers—many of them with one foot in the grave—and peruse TCM’s photo gallery for original production stills and promotional shots courtesy of the channel your grandparents just won’t quit.

Team Coco [Free] A wise man once said, “This week, Disney opened its first-ever theme park in China. More than 10,000 children showed up on opening day, and that was just to make the T-shirts.” That same wise-ass now has an app! With Team Coco, view Conan O’Brien’s most recent episodes—including monologues, behind-the-scenes footage, guest appearances, and photographs of the universally adored ginger.

Pocket Yoga [$2.99] Beach season is just around the corner, but who has time to treadmill from flab to fab? Your workout just got a whole lot easier with Pocket Yoga, which has everything you need to build strength, endurance, and long, lean muscle definition from the comfort of your home. It’s like having a personal trainer in your living room, without the pressure (or weird grunting noises) of crowded studios. Pace yourself with three different styles, levels, and durations, all equipped with visual guides for optimal results. Of course, your third eye will be so focused you won’t need it.

Dream Journal [$.99] They say that if you document your dreams every night, you can train yourself to have lucid—or, more likely, lurid—dreams in no time. With Dream Journal, sheep counters can record their nocturnal adventures and revelations in a mnemonic diary. Explore exactly what’s lurking in your subconscious and decipher what your dreams really mean, or what dreams may come.

B*nksy Style [$3.14] At this year’s Oscars, Justin Timberlake joked that he was Banksy, the elusive street artist who might actually be James Franco. The former ’N Sync frontman, however, is obviously not, as was proven by the collective groan inside Kodak Theatre that night. Even though his identity remains a secret, Banksy and his oeuvre are now available to you wherever you go. From the streets of London to the fuzzy interior of your coat pocket, get the infamous artist’s best work on demand.

Droid Rage: The Best Android Apps to Download This Month

PARALLEL KINGDOM [Free] This role-playing game, admittedly for total nerds, doesn’t just drop players into a wholly fictional world; it enhances real life by using your location on Google Maps and overlaying your environment with special challenges. Parallel Kingdom, for example, reveals hideous creatures lurking on a street corner, or mythical beasts standing in front of your local bodega. Battle it out with a host of characters in real time while talking to—and hunting down—other players. Trade resources with allies in this parallel world, and then stake out land to found your own kingdom on this invisible plane of existence in your own city. Reality bites, so escape into this enhanced one.

BRAINWAVE TUNER [Free] Do you have undiagnosed Attention Deficit Disorder? Use BrainWave Tuner to control your mind, settle down, and focus on the task at hand. The (somewhat terrifying) concept is one part subliminal message and one part Mozart, enhancing your state of mind by generating beats that direct your brainwaves towards your mood of choice. Choose from over 19 preset sound patterns, including headache therapy, self-hypnosis, and sleep induction. With its well-designed and easy-to-use interface, you needn’t waste any more time feeling unbalanced.

PSYCHO [Free] Of all the iconic scenes in pop culture history, the shower sequence in Psycho stands out as a masterpiece of cinematic terror. Thanks to the magic of modern technology, we no longer have to imagine what it feels like to wreak such violence on our enemies. An eerie soundboard plays the sinister music from the Hitchcock classic, while the app transforms your phone into a butcher’s knife. Just touch the screen to enable the blood effects, and allow yourself to go all Norman Bates on an innocent bystander. Go ahead, take a stab at it.

PORTABLE ART [Free] The editors of The Dirt Floor, an online magazine devoted to underground, contemporary art, insist, “We have no direction, motivation other than a cursed reflex to purge our anonymous mental overflows in a public forum and then run away from it and hide behind our cloak of digital anonymity.” Right. As such, they’ve created an app, which features articles and images centered on aesthetic appreciation in its many forms—from artist interviews and new stories (a recent headline reads, “Banksy Partnership with Wal Mart”), to pictures of street art from around the world. Peruse while, well, exiting through the gift shop. SNESOID LITE [Free] At the nexus of cult and current lies Super Nintendo, and this app recalls the absolute awesomeness of the gaming system that only accepted cartridges labeled Street Fighter Turbo and Super Mario Brothers. Play all three versions of Mario and Donkey Kong, as well as classics like Contra, Yoshi’s Island, and Zelda. It’s the grown-up, cartridge-less, cordless Super Nintendo you always wanted as a kid.

GOOGLE GOGGLES [Free] Your smart phone is sometimes much smarter than you are. This app is a living Google search engine that utilizes the Droid’s camera to scan your surroundings and offer search results related to whatever object it focuses on. If you’re too lazy to type, but want to know more about a DVD before buying, take a picture and find reviews, plot synopses, and virtually any other relevant information about the movie. Goggles can act as a personal tour guide if you’re in a foreign city and need to navigate between recognizable landmarks. It’s all but omniscient, taking artificial intelligence into that creepy realm we always knew it could go.

PLUME [Free] Become a functioning social media addict with the Plume app for your Droid. It’s a Twitter client that’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is efficient, allowing you to use multiple twitter accounts with color-coded separation, so you can stay up to date on the Twitterverse around you. Originally named “Touiteur,” which, when said aloud, sounds like “Twitter,” the app had to change its name for infringing on the original social media source. With an app this clean and user-friendly, we can see why Twitter had their panties in a bunch.