When a Russian Billionaire’s Yacht Met Philippe Starck…

The Wall Street Journal scores an exclusive look inside the seldom-seen exterior of a Russian billionaire’s mega-yacht. The boat is called “A” and it’s owned by Andrey Melnichenko, a guy who has made a ton of money in fertilizer. We’ve watched plenty an episode of Cribs, but this boat is whole new level of ridiculous.

To begin, the 394-foot vessel is designed by Philippe Starck, and its exterior lines conjure a military ship, but in shiny white, more than they do your average mega-yacht. Apparently, this has been very controversial in the yachting world.

Inside, there are lots of mirror and crystal things — classic Starck. Yeah, we’ve been to the Delano Hotel in Miami, we get it. The master bedroom has a sliding door that can only be opened via a fingerprint touchpad, and there’s a bathroom with $40,000 shower faucets.

Our favorite might be the guest room covered in white sting ray hides. Also, there’s a secret nookie room — how clever! The yacht boast three pools, including a special massage pool with “his and her” chairs for your young Russian model and you. There’s also a helipad, of course, and a special grassy area planted for the owner’s dog.