James Franco Daily Update: Now Directing and Starring in James Ellroy’s ‘American Tabloid’

James Franco does not stop. And would we want him to? No. Yes, fresh off premiering his two films, Kink and Interior. Leather Bar. at Sundance, signing on to star in the Jay Sebring biopic Beautiful People, and writing poems for President Obama, the master of multi-tasking has found a new project to keep him from sleeping at night. As if his plan to adapt William Faulkner’s classic, As I Lay Dying wasn’t enough, Franco is now planning on directing and starring in a cinematic take on James Ellroy’s novel, American Tabloid. According to the man himself, "It’s not all put together yet. It’s still early." 

American Tabloid, which takes place between 1958 and 1963, tells the story of law enforcement officers Pete Bondurant, Kemper Boyd, and Ward Littell, who slowly get entangled with the CIA FBI, and the mafia, which winds up with their involvement in the JFK assassination. Written in 1995, there have been a number of other iterations of the works from Bruce Willis to Tom Hanks, but perhaps Franco is just the man to see the job through. These days it seems there’s nothing he won’t tackle and personally, I’m fully behind his ferocious pursuit to bite off all that he can chew.

Check out Franco talking about his upcoming projects and further word on American Tabloid.