Morning Links: Gil Scott-Heron Passes Away, Amber Rose Calls Out “Vibe”

● Writer, poet, musician, and reluctant godfather of rap Gil Scott-Heron passed away on Friday at age 62. New York, perhaps, finally got him. [NYT] ● Sean Kingston was hospitalized and is in critical condition after almost self-parodically running a jet ski into a Miami bridge. There was a woman on the back. [DListed] ● Snooki was taken into custody after crashing into the Florence police cruiser provided to the Shore kids as an escort, “sandwiching her vehicle between the highway wall and the police cruiser.” [People]

● After making a name for herself by over-sharing stories about her rap-star lifestyle, Amber Rose seems to be clamming up. “F##K that Cover F##K @VibeMagazine yall wrote a bunch of negative bullshit that I never said or did,” she tweeted, contesting an interview in Vibe‘s “Sexy Issue,” wherein she says Kanye called her “iconic.” “Yall don’t give a fuck that I have a Mom & Family thats gonna read that fake ass shit,” she said. [PopEater] ● All that time with pigeons and family has gotten to Mike Tyson, who’s now renouncing the ear-nibbling Mike Tyson of old. “I don’t know,” he told CBS. “That’s a very scary guy by me. If this guy here was next to that guy, I would be uncomfortable.” [CBS] ● Courtney Love has been court ordered to hand over the $35 thousand she owed to her two former maids, Miriam and, uh, Myriam. [TMZ]

Jennifer Aniston Buys Dog House for $5 Million, Amber Rose Says Wiz Khalifa Better BF Than Kanye

● Lindsay’s latest court caper racked up a $135,000 price tag. That’d be $132,500 more than the necklace she stole. [Radar] ● Jennifer Aniston bought a $4.95 million penthouse in the West Village in the name of her depressed dog, Norman. Hopefully they can both find happiness there. [NYP] ● Ivana Trump doesn’t seem sure about her ex-husband’s proposed presidential run. “It would be terrible for us if he ran. It would be a disaster,” she reportedly said. [GateCrasher/NYDN]

● Amber Rose wants to clear things up: “You know when people say how do you go from Kanye to Wiz Khalifa, that’s a downgrade. But the only question I can ask them is: have you ever dated Kanye? Because I have, and believe me, I did not downgrade at all. Not in any aspect, at all.” Get it, girl. [King] ● Along with kale and mint, Gwyneth Paltrow is growing salvia. Not that kind of salvia. Just plain, non-hallucenagenic salvia officinalis, aka: sage. [GossipCop] ● Beyoncé has named her next album 4. Just 4. Because it’s her fourth album. But also because, “We all have special numbers in our lives, and four is that for me.” Special like her birthday (September 4), like her mother’s birthday (January 4), and like her wedding date (April 4). [Billboard]

Did Wiz Khalifa Really Get a Tattoo of Amber Rose’s Name?

According to photographic evidence, the answer appears to be yes. There are also reports that Wiz wants to put a ring on it, but let’s ignore premature rumors for now and focus on the issue at, well, hand. Our favorite stoner rapper (sorry, Cudi) and Kanye West’s ex-girlfriend have already made their new relationship quite public, but apparently Wiz wanted to make it super official by tattooing “Amb” across his thumb.

Sure, it’s not an ice-cream face tattoo, a Facebook “Like” tattoo, or a full-frontal tattoo of your ex-wife, but still: We advise against it. The good news, however, is that when you’re already covered in tattoos from head to toe, a three letter monogram is barely distinguishable should you happen to break up.

Fun fact: Wiz also has his own name tattooed on his body!


Links: Amber Rose and Reggie Bush Score, Hot Dog Eating Champ Starved in Jail

● Kanye West’s ex Amber Rose has been spotted with NFL star and Kim Kardashian ex Reggie Bush, completing the dreaded Celeb Square and opening the gates of Hell. [NYDN] ● George Michael smashed his car into a London store, but was not given a breathalyzer test, demonstrating the continuing perks of having written “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.” [PopEater] ● Jersey Shore‘s The Situation “expects to be a millionaire by the end of 2010” thanks in part to his new vitamin supplement, which may or may not kill brain cells. [Page Six]

● Though he didn’t compete in this year’s contest, former hot dog eating champ Takeru Kobayashi did rush the stage and get arrested. About jail, he said, “I am very hungry. I wish there were hot dogs in jail.” [Daily Intel] ● Photos of Lindsay’s dad Michael Lohan and Tiger Woods’s old flame Rachel Uchitel only give us a peek into what was certainly a monumental meeting of the minds. [TMZ] ● If you didn’t get enough national pride over the holiday weekend, try Great Moments in American History with Robert Pattinson. [Celebuzz]

Your Fake Fur Could Be Dog; Kanye & Amber Opt for Real Thing

Hold onto your faux fur hats. Apparently you might actually be wearing dog… or, more specifically, raccoon dog. Yes, it’s disgusting. And, obviously not true for all faux fur garments. But, according to an article in the San Francisco Gate, “you wouldn’t know it by looking at the label, however, because federal law only requires clothing manufacturers to disclose the inclusion of fur on a clothing item if its value is more than $150.” The loophole in legislation has allowed for hybrid rodent/dog furs to find their way into the mainstream but San Francisco Assemblywoman Fiona Ma is trying to change that by pushing for a bill that would require any real fur garment to be conspicuously labeled. (Five other states, including New York, have already passed similar legislation.)

Meanwhile, over in Paris at men’s wear and now haute couture fashion week, Kanye and his Lycra-loving front row mate Amber Rose have been seen making the rounds in the real thing. The duo showed up at Louis Vuitton’s men’s show in matching, floor-length fur jackets. Then came Rose’s veritable fashion faux-pas when she appeared at a subsequent show wearing a fur Louis Vuitton fanny pack around her waist. The jury may be forever out on whether or not fur is fashionable. Fur fanny packs, on the other hand, definitely don’t warrant a pass.

Links: Miley Cyrus + Robert Pattinson, Amber Rose Pregs?

● Now that Star magazine won’t have her, Kate Major (a.k.a. Kate 2.0) has run to E! to tell us she was deceived by Jon Gosselin, saying he planned to be with her, not Hailey Glassman. [E!] ● Jeremy Piven once again proves he can’t take a joke by getting into a fight with Chris Kattan (yes, Mango) over the former’s sushi-mercury poisoning thing. [Gatecrasher] ● Miley Cyrus has jumped onto the Robert Pattinson bandwagon, admitting she now sees his appeal after meeting him at the Teen Choice Awards. [Examiner]

● Ed Westwick got into a fight with his Covenant costar Toby Hemingway; however, the fight occurred at J.C. Chasez’s birthday party, so it hardly counts. [JustJared] ● Rumor has it Kanye West’s girl Amber Rose is pregnant with the self-proclaimed new King of Pop’s baby; guess she’s got him for 18 years. [GlobalGrind] ● Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are back on, but this time it may last for more than ten minutes, as Lilo doesn’t cling to Sam in the DJ booth anymore. [Star]

Kanye West Would Like to Date a Sugababe

Still smarting from the way Amber Rose chose to rub salt in the wound of their maybe-split (with Chris Brown! Really, Amber?), noted rapper and sunglasses-wearer Kanye West has made public his romantic interest in one-third of British pop band Sugababes. Namely, member Amelle Berrabah, who also finds herself on the rebound. Incidentally, Berrabah’s had another dazzling dabble in hip-hop recently, which probably makes West even more lovelorn.

An onlooker who could be one of two former band members confides, “Kanye adores Amelle and helped her when she was in Hollywood with the other Sugababes recently — he set up a few meetings with music execs for her. She sees him as an older brother figure, not a potential boyfriend but he has joked that things could be different if she wanted.” Although West has had a thing for Berrabah since she had her assistant rebuff his advances about three years ago.

But then again, this entire thing could just be one of those happy twists of fate, conveniently sewn into pop culture DNA last minute to help spur publicity. Which would make enormous sense as the ‘Babes premiered their new, “American-sounding” single in the UK yesterday. And a little hip-hop love here always goes a long way with towards courting favor with American music-buyers.

Links: Heidi Montag Gets Out of There, Emma Watson Looking for Trouble

● New Couple Alert: Evan Rachel Wood has dropped Marilyn Manson for Shane West. The newly minted couple was seen leaving Hollywood club Bardot holding hands. [JustJared] ● Heidi Montag is out of I’m a Celebrity… for reals this time; she was taken to a Costa Rican hospital Saturday, and her sister Holly Montag will take her place on the reality show. [Radar] ● Stephen Colbert proved he’s awesome by making a surprise cameo in a high school principal’s commencement speech taped where the principal is currently deployed in Iraq. [Youtube]

● Emma Watson is eager to dump her nice-girl Hermione image for something a little racier, especially after Harry Potter producers told her to tone down her editorial for W magazine. [DailyMail] ● Amber Rose is hoping to use her power as girlfriend to Kanye West to benefit others … somehow. [GlobalGrind] ● As Michael Jackson prepares for his 50-night comeback tour in London, his handlers would like to turn his UK residence into a replica of his former home, Neverland Ranch, to make him more comfortable. [TheSun]

Amber Rose Disrobes for Kanye West x Louis Vuitton

For the last year, it seems that all Kanye West could talk about was his sartorial aspirations. The rapper famously bragged about his interest in interning for a major designer (specifically Marc or Raf), not to mention he and his arm candy-of-choice Amber Rose were spotted making the rounds at Fashion Week FW09 presentations from New York to Paris. While the mogul has yet to launch his own high-fashion line, photos of Mr. West’s recent collaboration with Louis Vuitton — a line of monochrome, leather, and suede sneakers — are finally here. And one image in particular features quite a bit of Amber’s flesh.

Kanye’s been sporting the kicks since January. But for the rest of America, the footwear line won’t be available until June. So in the meantime, sit back and enjoy the full series of photographer Steve Shaw’s ads photos, courtesy of