Amanda Bynes Tweets Topless Photos, Insults Jenny McCarthy, Shows Off Very Shiny Gold Watch

Since Tuesday, actress Amanda Bynes has been tweeting her own topless photo album from her bathroom to her 850,000+ followers, an assortment of The Amanda Show fans and OK! Magazine subscribers. Though she poses topless in the photos – clutching her enhanced breasts, smooching for the camera, and wearing tattered stockings – of most interest is the very shiny gold watch she wears in every photo. Oreo-sized, gold-linked, and of a first-place trophy-colored variety, the watch is a sight to see, and nearly distracts from the fact that Amanda Bynes is nearly naked and sitting on a bathroom sink. 

Since the debut of her topless photos, Amanda has also made time to tell Jenny McCarthy via Twitter that she is "ugly," "an old lady," "looks 80" compared to her, and should "shut the fuck up!" 

But of course, of most interest is that shiny gold watch. It is very shiny. 

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