Photographic Love: A Gallery

Love. Love is in the air. Love is everywhere. Love can be interpreted in countless different ways. Which is exactly why we asked some of our favorite photographers to contribute an image that represents love to them. Click through the gallery to see what they came up with. Ya might love it!

Kate Orne – Darkness to Light, Himalayas

My love runs deep for the wide open landscape.

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Eric Medsker – Harold White

Portrait of WWII Vet Harold Whitey, Age 91.

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Alexander Wagner – Este

From the series entitled FACES.

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Jai Lennard – Hearty

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Jesse Dittmar – Self Love, A Portrait of Blake

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Janira Martinez – Love At Mauerpark

Couple kissing at a public karaoke session in Berlin, Germany 2009.

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Gallery: The Girls of SXSW

Everybody knows that the real reason to hit the SXSW festival in Austin is to mack on cute indie girls who are pierced (but not too pierced), tattooed (with suitably ironic logo or symbol), smart and witty and cute (or at least two of those three), and not going back to the same city as you when the fest wraps. If you didn’t make it, or did and struck out, photog Alexander Wagner assembled a collection of pixies for you to moon over and mope about what might have been. See full gallery.

Finn de Siècle


Australian singer-songwriter Liam Finn is no stranger to music. The son of Crowded House frontman Neil Finn, he began his promising career with Kiwi band Betchadupa. But, not unlike Peter Morén, and Jakob Dylan before him, Finn recently flew coop to test the solo waters. And unlike the previous sentence, there are very few mixed metaphors in his impassioned yet airy tracks, which borrow from the likes of Devendra Banhart and Ryan Adams. Added bonus: Finn’s falsetto makes the world sound like a better place.

Photography by Alexander Wagner