A Moment Of Silence: Cocktail Bodega Is Closed

Most New York bars, sex shops, laundromats, and restaurants close for two reasons: no one likes them and/or their rent is too high. But in the case of Cocktail Bodega – the LES purveyor of healthy and potent alcoholic smoothies and secret Jameson Ginger Beer Floats – none of this happened. Instead, like a scene out of Armageddon or something, the plumbing system is a congested mess and needs to be completely redone, thus requiring the gutting of the ground-level Underground club and the main, first-floor area for kimchee reuben-and-waffle-fries consumption.

I just want to take a moment of silence for this New York casualty that has, for seven months, made legions of New Yorkers (like myself) feel good for two reasons: 1. for downing a Birthday Cake Smoothie with antixiodant-rich banana, mango, and Malibu Red and 2. for getting us tipsy and stuffed with chicken satay. So here we go.

*moment of silence*

But in other news, Cocktail Bodega is not completely done for. Here’s what owner Matt Levine – who’s behind such hotspots as Sons of Essex and the coming-soon The Rowhouse Inn – told us about Bodega’s future:

“It’s unfortunate that it’s closed for building upgrades. But we’ll be hosting pop-ups until the re-opening.”

And thank heavens they’re waiting till the plumbing is fixed, because with cocktails stuffed with beet and celery juice and pineapple wedges, they need some spic-n-span, superhuman pipes.

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