Choose Interesting Music With Grolsch on Thursday Night

Are you familiar with Grolsch beer? If you’re an American of a certain age you probably are. Back in the bad old days when American beer really was a joke, Grolsch, a Dutch brewery founded in 1615, was one of the few upscale imports to be found in stores on this side of the pond, alongside Heineken, Lowenbrau, and not very many others. You could always spy the Grolsch from a distance because the bottles had these cool old-fashioned flip-top caps. Well, Grolsch is still around, it still tastes good, and some of their bottles still have flip-top caps, so they’re trying to make inroads in the U.S. market with a series of funky events. Thursday night (March 21), they’re kicking off a yearlong program called the #ChooseInteresting Concert Series (presented with TurnStyle Music Group) which is dedicated to "bringing up-and-coming indie rock music acts to intimate downtown New York City venues." Supporting indie rock isn’t on quite the same level as saving the whales, but then again, the whales didn’t help me get through my awkward teenage years, so I say rock on, Grolsch.

Thursday’s event will be held at Drom on Avenue A in the East Village starting at 7pm, and it’s looking to be a serious party.  The evening will feature live music by Alberta Cross, The Candles, Marlowe Grey, and Massively Epic, and it goes without saying that Grolsch will be flowing in copious (but responsible) amounts. The cool thing about the whole series is that it’s designed to be cheap. Just ten bucks gets you in the door if you use this internet thing I keep hearing about to book it, and it’ll run you $15 if you just show up at the door like little Mr./Ms. Impulsive. For more info and to sign up to win some kind of VIP package, visit

If you miss Thursday’s show, don’t trip out, man. Just make plans for the next gig, which will be held at Brooklyn Bowl on May 22, featuring the tunes of the Stepkids and King Holiday. See you there. 

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Alberta Cross: Brooklyn’s Gospel Rock Revivalists

Brooklyn-based band Alberta Cross is bringing a sound to Williamsburg and beyond that, like most great inventions, we didn’t know we needed until we have it: edgy, gospel-rock revival. Since moving from London to New York, the soulful quintet’s been hard at work attacking the festival circuit, having played Coachella, Lollapalooza, All Points West, Bonaroo, SXSW and Glastonbury, with Austin City Limits on the horizon. Their debut full-length album dropping on September 22nd, Broken Side of Time, is both a hard-hitting, rock-driven affair, with folk and soul undertones. We recently caught up with Petter Ericson Stakee (guitar, lead vocals) and Sam Kearney (lead guitar) before one of two underground warm-up shows the band was playing in Brooklyn to talk to them about their debut, their upcoming tour, and their Brooklyn pride.

What’s the cause for the last minute, underground announcement of the show on Twitter? Petter Ericson Stakee: We’re doing two warm-up shows.

To get ready for next week’s album release? PES: We’re doing a big TV show in Paris in 5 or 6 days, so we just wanted to do some warm-up… Sam Kearney: We haven’t played together in a month. We had one rehearsal for a couple of hours today.

You’re heading to ACL in a couple of weeks. Excited to be back in Austin? PES: Of course man, it’s the fuckin’ best place ever. It’s a beautiful place, with loads of beautiful people and great venues. SK: Catching up with some friends (too). That’ll be great.

Have you gotten a feel for southern hospitality after writing in Charlottesville and recording in Austin? SK: Yeah; everyone in Charlottesville is awesome, down to earth. It was nice to leave New York and go to a place where it’s a different pace, a bit slower.

“Broken Side of Time” comes out next week. What was it like working on it at Electric Lady Studio in Manhattan? PES: Well we recorded in Austin, and mixed at Electric Lady. We came from London, and all of us are from cities, so we felt like we wanted to get away. Our producer Mike McCarthy has a studio in Austin, so he was like: “Y’all need to come down to Austin.” So, we said, “Fuck yeah. Let’s go see a new place, get some inspiration, get out of the city.” It was a great experience for us to suck in new vibes. Electric Lady was amazing because of the history. We worked with John O’Mahony, who’s just a great mixer.

Bands you’d like to have playing with you on tour? PES: I like a band called Rosewood Thieves, they live here in New York. I have some friends in a band called Yeasayer. I love them a lot, and we’ve talked about playing some gigs together. SK: Grizzly Bear, Dirty Projectors.

Where are some of your hangouts in Brooklyn or Manhattan? PES: In Brooklyn…I live close to a place called Pete’s Candy Store, that’s pretty much my favorite, favorite spot. That’s a perfect chill out spot, good music, nice people. SK: It’s nice to not be in like a loud, Manhattan bar.