GOOP Scribe Gywneth Paltrow Recommends Los Angeles

imageGwyneth’s latest newsletter over at Goop is all about Los Angeles. Born, bred, and made famous in the city of silicone, GP has a special fondness for the place — as she says “Los Angeles, with its bougainvillea, sea breezes, avocados and eccentric inhabitants, is like no other place and will always be in my soul.” Then she goes ahead and gets busy with recommendations. Let’s recap her top picks.

Hotels Shutters on the Beach Beverly Hills Hotel Hotel Bel-Air London West Hollywood

Restaurants Michael’s La Scala Presto Via Veneto Sushi Katsu-Ya Pizzeria Mozza Hamasaku Melrose Bar and Grill Chinois on Main Nate’n Al Mulberry Street Pizza Santa Monica Co-Op Caffe Luxxe Loteria Grill in the Farmers Market

It’s not a bad list. I agree with her about Shutters, Mulberry Street Pizza, and Mozza, but what about AK Restaurant? Or the Chateau? To see the whole list, with Gwynnie’s commentary, click here.

Los Angeles Openings: AK Restaurant, Wurstkuche, Absolutely Phobulous

AK Restaurant (Venice) – Is Scandinavian the new Spanish? It’s almost the hottest resto trend in LA, or so AK banks on. ● Wurstkuche (Downtown) – Wieners! Okay: brats, sausages, whatever. Downtown hipsters with a secret inner-manly-man/sick German psychosexual fetishes are pleased! ● Absolutely Phobulous (Mid-City West) – Pho! Pho sho! Westside Vietnamese done right, bad wordplay excluded.