Rihanna Makes ‘Happy 420’ YouTube Video in June

Uncouth singles artist Rihanna is apparently not done doing anything and everything she can to get any and every kind of attention. Her latest stunt? This 16-second black-and-white YouTube video, uploaded yesterday, during which Princess RiRi blows out a thick cloud of smoke before announcing, "Happy 420!" Too bad it’s June, you uncouth stoner. 


[via ONTD]

Five New York Munchie Spots Perfect for 4/20

It’s 4/20, everybody, and if you know what that means, you’ll be getting pretty hungry sooner or later. But not, like, roast-chicken-and-mixed-vegetables hungry. You’ll want something weirdly specific, something with color, texture, and a rainbow of flavors. Something that doesn’t take too long. Where should you go to satisfy your craving for munchies in New York? Well, you could think really hard about it, but your thoughts could easily drift to your own mortality, or how much you like the feeling of velvet, or why you’ve never seen a baby pigeon, and you know where that goes. Instead, why not give the old brain a break, grab a seltzer or a Gatorade or something, and head out to one of these primo spots for chowing down when you’re lifted. Oh, and sorry, we were going to post this at 4:20 p.m., but, you know … 

Corner Bistro (West Village) – Because it’s on Jane Street, man. Also, best burgers in the city. That’s right, we said it. 

Artichoke Basille’s Pizza & Brewery (East Village) – Because artichokes have hearts, like you and me. And it’s open until 5am. 

Insomnia Cookies (Greenwich Village) – Because you can get a dozen chocolate chunk cookies delivered to your door. Call your other guy at the same time and see who arrives first. 

Momofuku Milk Bar (Carroll Gardens) – Because they have crack pie. 

Stand 4 (Greenwich Village) – Because TOASTED MARSHMALLOW MILKSHAKES. Sorry for the all caps, don’t want to harsh your mellow.