A Spirited Selection of Upscale New York Sports Bars to Watch (the Giants Win) the Super Bowl

On Sunday, the most important sporting event in the world will be held, assuming by "world" you mean "United States." This year’s Super Bowl is particularly significant, as it pits the Giants of East Rutherford, New Jersey New York against the Patriots of Foxborough, Massachusetts New England, two of the biggest television advertising markets most historically rich cities in the country. A list of Boston sports bars can be found here. As for my fair city, New York is filled with sports bars, but there are a handful of particularly upscale joints that break the lager-and-wings mold with fancy cocktails and haute cuisine – particularly important if you’re trying to make a date of it. Here are a few of our favorites. 

Bounce Sporting Club – Downtown

This upscale sports lounge attracts fans from far and wide with artisinal cocktails, delicious food, and more TVs than you can shake a thunderstick at.  In honor of the home team, order a Blueberi Bounce cocktail, which is made with Stoli Blueberi vodka, fresh lemon, smashed blueberries, and ginger ale.

Bounce Sporting Club – Uptown

The original location of Bounce strikes the perfect balance between clubhouse and fancy restaurant. If you wanted to watch the game and your better half was counting on date night, this is your spot. 


The sports bar reimagined as a nightclub. Clubby feel, football-leather banquettes, and sophisticated sips abound. 

The Ainsworth

This posh Chelsea sports bar has 40 flat screen TVs, along with miso duck spring rolls and 100-ounce beer tubes.

Warren 77

Sean Avery and Beatrice bloodlines make this about as trendy as sports bars get. Plenty of fun even if the Giants lose, not that there’s any chance of that happening. 

The Windsor

British-accented sports pub has Guinness-battered fish and chips and porn star martinis. Also, sports. 

The Fulton

Sophisticated sports bar way downtown goes the gastropub route with a killer menu and craft beers from here to eternity. 


Proving that fancy sports bar is not an oxymoron. Big screens and quality burgers will make you cheer. 


Party like a rap star while watching sports stars at Jay-Z’s super club. 

Village Pourhouse

This East Village sports mecca gets rowdy, but that’s to be expected when you’ve got 50 bottles and 24 draft beers going at any given time. A nice, comfy hang. 

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New York: The Best Places to Watch Tiger Tee-Off

It’s time to strategically plan your lunch breaks, people! Tomorrow, at precisely 1:42 p.m. Tiger Woods will try to put the past behind him with a single swing of his golf club. CBS president Sean McManus compared Tiger’s return to the Obama inauguration in terms of media coverage and audiences, and while he might be overshooting a little, we get his point. The Tiger Woods scandal has engulfed the national psyche for the last four months, and tomorrow serves as a climax of sorts. After this weekend, it’ll be business as usual for the world’s best golfer. You could easily stream tomorrow’s event from your desk, but this is a sporting event, and tradition states that they should be watched from establishments with liquor licenses. If you’re in New York, and frankly who isn’t, here’s where you should be watching the festivities.

Rick’s Cabaret: With as many flatscreens as there are strippers, this is the perfect mix of sports in sex. In other words, it’s Tiger Woods in strip club form. (The food ain’t bad either.) 40/40: The perfect mix of sports bar and the same kind of bottle service sleaze that got Tiger in this mess in the first place. The Ainsworth: For those of you whose offices are located in Chelsea or Flatiron, there is enough space and enough flatscreens to leave all views unobstructed. ESPN Zone: If it weren’t for ESPN, you wouldn’t even be watching, so pay them back by buying a beer and basket of potato skins, just to show your gratitude.

Rapper Jay Rock Takes Our Pop Quiz

An up-and-coming rapper to most, West coaster Jay Rock already has buzz on the streets of Watts, CA, where the baritone-voiced 24-year-old has made a name for himself through precision rhymes and self-released mix-tapes. He hails from the notorious Nickerson Garden Projects, sports Blood red, and raps about the ghetto struggle. But as you’ll see in the Pop Quiz, he’s a softie with an eye for the ladies, enjoys comic books, and just wants to please his mother. Jay Rock’s now signed to Warner Brothers, with his single “All My Life” featuring Lil Wayne & Will.i.am on heavy rotation. His album Follow Me Home drops this spring, and he opens for The Game (who also guests on the album) this Saturday at the Blender Theater in New York. Catch him now before he blows up.

When you were in elementary school, what did you want to be when you grew up? A ballplayer, every kid from the hood wants 2 be a ballplayer.

Do you have any tattoos? Yea, I have 7.

Are you superstitious? Naw, I don’t really pay no mind 2 that shit.

First album you bought? 2pac Me Against Tha World.

If you could have any super power, what would you choose? I would be a genie because anything I want I can make it appear.

What restaurant would you eat at every day if you could? Hawkins, it’s a spot right across the street from the projects.

How many times a day on average do you think about sex? If I even count how many times I think about sex this muthafucking email a be 2 long lol.. Its hard 2 say, every time I see a bad bitch I’m thinking. It can be at the mall, on TV, the studio. Anywhere I see 1 I’m thinking like dam I wish I could hit that.

Have you ever been arrested? Yeah, the 1s stay fucking wit a nigga. Remember, I’m from the projects.

What’s your guilty pleasure? I love getting wit a chick and giving her the jay rock deluxe..lol.

Do you have a favorite bar in NY? 4040, my nigga Jay Brown had me poppin in there.

Ever been star struck? Naw, I’ve been a hood star all my life, but I do get a lil pumped up when I see some of these bad actresses in the streets. My sex thought again..lmao.

When you get good news, who’s the first person you tell it to My Mom…she so used 2 me fucking up so when I do or hear something good I tell her asap.

What do you always watch if it’s on TV? First 48, you can learn a lot from that show.

What do you normally sleep in? Drawls and socks blood.

Where’s the craziest place you’ve had sex? In a skool elevator.

What’s on your computer wallpaper? TDE.

If you could be any literary character, who would you be? I use 2 love comic books, so I’ll be Wolverine. He a hero but at tha same time, he got that I don’t give fuck attitude.

Where do you really want to be right now? I wanna be tha best rapper in tha bizness.

What’s the first job you ever had? Street pharmacist.

Favorite Muppets/Sesame Street character? Tha Cookie Monster, he was always about doe.

What’s the best advice you ever got? Stay real stay tha same neva change up on your real niggas.

New York: Top 10 Places to Watch the Super Bowl

1. Southern Hospitality (Upper East Side) – The 14 HD TVs and a large HD projection screen aren’t the real excess here — that’s the $80 premium VIP package. All you can drink, all you can eat appetizers (the fried pickles are absurd), and guaranteed seating to make sure once the fat is on, it stays on. Free Jim Beam from 4 to 6 only sweetens the deal. The place to be. 2. 40/40 (Flatiron) – Like stepping into a hip-hop video, minus the fisheye. All-white, super sleek. Oh, and Kobe Bryant is holding a party for his Laker friends and all the video hos this side of the Bronx. 3. Village Pourhouse (Greenwich Village) – 50 bottles, around 24 drafts at any given moment. But with the $30 all you can drink Bud Light draft from kickoff until end of the game, we both know what you’ll be drinking.

4. Bounce Deuce (East Village) – Brother Jimmy’s too packed? Go here. The website actually advertises their “eye candy staff,” so if the game is a blowout, other entertainment awaits. 5. Brass Monkey (Meatpacking District) – Didn’t take a set of brass balls to figure out the MePa needed a solid spot for unpretentious quaffing. Emerald Isle vibe, so while the rest of country is drowning in Coors Light, get dead to the world on good ol’ Guinness. 6. Hudson Bar at the Hudson Hotel (Midtown West) – Class it up on the least-classy day of the year. Special food menu and complimentary Peroni from 5 to 6. 7. Abbey Pub (Upper West Side) – Annual tradition of serving the host city’s local cuisine. So like what, alligator burgers? 8. Lucky Strike Lanes (Midtown West) – All-day party and beer specials. Plus, what better thing to do during the Super Bowl than to bowl! 9. Brother Jimmy’s (Various Locations) – Sure it’s a chain, but don’t deny its power. The Super Bowl is their Super Bowl. Expect the words all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink to be tossed around freely at this vaguely Southern BBQ joint. 10. Monkey Town (Williamsburg) – Monkey Town = Drunky Town. Four wall-sized screens and a $30 food and drink minimum, but if you weren’t planning on spending that much, you don’t deserve to be watching the Super Bowl anyway.

The Best Places to Watch the Giants Beat the Eagles

On Sunday, the New York Giants will play the Philadelphia Eagles for a chance to play for a chance to play in the Superbowl, and you can be damn sure every restaurant and bar in the city with a screen and a business sense will be looking to fatten you up with irresistible gameday specials. Here’s a rundown of prime places in New York to watch Eli Manning and the Giants clip the Eagles’ wings, or the Eagles … peck out the Giants’ … eyes? Whatever:

Southern Hospitality (Upper East Side) – Justin Timberlake’s Memphis mock-up makes no qualms about who it’s rooting for. Their menu includes a smoked eagle (turkey), clipped eagle wings, and the Big Blue Bird Crusher (blue frozen margarita), as well as Plaxico shots ($2 whenever the Giants score).

Village Pourhouse (East Village) – With more TVs than a Best Buy, they offer $10 pitchers of Bud Light, a buffalo wing platter for $40 (includes a pitcher of bud light), $29 buckets of imported beer, and Giants trivia throughout the game — the prize for each question being one hour open bar. iPhones count as cheating. ● 4040 (Flatiron) – Believe it or not, people still come here to watch sports. Owner Jay-Z doesn’t, but he isn’t really “people.” Check their website for specials. ● Brother Jimmy’s (Midtown) – Will attempt to prove their BBQ prowess by offering an all-you-can-eat rib dinner at $22.95, including all-you-can-drink draft Bud and Bud Light. OK, that’s pretty good, but the offer is just two hours long and starts once the food arrives at the table. ● Mudville 9 (Tribeca) – Offering 20 oz. premium beers for $5, as well as something kooky called the Wing Ding, which includes all you can eat wings, fries and beer, for two hours, for only $23. See? Kooky. ● Tenjune (Meatpacking District) – The Giants celebrated at this sleek basement enclave following their Superbowl victory, and Eli Manning was there last Friday getting a b-day lapdance from the missus, and that defeats any game-winning catch. If they win again, expect giant antics here this Tuesday night.
Philadelphia Eagles Tickets Georgia Dome Tickets Atlanta Tickets

Anthony Mackie on Playing Tupac & Hating Smelly Europeans

Somewhat surprisingly, biopic-happy Hollywood lacks a movie recounting the legendary but brief life of Tupac Shakur. The slain rapper is uncannily suited for the celluloid treatment, with his firebrand rapper-as-revolutionary persona, his frequent brushes with the law, and an early death that saw him ascend to both myth and martyr. If he ever does get his own movie (and he probably will), a good bet to play him might be Anthony Mackie, who portrayed the rapper in a play written by his Julliard classmate; Mackie’s donning the bandanna again in Notorious, a film about Tupac’s friend and foe, The Notorious B.I.G.. Mackie met up with me at the W Hotel in Union Square to discuss embodying Tupac for a second time, leftover street booty, and why pungent Eurotrash are ruining New York nightlife.

This is your second time playing Tupac. How did this differ from the first time? It was very different. Playing him on film is extremely different than doing it on stage. I wanted to show more of who he actually was to the people around him. Tupac at this time was fresh coming off of Juice, at the top of his game, and just living it up. And everything was just all good. This was way before the sex abuse case. I wanted to show how much joy went into making his music.

This movie tells Biggie’s story and clears him of any implication in the East Coast/West Coast rivalry; it portrays Tupac as responsible for igniting the tensions. Do you think a Tupac biopic would tell a different story? Of course. The great thing about this movie is that it’s called Notorious. It’s from the perspective of Biggie, so if you go talk to Suge Knight, if you talk to anybody on the West Coast, if you could talk to ‘Pac, the other perspective is completely different. I think a Tupac biopic would be a completely different movie.

Would you be interested in playing him in that? Of course.

Was your preparation for the role more trying to embody him, or did you try to imitate him? The thing that was so important was his demeanor, his ability to entrance people with his personality. I wanted to give that life, to give that fuel back to who he is. Because it was just his charisma that people bought into.

How do you think his mother would react to seeing this film? I think his mother would be very pleased. At the end of the day he’s an entertainer, so if this is what I’ve got to do to sell records, you know, if Britney Spears got to show her crotch, if Eva Longoria has to be with Tony Parker, if so and so has to make a sex tape with Ray J, that’s what I gotta do.

What about Biggie’s death? Do you have any theories on who was responsible? Both Biggie and Tupac’s deaths were very odd. They were both in very crowded places, in the public eye. They were both in convoys with their friends, and nobody saw anything, I found that to be very odd. Tupac being on the Vegas strip on fight night — I was on the Vegas strip for the De La Hoya fight, and literally it took me an hour to go two blocks. So you pull up next to him, shoot up his car, and speed away in a convoy, and nobody sees anything? There are more police on the Vegas strip than Fort Knox on a fight night.

How do you think the rap game would be different if they were still alive today? Half of these cats wouldn’t exist.

Like who? I ain’t saying no names. But I would say 95 percent of the rappers right now who are selling albums — all the cats who we go to the club and listen to their music, then we realize they’re fucking losers. All those dudes, the only reason they’re in the game is because Pac died. Because Pac came out and said, “Fuck yo momma, fuck yo sister, fuck yo kids,” you know what I mean? “My 44 make sure all your kids don’t grow! I’ma shoot your lady in her belly!” What?! And nobody said nothing! Pac said “Fuck you,” and everybody said “I’m sorry.” Today, somebody says “Fuck you,” and everybody got beef. It’s bullshit. Everybody is Parker Posies, everybody is trying to be these pseudo wannabe thugs. All these motherfuckers wanted to be Will Smith ten years ago, all these motherfuckers wanted to be Kwame ten years ago, all of them wore polka dots, all of them knew how to do the Chinese typewriter like MC Hammer. Fuck that! What happened to all the dudes in middle school we used to beat up? All of a sudden they disappeared and everybody’s a thug. Fuck you! that’s bullshit! All the motherfuckers we used to beat up in high school, they bought a Tupac album, and now they’re fucking hardcore.

Do you think we would have seen Tupac evolving into a business mogul like Jay-Z and Diddy? Tupac was never selfish enough to make that happen. The thing about Tupac that was so great, that was so prolific, was the fact that he was about the community. It wasn’t about him being worth $400 million.

Do you think he was a revolutionary? Of course. At his height, there were cats in jail writing ‘Pac letters, asking him what they should be doing next. That is a mogul. When you can entrance an entire group of people to move in a completely different way, that’s a mogul. A mogul is somebody — if you go to the hood and sell this bullshit music, then you have to reinvest that money you make from this bullshit back into the hood. Build some community centers, rebuild some public schools. You got $700 million, take $100 million and rebuild some public schools. Whoa, now all of a sudden you’re a fucking philanthropist, you’re Rockefeller, you’ll be ordained and remembered forever. It’s real simple. From the time you make $100 million, your grandkids are taken care of, so what else do you need?

I read that you said you choose acting over engineering because girls don’t chase engineers. Now that you’re an actor, are girls chasing you? Nah, now that I’m an actor I wish I was an engineer. Because the engineers get the good girls, the engineers get the girls who are smart and cute, who go to the gym. I just get leftover street booty. I get videos hoes. Who the fuck wants them?

I do! Exactly, but then after five minutes you’re like, get outta here!

Who do you think is the greatest rapper of all time? Tupac. He’s the most prolific, he’s the most revered. Biggie died right before his second album. Biggie dropped a double CD after Tupac was the first rapper to drop a double CD. He revolutionized the game. Nobody was wearing tattoos and all that shit before Pac did. Everybody was listening to Kwame and Will Smith.

What about Eminem? You worked with him on 8 Mile. Do you think he’s a good rapper? I think Eminem is an amazing rapper. He’s no Tupac. I’ll say there are about eight cats before Eminem. But I think he’s definitely in the top ten, just because of his lyrical skills.

Where do you like to go out when you’re in New York? I mean, the thing about New York is, going out is kind of shaky, because you have so many smelly Europeans. It’s not like New York ’98, when you used to go out and you used to hit Lotus, you used to hit PM, you used to hit Nell’s. You don’t really go to Eugene’s anymore, 40/40 is a bunch of suits, and you don’t want to hang out with fucking cornballs.

Well, where do you hang out? I bring the party home, there’s this little spot I go to in Brooklyn called Moe’s. That’s old faith. You come to the city to get dinner, and you go there. Because at the end of the day, the city is garbage now. You go to the Meatpacking District, and it’s a bunch of Jersey freaks and weirdo European dudes. It’s really weird man. It’s like, you closed Lotus? Where am I supposed to go? Lotus is closed? I’ve been going to Lotus for a long time, Lotus and Nell’s.

I wasn’t around for Nell’s. Remember when Tupac got arrested in a club for fucking a girl and getting head? That was in Nell’s. Nell’s was right down the street from Lotus, it was on 14th between 7th and 8th. The illest club in the city. Upstairs there was live music, downstairs was just a sweatbox hip hop joint. They closed down the Palladium and made it a fucking NYU dorm. But Nell’s was the illest situation in Manhattan. So you know, I don’t hang out with fucking Europeans.

New York: Top 10 Celebrity-Owned Hotspots

Scott Weiland’s Snitch is now Citrine, Tim Robbins is no longer behind the Back Room, De Niro’s Ago was critically panned, cholesterol problems await at Justin Timberlake’s Southern Hospitality, and Arnold Schwarzenegger & co.’s Planet Hollywood is a tourist trap, all’s not lost — here’s a list of celeb-owned spots worth looking into.

10. Bowery Wine Company (Bruce Willis) – “All for wine, wine for all” — it’s their philosophy, and we agree. 9. Angels & Kings (Pete Wentz, Travis McCoy) – Not short on cheap thrills; sex in the bathroom is encouraged. 8. Michael Jordan’s The Steak House NYC (Michael Jordan) – Though business may temporally be cooling, it remains the quintessential rich man’s cafeteria. 7. Nobu (Robert De Niro) – We hear it’s a bargain compared to the Nobu’s London outpost. 6. Santos’ Party House (Andrew WK) – Music aficionados looking to pick up oddball scenesters, look no further. 5. Haven (Bershan Shaw) – Like an old rich man’s study cum cigar bar (minus the cigars, but with the scotch), the dimly lit spot is a welcome relief amidst the midtown beer-guzzler bars. 4. The Box (Jude Law, Rachel Weisz, Josh Lucas on the board) – Love it, hate it, or simply grossed out by it — there’s no experience quite like it. 3. Waverly Inn (Graydon Carter) – Given that you basically have to know the Vanity Fair editor to get a table, may we suggest brushing-up on your networking skills to avoid missing-out on a fireside truffle macaroni and cheese dinner? 2. 40/40 Club (Jay-Z) – Cigars, cognac, swinging leather chairs, 50-plus flatscreens, and VIP rooms aplenty — in other words, the swank hip-hop sports bar has Jay-Z written all over it. 1. Cutting Room (Chris Noth) – Sure, the crowd’s not the hottest, and the space could use a facelift, but catching at least one Joan Rivers performance should be considered a Manhattan must.