Watch a ‘Six Feet Under’ Style Goodbye to ‘The Office’

As all good things must come to their rightful end, tonight marks the very last episode of treasured television series, The Office. After nine wonderful years on the air and many a cast member iteration, the beloved show will now leave us to join the ranks of 30 Rock in NBC afterlife. And although i will miss my Dwight and Pam and Jim and the rest of Dunder Mufflin dearly, after almost a decade strong, there’s only so many stories to tell in a Scanton, PA paper company—better to cut things short before our love starts to wane.

And today, the good folks over at Vulture have made their own tribute to The Office with an homage to the fatally brilliant series finale of HBO’s once beloved Six Feet Under. It was emotionally killer ending and wrapped up the series in the most perfect way. So now, you can get a taste of the Office clans’ own timely endings.
Watch for yourself below.

‘Sesame Street’ Adorably Parodies ‘Downton Abbey’

We’re not sure when Sesame Street began putting so much care into expertly parodying very adult television shows to teach kids the importance of directions, counting to 30 and more, but it’s pretty entertaining and usually pretty on-point. Today, the team from the ‘Street returned to their PBS roots, in the tradition of Monsterpiece Theater with Alistair Cookie, with a spoof of everyone’s favorite Edwardian melodrama, Downton Abbey.

From the opening title music to the interior shots of the stately manor, as with each of these spoofs, "Upside Downton Abbey" goes for accuracy. The Muppets introducing the concepts of upside-down and right-side-up strongly resemble the butler, Mr. Carson, and the Dowager Countess, and whoever was in charge of that Muppet definitely studied Maggie Smith’s inflection.  All I know is, if they keep this up, we can’t wait for the Sesame Street take on Breaking Bad. It would be a great way to teach kids about measuring and following recipes!

Big Freedia, Ke$ha Getting Reality Shows

With 30 Rock over, Ben & Kate axed, and Parks & Recreation and Breaking Bad coming to an end in the spring, the latter with its ‘polarizing‘ finale, it seems like we’re running out of TV to which we can look forward. If waiting for Game of Thrones or Mad Men just isn’t enough to tide you over, luckily, the good people at your friendly neighborhood music-related channel have a pair of reality shows that actually sound sort of amazing.

After a scene from Teen Mom where the mother asked for a change in her sentencing so she could go to a Ke$ha concert went viral (she called the “Die Young” singer “her idol” and declared, “it’s not just a concert, it’s Ke$ha!”), MTV’s only natural conclusion would, of course, be to make a Ke$ha reality show. The documentary series, which premieres in April and features footage shot by her brother, Lagan Sebert, shares a name with her recently-released memoir, My Crazy Beautiful Life. The show will focus on her life over the past two years, including touring and recording. Ke$ha says the show’s content will be “not all glamorous, but it’s all real,” so hopefully we’ll find out what really happened in that Record Store Day session with Wayne Coyne.

However, our artist-centric reality show cups had really runneth over upon finding out that New Orleans bounce superhero Big Freedia (the Queen Diva) was getting her own show on Fuse. Much like Ke$ha’s, it will be a documentary series focusing on the New Orleans rapper’s life and music, from recording to touring to the more personal.

"We’re working on a reality show that should come out real soon,” Freedia says in a Fuse interview. “I’m very excited about that, but I’ll be a little scared about it, too. They’ll be in my life a full 24/7. It’ll be all of my music and all of a lot of asses all over the world.”

Freedia’s reality show doesn’t have a premiere date yet, so you should probably just clear your calendars for the next few months just in case. In the meantime, watch this interview for more on her music and bounce’s impact on New Orleans.

Before We Say Goodbye to ’30 Rock,’ One Final ‘Ask Tina’

Tonight, a nation will temper its feelings with night cheese and sob into its bottles of hill people milk. After seven seasons, 30 Rock is ending, and far more intelligent people have said far more intelligent things about this fact, but for now, I’ll say that like you, maybe, probably, I’m really gonna miss it, you guys. It was silly and it was fun and even if it wasn’t always perfect and Tina Fey isn’t a goddess to everyone, it got people to talk about women in comedy and how women and feminism are portrayed in comedy and perceived because of those portrayals and even on the Internet there were really important and relevant conversations happening. And what other show could get Oprah to guest-star as a sleeping-pill-induced hallucination? 

Before Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan and the crew ride off into the glorious sunset that is eternal syndication, Fey returned to NBC for one last session of her fan-mail show, "Ask Tina" ("Memorize how old I look!"). In it, Fey discusses her affinity for Werthers Originals, differences from Liz Lemon and lists all the shows she’s excited to finally catch up on now that she’s done with her own show, from Homeland to Match Game ’72. Guess it’s never too late for now. 

National Treasure Amy Poehler Also Writing A Book Now

Over the weekend, during the Screen Actors’ Guild Awards, NBC comedy showrunner Michael Schur pointed out on Twitter that National Treasure Amy Poehler has racked up 18 nominations (Emmys, Golden Globes, SAG Awards, TCA Awards, etc.) but has yet to actually win. (She does, however, have an MTV Movie Award for peeing in the sink in Baby Mama.) This is kind of a bummer.

But no matter how much silverware Poehler has upon her shelves, she has won the most important award of them all: America’s undying love and affection. From her high-strung camp musical director in Wet Hot American Summer to the best Weekend Update cohost ever on SNL to seasons of laughs as Leslie Knope to her adorable web series Smart Girls at the Party, Amy Poehler doesn’t need the validation of some dumb award show to kick ass and merit the love of the masses. She will continue to be Amy Poehler, and everything was beautiful and nothing hurt. 

But before this just turns into a National Treasure Amy Poehler Appreciation Post without any sort of news peg (we have Tumblr for that), there is a reason to mention Amy Poehler, as she will now be writing a book for HarperCollins’ It Books imprint. And before you can say Bossypants / Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? / Whatever Lena Dunham’s Book is Called, the book, scheduled for a 2014 release, is, according to the publisher, “inspired in part by Poehler’s interest in helping young women navigate the adult world" and “an illustrated, non-linear diary full of humor and honesty and brimming with true stories, fictional anecdotes and life lessons.” Illustrated, eh? No word yet on whether Poehler will be doing the illustrations herself, or if they’ll bring in Jerry to create a murinal on paper. Jerry is the worst.

Because there are no excerpts to read yet, let’s watch her and Tina Fey killing it at the Golden Globes again.

Liz Lemon, Stay-At-Home-Mom?

30 Rock‘s hour-long finale airs this Thursday night, which means you’ve still got five days to plan your Cheesy Blasters appetizers for the viewing party. In the meantime, content yourself with this sneak peek clip posted on Entertainment Weekly‘s web site. 

Liz Lemon has cut back her workload at TGS to prepare for new motherhood, but is finding she’s got too much time on her hands when she’s not keeping Tracy out of the shark tank at the acquarium – slash – keeping Jenna out from underneath Mickey Rourke.

But at least she has time to execise now? (Funny, the same thing happens to me when I go running, too.)

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Of Course Alec Baldwin Wants to be On ‘Girls’

According to Alec Baldwin, Lena Dunham needs a therapist. But hey, don’t we all. And in a recent episode of his "Here’s the Thing" podcast, Baldwin spoke with Dunham, expressing to her his desire to be on her Golden Globe-winning show, Girls. But hey, wouldn’t we all. And with 30 Rock coming to a close, it’s time for ol’ Alec to move on to something new—aside from his role in Woody Allen’s upcoming, Blue Jasmine. With Jack Donaghy behind him, who knows where we’ll see him next on the small screen, but I’m pretty sure we’d follow him anywhere—and if it so happens to be in the world of Girls, even better. Here’s a snippet from their recent chat:

Lena Dunham: Starting season three. Well, we’re starting season three and —
Alec Baldwin: When?
LD: We’re starting at the end of March. I’m so excited.
AB: Great. I’ll be available.
LD: Yay!
AB: I’ll come and play your therapist.
LD: That would be the most fun thing in the world.
AB: You need a therapist.
LD: Bad.
AB: Bad.

Baldwin went on to ask: "Is there a 54-year-old psychotherapist in it?" To which Dunham responded, "There’s a 54-year-old somebody in [it]." Here’s to hoping!

Tina Fey Hates Twitter, Tweets Under Martha Stewart’s Turkey Tips Account

Amy Poehler’s Ask Amy advice videos are the best thing on the Internet any day a new Ask Amy video appears. Someone at NBC got Tina Fey in on the game, too, with her own Ask Tina videos.  They’re not as good as Ask Amy, but still deserve an honorable mention because this is Tina Fey we’re talking about.

Today, Tina is talking about Twitter. She’s never used it and just to make that clear she calls tweets "Twitter things." Then she spends, like, another three minutes bitching about Twitter.

We get it. You do not like Twitter.

Correct me if I’m mistaken, but there’s probably an entire chapter about how stupid Twitter is in her memoir Bossypants? Don’t really understand why this video neded to happen. But whatever, 30 Rock 4eva! 

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