Phillip Lim Shares His Fave Spots in LA

Known for designing classic pieces with street elegance, Phillip Lim’s collections are a go-to for fashion bloggers, editors, artists, and models. Although his designs exhibit expert tailoring, there’s always a touch of effortlessness, whether it be a slouchy fit or a simple color story. That relaxed attitude could very well derive from his LA roots, which Refinery 29 captured in their latest feature with the designer. Being an LA native myself, his list of favorite places warms my heart—especially because it’s filled with local treasures and a touch of classic LA.

I love that he chose Gold Bug and Ivanhoe Books, and that he stops by Silverlake Wine to pick up a nice bottle before a dinner party. His shout out to Griffith Park for hiking because “it’s less crowded than doing Runyon Canyon” gives him even more cred, too. Seeing that we virtually go to the same places, maybe I’ll start scouting each spot more frequently to catch a Lim sighting. No, not creepy at all.

Photo and artwork via Refinery 29.

The Forgotten Accessory: Gloves

Poor gloves, so neglected, so overshadowed by the mighty shoe obsession. Back in the ’50s gloves were a staple. They had their heyday gracing the hands of such legends as Jackie Kennedy, Grace Kelly, and Marilyn Monroe. Now in the modern world, they are all but forgotten. Sure, we use them for functional purposes. Like wearing them outside to keep the winter chill from turning our nail beds purple. But what happened to the days when we used to wear them for fashion purposes? I’d love to attend a cocktail party and keep a little set of satin gloves ON while I sip my martini. It’s so throwback chic. I’m waiting for gloves to make a full-fledged comeback. They’re functional and a great way to add a chic look or pop of color to your outfit. After the jump, check out styles that will make you want to wear gloves year round.

Above: Mod Cloth Don’t Mind If I Do Gloves, $79.99.

3.1 Phillip Lim Arbus Leather Gloves, $295.


Fred Flare Suede Majorette Gloves, $42.


Moschino Gold Gloves, $128.


Wish List: La Garçonne Boutique

The term “la garçonne” in French loosely translates to “tomboy” in English. As the namesake boutique states it, “the garçonne is boyish, yet dances with a whirl of femininity and a wash of ever-present youth.” Ms. Chanel was an early adopter of the ultra-androgynous look (the film Coco avant Chanel is a must-see), and model muses like Freja Beha Erichsen and Irina Lazareanu continue to perfect it. Staying true to their mission statement, La Garçonne’s awesomely abundant inventory ranges from classic unisex à la Rick Owens to edgy femme like Vanessa Bruno.

Clockwise from left: Thakoon Addition Draped Double Layer Cardi, $690; 3.1 Phillip Lim Berry Wristlet, $285; Julien McDonald Cable Sweater, $918; Vanessa Bruno Flannel Shorts, $416; Viktor & Rolf Ankle Wedge, $790.