Against All Odds, Everyone is Loving ’21 Jump Street’

A remake of 21 Jump Street sounds, like all ‘80’s TV show remakes, like a bad idea. Add in foxy bro du jour, Channing Tatum, and it sounds like a problem even Jonah Hill can’t solve. But, despite all logic of the components needed to create a good, nay watchable movie, the flick is a hit with both critics and fans.

It dominated the box office yesterday, taking in $13.1 million on it’s opening and ousting pro-hippie, anti-capitalist agenda pushing (sigh) The Lorax out of number one. Younger moviegoers, who made up 50 percent of the audience, gave 21 Jump Street a glowing A CinemaScore, states the Hollywood Reporter, and critics are bafflingly, loving it.

LA Times: “In a reimagining of the fresh-faced undercover cop series, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are loser dudes who are absolutely winning.”

USA Today: “A vibrant reboot of a rather forgettable ’80s TV series sounds nearly impossible to pull off. And yet ’21 Jump Street’ accomplishes it with a fresh script, flip humor and inspired casting.”

Rolling Stone: “This bracing new take on 21 Jump Street has a playful spark all its own. It’s a blast.”

Shocking! Perhaps Slate got it right, saying: “This spoof of the late-’80s/early ’90s TV series of the same name—to call it a “remake” would imply a more serious relationship to the source material—is earning critical praise chiefly, it seems, because it’s not as abysmally bad as it sounds on paper.”