Study: Men Don’t Think About Sex All the Time, Just Most of the Time

Remember all that hubbub about men thinking about sex every seven minutes? It turns out that myth has finally been debunked. According to a new study, men think about sex 19 times a day (about every 50 minutes), leaving far more time for them to ponder their biological needs, like food and sleep, than first imagined.

Researchers from Ohio State University found that the average man thinks about sex 19 times a day, food 18 times, and sleep 11 times a day. The study, which involved college-aged women and men, also found that men think about sex and their biological needs considerably more often than women, with the average young woman thinking about sex 10 times a day, food 15 times, and sleep nine times a day.  
The range of sexual thoughts also varied greatly as male participants recorded between one and 388 daily thoughts about sex, while women recorded between one and 140 times a day. As for the study itself, it’s important to remember who the participants are. “Average” men and women are not “college-aged” men and women. College students are 18-23 year olds with roving, insatiable appetites for ramen noodle soup, binge drinking, and a somewhat satisfying 3am hook up involving a twin bed and a roommate’s judgmental glare. Average men and women are just older. And sexually unsatisfied. They eat sushi.
And that college-aged woman who recorded just one sex thought a day: I expect more from you. Put down the book and get thee to a frat.