Tag Heuer Just Debuted a Sleek New ‘Connected Watch’ That Can Also Keep You Healthy



Perhaps it’s an omen of a sorts, that we were able to sneak in one last splashy launch party before the coronavirus lockdown in NYC. And the introduction event for the sexy new Tag Heuer Connected Watch definitely provided enough glamorous diversion to hold us over for the next few weeks.

And there are plenty of reasons to love this sleek new timepiece, which combines the fashionable looks of TG’s statement Carrera watch with the functionality of a smartphone, the brand’s third generation version of this line.

Very much designed with sporting types in mind, there’s an impressive range of bells and whistles that are intended to measure your performance and vitals. Indeed, through a Google Assist program, it comes connected to a sports app that will track your GPS and heart rate, with accelerometer and gyroscopic sensors to synch up with sports such as cycling, running and golf. It can all be integrated with Apple Health and Google Fit.



Most impressive is the ability to transition from different looks as you change your mood—giving it a sort of underlying fashionplate/superhero vibe. To be sure, it easily switches from a dressier steel bracelet to a sportier rubber style, via interchangeable and distinctively good looking straps. The works are housed in an elegant 45mm steel or titanium case, while the touchscreen OLED display offers five different face options, for instance the classic analog Tag Chronograph, the Heuer 02 skeletonized dial, a digital animated orbital face, and their heritage timekeeping stopwatch.

On hand for the final hurrah (for now) were Frederic Arnault of LVMH, along with brand ambassadors Ali Krieger, Ashlyn Harris, Oliver Cheshire, Paulina Vega and VIP’s Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Broderick Hunter and Young Paris. It was a pretty fabulous note to end on—but we’ll be back soon.


Above two images by BFA
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