Celeb Photographer Markus Klinko Immortalizes the 2000s in New LA Exhibit

Photos by Markus Klinko


Nostalgia for the ’90s is officially dead (thanks Roseanne!)…and the 2000s are back with a vengeance. That means it’s time to brush off our Von Dutch hats and binge The O.C. in one sitting.

It also means the works of celebrity photographer Markus Klinko are more relevant than ever. Some of his iconic images include Jennifer Lopez, Anne Hathaway, Pharrell Williams, Lady Gaga, and Pamela Anderson, the latter for a cover of BlackBook. Those and more are featured in his upcoming LA exhibit, appropriately titled 2000s.

“I think what we’re seeing right now is an incredible comeback in different areas of pop culture,” Klinko said about the theme of the exhibit. “People are just extremely interested in that time period. We see it everywhere, and I think some of the work shown is definitely what a lot of people remember when they were 14, Beyoncé in Times Square, all of that. These are what I call pop culture milestones, some of these images that are engraved in people’s minds.”



And Klinko was around for some of the most epic milestones. From touring Mariah Carey’s closet to listening to new music with David Bowie and capturing Beyoncé’s iconic Dangerously in Love album cover, in which he literally gave her the D&G jeans off his bottom to complete her look.

“I remember one incident distinctly when I talked to the mom,” he recalled of a 2000 shoot for Vibe. “I turned to the mom, and I pointed to Beyoncé and said, ‘That one’s gonna be huge. She’s really charismatic.’ The mom was smiling. She said, ‘Yeah, I know.'”

Markus Klinko’s 2000s runs June 14-30 at Mouche Gallery in Beverly Hills. In addition, he’s partnering with Fujifilm for a series of artist talks at the space on June 16, 23, and 30 at 2pm and 4pm weekly. Some of the images will be available via Paddle8, and a portion of the proceeds will benefit young designers through the CFDA Fashion Trust.

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