Can CBD Bring on a Beauty Revolution? An Exclusive Guide by Skincare Guru Ildi Pekar



Not even a year ago, CBD was the cheeky new novelty, upsetting conservative types with its surreptitious mainstreaming of hemp culture. It promised everything from alleviation of chronic pain to the calming of significant levels of stress.

Push the clocks forward to summer 2019, and dubious CBD products can now be found in roadside convenience stores in Idaho and Wyoming. Surely without expert guidance, there’s almost no way to be sure how to sort through it all.

One topic still fairly unexplored is CBD beauty. After all, its basic effects would seem to address some very specific needs – for one, how anxiety inarguably negatively affects the condition of the skin.

Beauty expert Alfredo Mineo observes, “We are seeing CBD integrated into a variety of beauty products, mostly serums. I have seen significant results, both aesthetic and medicinal.”

Opportunists are jumping on the bandwagon, naturally – but Ildi Pekar is a bonafide pioneer, a respected naturopath with an extremely popular namesake salon in New York City. More than six years ago she discovered the ethereal qualities of cannabis when applied to the quest for natural, healthy beauty. Or as beauty branding expert Elizabeth Cohen puts it, “Ildi was the first to create luxury CBD skincare, and her products surpass all that are on the market. A facial with Ildi is like going to Heaven.”


Ildi Pekar Skin Care


But in fact, most have a much more earthly goal: to slow down the aging process in the most organic way possible, and without having to resort to cosmetic surgery. Her CBD based products and treatments have proven to be game-changers, using the highest grade CBD oil sourced from organic farms in California and Colorado, but enlightened by her inimitable intuition for each individual’s needs.attracting an impressively elite clientele.

Pekar herself says, “We wouldn’t necessarily use the word ‘changing.’ It is more like an addition and upgrade to the beauty regimen. It is a powerful ingredient to treat inflammation, so it is great for concerns like acne, psoriasis, eczema and sunburn. It has a  great amount of antioxidants, so it helps to slow down aging and gives you a healthy, youthful, glowing look.”

We had the chance to experience one of her facial treatments, and can confirm its ethereal effects both on the skin and subsequently on the psyche; you just feel better when it’s done. Amusingly, it’s been said that many become…addicted to her facial treatments.

“Our mission is to show the power of nature in skincare and wellness,” she explains. “We combine natural European techniques with modern technology to provide superior services and make the highest quality products.”

We asked three beauty industry notables to explain their experience with Ildi Pekar, and then asked her to create a “best of CBD beauty” list, a combination of her own products, and others that she very much recommends.





Three Beauty Experts Who Swear by Ildi Pekar Products and Treatments

Christine Cherbonnier 

Celebrity Makeup Artist

Christine was recently on Harbor Island, Bahamas, where they were shooting the new summer video campaign for Italian Swimwear + Beachwear brand Calzedonia. Christine recently used Ildi Pekar’s CBD Facial Serum to prepare the models’ skin for a Calzedonia shoot, because it “eased redness + inflammation. Once the models’ skin was calmed + soothed, I could best apply the natural-looking makeup for this epic video.” 

Jorge Luis

Celebrity Hair Stylist + Beauty Expert (Rob Lowe, Kesha, Ireland Baldwin)

“I am a strong believer in serums, tried so many, really, but this one blew my mind, the texture, and the way it makes my skin feel, I am a fan. I find that it has a calming effect on my skin. I am going to start to use it on my clients’ hair.”

Matin Maulawizada

Celebrity Makeup Artist (Mandy Moore, Dido, Clare Danes)

“I have always been a fan of oils and pure products that are beneficial to skin without a lot of fillers, emulsifiers and stabilizers that go into lotions. I also am a believer that a lot of misinformation causes most of what we see as ‘aging badly.’ CBD is a wonderful anti-inflammatory substance and it’s wonderful to have it in skincare items. I’ve been using Ildi Pekar’s serum and uplifting oil on clients and on myself since I discovered it a couple of months ago, and it’s amazing to see such luxurious textures and scents with CBD in it.”



Ildi Pekar Treatment: CBD Vibe

Vibe out with nature’s natural therapy designed to provide an instant uplifting energy and illuminate the skin by combining the effects of CBD oil, electric stimulation, and negative ion oxygen therapy to feel lighter physically with glowing skin.
Electrostatic polarization massage sends vibrations through all the skin’s layers, into the muscles underneath. The vibrations also release the build up of metabolic waste, improving cell conditions. When pressure is applied with two hands in the direction of lymphatic flow, an electrostatic field pulls at the tissue. Once the field is discharged, tissue returns to its former position.
The CBD ingredient is then penetrated deep into the skin to hydrate, balance, and reduce topical inflammation for longer lasting results.
Oxygenating negative ion therapy helps to balance the skin PH, hydrate, and reinforces collagen production for youthful and glowing skin
BENEFITS: Releases muscle tension and skin surface tension, revitalizes skin, stimulates microcirculation, loosens metabolic waste, removes toxin deposits, detoxifies skin and speeds up healing, increases energy levels while decreases stress, leaving you feeling lighter physically and brighter energetically.



CBD products by Ildi Pekar

Tissue Repair Serum infused with 250 MG CBD oil

Known for its healing properties, cannabis oil can provide powerful antioxidants, omegas, and anti-inflammatory benefits. All of which can address the common skin concerns of inflamed, dehydrated, and aging skin. Our mission is to reduce inflammation, help rebuild healthy skin cells and tissue fibers, as well as hydrate the skin.This luxury serum also has skin-loving ingredients such as aloe vera juice, vitamin C, vitamin B3 and hyaluronic acid to plump, and nourish the skin.

Sleeping Mask with 250 MG CBD oil

A unique formulation of natural and organic ingredients that help address all skin concerns ranging from dryness, texture, to lightening and brightening. This ultimate repairing mask can bring your skin back to life. Its therapeutic effect can help you sleep deeper and assist the cells, leaving you refreshed and ready for the next day. It reduces topical inflammation, nourishes your skin, and leaves you with a beautiful glow in the morning.

Uplifting Blend with 500 MG CBD

Our unique blend helps to relieve aches and pains, discomfort, inflammation and elevate scar tissue breakup. We made this blend even more powerful, adding 500 mg CBD to it, what has been demonstrated to promote muscle relaxation, while reducing stress and inflammation.This luxurious product is accessorized with a rose quartz roller. Using the stone of love has been a beauty ritual since the ancient times, it is beautifying, healing, relieving tension, soothing anxiety, migraine and increasing self love.

Balancing Drops with 500 MG CBD

The I PEKAR Balancing Drops can be used to supplement a healthy and balanced lifestyle, as well as to support the management of various conditions. CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory property, it can relieve pain, reduce depression and anxiety, improve your well-being, mood and help to achieve better sleep. We believe that skincare is healthcare, and when you balance your body on the inside, you will accomplish a balanced and glowing skin on the outside.


Other CBD Luxury Wellness Products

Lord Jones Old Fashioned Gumdrops

It helps to promote a calm sense of well being and it acts like a mood stabilizer. I like it, because they use simple and natural ingredients, it is great to have it on a stressful day or before you go to sleep.

Ritual Body Oil by Cordial Organics

This body oil is great to heal the skin, lift the mood, and reduce internal and external stress. A fast-absorbing blend of rich oils combined with supercritical CBD and uplifting essential oils – regenerative, anti-inflammatory, bordering on euphoric. It can be used on the body or massaged into the scalp.


Beboe Calming Blend CBD Vaporizer Pen

Made from all-natural hemp plants, Beboe’s Calming Blend CBD Pen can help relieve stress, relieve pain, and even reduce inflammation without any of the psychoactive effects of THC. Keeping you cool, calm, and collected, Calming Blend is the perfect way to unclench the mind and stay even.

CBD Infused Lip and Skin Balm by Vertly

This is one of my favorite lip care products. Vertly’s infused balm is deliciously moisturizing, healing, protective and plant-based. It contains hemp-derived CBD, which is packed with vitamins, omegas and essential fatty acids.

CBD Bath Bomb by Life Elements

I believe that taking a warm bath time to time can be extremely helpful to get rid of the daily stress and relax the body and mind. Everybody should have some me-time at least once a week, that includes an at least 15-20 minutes soak. I love using this CBD bath bomb, because it helps to relax my muscles, wash aways aches and pains and soften my skin.



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