Will Kate Middleton Bring the Fascinator Trend to America?

Now that Kate Middleton is engaged to Prince William, everything from her wedding plans to fashion decisions have become top news. And believe it or not, she’s become somewhat of a UK trendsetter for her classic, semi-conservative style and has actually spawned a wave of royal-deficient wannabes on the prowl. But regardless of whether you think she’s worthy of the fashion attention, there’s no denying that the girl knows how to rock a traditional British hat—specifically, the Fascinator. Worn at society events, the Fascinator headpiece is an alternative to a traditional hat and normally includes feathers, flowers, and beads. It can also be worn instead of a bridal veil, which is not too far-fetched of an idea for Middleton.

And although they were previously worn by an older set, brands with a younger demo like ASOS and John Lewis are starting to stock modern fascinators in their boutiques. In America, I’ve only see Lady Gaga and Anna Dello Russo work this accessory, but that’s sure to change once more high-street brands catch on and begin to mass produce their own versions.

Photo via Sky News.

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