United Colors of Knitted Sex Positions Comes to Soho

As it turns out, a lot can happen in three weeks: a vacant garage in Soho can be turned into a pop-up store, a bunch of colorful, wind-defying knitted clothes can be thrown into the space, and several life-size, knitted sculptures of couples in Kama Sutra positions can be hung from the ceiling and ogled at. And so begins the story of the latest United Colors of Benetton pop-up shop.

Celebrating “The Art of Knit” (and many other things), United Colors of Benetton’s new concept store is a bit of a wonderland; one walk through, and you feel like you swallowed a ball of rainbow yarn and then methodically spit it out onto the four surrounding walls. But it’s all in good fun – lots of fun, actually – since the clothing store is unlike any other clothing store you’ve walked into, probably.

Most notably because knitted sculptures of couples in sex positions hang from the ceiling. Yes, I said it before, but I’ll say it again. We’re talking life-size statues, which is kind of ironic because those couples certainly don’t need clothes (and such beautiful wool clothes at that) when they’re in those positions, but that’s not the point.

Other unique nuances include the assorted “home goods” on the walls – knitted mirrors, hammers, skateboards, cacti, and flags – that will be auctioned in December, when the pop-up leaves this fair land with the new year. All of the home goods were made by just 12 students from FABRICA, a venerable art and design school in Italy, and all of them were created in just the past three weeks. Talented folk.

And if you’re too busy staring at the sculptures and trying on knitted socks and shawls to remember the time, the pop-up has a handy-dandy multimedia clock to remind you, with each digit on its own screen, photographed, and made of yarn. Yes, there is a theme here.

And who would have thought, you know? That a shop filled with knitted sweaters, sex positions, and cacti could literally just pop-up next to a BP gas station. Soho, these days. Thank heavens. 

United Colors of Benetton Pop-Up

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